Hunting Binocular Lens Cleaning Tips

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For any birdwatcher or outdoor person, one important thing is their binoculars. This is one thing that helps to spot animals and birds in far off places. But, it is also essential to take care of the binoculars as well. Most of the users do not know how to take care of their binoculars. People mostly end up cleaning the binoculars in the wrong way. By this way, it damages the binocular and, most importantly, the lenses. So, here are some tips and guides on how you should clean you’re binocular and take care of it. Let’s start with how you to clean binocular lenses – 

How to clean the lens – 

If you know the right process, it becomes way easy for you to clean the lenses of the binocular – 

Things you need – 

These are some of the necessary things that you need to clean your binocular lenses – 

  • Lens Pen 
  • Air Blower 
  • Microfiber Cloth 
  • Lens cleaner solution

1. First Step – 

The foremost thing that you need to do is to remove the dust from the lens of your binocular lenses. Dust can result in bad vision through your binocular to scratches on the coatings applied on the lens. 

Many people try to rub off the dust from the lens, but this is the wrong way to do it. Dust is microscopic; if you rub the dust from the lens, it will result in scratches that might not be seen by the naked eye. This results in foggy vision.

But, instead of that, you can just use