4 Tips for Hunting Raccoons During the Daytime

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Hunting is a job for some people, whereas, for some, it is a passion, but in both scenarios, it is harder than you think. But everything becomes more comfortable when you have proper knowledge about the particular thing you are about to do. Hunting is something that people believe to be all about shooting an animal with a piece of equipment like a gun or rifle, which is not enough, precisely not at all enough. There are a lot more things a hunter needs to take care of when going to hunt. If the hunter lacks proper information, it might land them in great trouble. When hunters set a target, they need to get some accurate information about the goal, and it takes them days to gather knowledge. 

A hunter needs to study a lot about the target. If they don’t know the sleep cycle, habits, food habits, lifestyle, etc., with accurate information, a hunter can make preparations and precautions for hunting without any difficulties. Having a gun or rifle can never be enough to hunt a raccoon. There are different tricks and techniques to shoot a raccoon, which needs a lot of knowledge about the raccoon. Otherwise, it will not be an easy job to hunt the prey. There are a few problems hunting Racoons. They have nocturnality, which means they are active during night time, and shooting them while they are engaged is much more challenging than hunting them in broad daylight.

Another problem is that the cost hunters have to pay to get the types of equipment and helps. Most hunters have to take dogs with them while going out for hunting as it smells the prey and takes the hunter to the victim. But these hunters have to pay a lot for such trained dogs. However, hunters can face many difficulties while hunting raccoons at night. It’s hard to see in the dark, which is a significant problem. But there are some tricks which can help hunters to hunt raccoons without spending a bunch of notes on dogs and still be able to shoot the prey. If you are thinking of going to shoot raccoons, then you must know all the minor and significant facts about the raccoons and tips for a better and helpful hunting experience.

Here Are The Must-Know Tips About Hunting Raccoons During Day Time. 

When it comes to hunting, raccoon’s hunters can face limitations and many other difficulties if they lack knowledge about the prey. But as mentioned above, there are some tricks to hunt them quickly. But for that, the hunter needs to follow the tips strictly. These tips will help you to hunt the prey for sure, and these are all to hunt raccoons in the day time as they are active during the night. Shooting them in the night is way more challenging, so it’s better to follow these tips and go hunting raccoons in the day time. Here are the tips below.

1. Knowing The Proper Way To Track The Target

Raccoons have nocturnality, which means they are active in the night time, but that doesn’t mean they are inactive during day time. Animals have a sensitive nose, which helps them to smell and detect humans near them. If the raccoon detects the smell of a human, it can create trouble for you. Hunters take dogs along with them so that they can alert the hunters before the raccoon detects them. But you can also go without these dogs. In such cases tracking the prey could be difficult if you don’t concentrate properly. There are a few necessary and most important things that you need to learn to follow the target without it detecting you. The first thing that you need to know is to the way of tracking, as mentioned before that animals can detect the scent of a human there is a way you can approach them without alerting them. You should always contact them either in downwind or in crosswind; otherwise, if you make a mistakenly approach them upwind, it will bring your sent to the raccoon. Even though they are not that active during day time, but it’s impossible to hide from their sensitive nose. Never underestimate their nature and be very careful with the tracking.

Now, come to another major lesson about tracking the raccoon. You will find several dens of raccoons during your hunting, but remember not every cave you see is active. It is vital to identify which shelter is busy. If you fail to differentiate between an active and an inactive den, however, if you mistakenly select a dormant hole, then it will not only be worthless for you to hunt that way but also it can make you face more difficulties. Keep track of the movement of the target. Make sure to be very careful and make proper preparations before going out for hunting. 

2. Using Electronic Caller And Placing It To A Proper Place To Attract The Raccoons 

There are several ways to approach a raccoon, but one of the most popular and useful techniques hunters use is and E-Caller. It is an electronic device that produces sounds of various animals. E caller created sounds tempt these raccoons and distract them. E-Caller is one of the most effective techniques hunters use when hunting no matter which animal. Especially when you are going for raccoon hunting during day time, then having an electronic device like E-Caller is a must. Since raccoons are mostly active at night and they stay in their dens during the day. But it’s impossible to hunt them if they don’t come out of their caves. Hunters create different sounds of animals using e caller. These sounds encourage the raccoons to go out of their dens.

Even though e caller can create sounds of various animals, the one music that works best is the sound of a baby raccoon. When hunters generate the sound of a baby raccoon with the device, it distracts the older ones. They wake up from sleep and come out of the dens or get off the branches of trees. It is how hunters trap their prey and attract the victims towards them, and that is when they become off guard. Hunters cannot get a better chance than this to shoot the target. Apart from raccoons, hunters can use such devices to hunt any animal. However, there’s one thing to keep in mind while using the method. Even though e caller being a must-have device for hunting raccoons in broad daylight, it will be a total waste of time and money if you place it in the wrong place.

Electronic devices work best when you place then in a distance of 20feets away from the active dens or trees, and it is essential to keep this device in the right place; otherwise, it will be worthless of using it. Another thing that you must be cautious about while placing an e caller is that if the raccoon can see it, then it will never be able to tempt the raccoon towards you, and you will fail to target it. You should always keep the device in a place where the raccoon cannot see it. Since they sleep inside their dens or gets up on the branches of trees, it will help if you place the device on the opposite side of a cave or the tree. When you put the device in the opposite of their den in the ideal distance, and the machine creates sounds of baby raccoons, the elder ones come out their holes and go towards the hunter. When, they come so off guard, hunters can shoot them. A single mistake can ruin all your hard work, so be very conscious and aware while doing it. But since all these things are precarious, it’s essential to keep all the requirements and follow the tips properly. Be very careful while going to hunt even if it is in daylight.

3. Using An Active Decoy Along With E Caller Device

E caller is an essential device for raccoon hunting, but there’s another thing called active decoy. When you use both of these devices altogether, the combination makes it more useful and gives you better opportunities to make your shot. There are several types of active decoys, and all of them can work differently because of their programming system. But the active decoy hunters use to hunt raccoons is a small electronic device that looks like a fluffy bait. While rotating on a flat base, it seems like a creature moving around. Since there are many options in active decoys, hunters can select any one of them as per their requirements.

When you are using an active decoy with an E-Caller, you must be careful about the ideal position of the two devices. There must be a difference of 10yards in between the E-Caller and the active decoy. The moving bait makes the raccoon think that it is some other coon that attracts it towards the lure. This device is an effective one even if in case the raccoon is very lazy. It will make the raccoon come out of its den. That is when the hunter can press on the trigger and make his shot. But it is a vital part to choose the correct device. Using active decoy with e caller will make the best trap to hunt the raccoon. However, you need to be very careful with such tools and your plans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hunting Raccoons In The Day Time

1. What Are The Problems Hunters Face When They Go Hunting Raccoons In The Night?

There are significant problems in shooting raccoons at night. It is hard to see in the dark, so if they try to hunt them in the nights, it will be challenging to track their ways also, raccoons are nocturnal which means they are more active in the night than in days.

2. Why Is It More Comfortable For Hunters To Hunt Raccoons During The Day Rather Than At Night?

Raccoons are the nocturnal kind of animals, which is the reason they are active at night. In the day time, they stay inside their dens and sleep there, and that is when it is easy for hunters to attract them and take them in the target.

3. What Does Nocturnality Mean?

Nocturnality is a characteristic seen in animals. Due to such nature, animals stay up at night. They sleep in the morning inside their dens or trees. This characteristic makes them very much active at night.

4. What Is An E Caller?

E caller device is an electronic device that creates the sound of different animals. Hunters use e caller devices to create the sound of baby raccoons near the dens and trees of other raccoons to encourage them to come out of their places so that the hunter can shoot the prey. Hunters must place this device in a distance of 20feet from the den.


To Sum It Up

There are so many magic tricks for a better hunting experience. However, if you are planning to go out for hunting an animal like a raccoon, you need to be very careful. Despite having such useful devices like e caller or active decoy, you can fail your target if you make any mistake. One single mistake of yours can ruin the entire plan. If you lack proper information about the particular prey, it could create problems for you. Is it tracking the raccoon in the right way or identifying the active dens, or placing the e caller and active decoy in ideal positions? Every step needs to be clear and accurate; otherwise, you will miss an opportunity to shoot the raccoon, which is not at all acceptable after so much of hard work. Keep updated types of equipment as well as planned traps to make your aim successful.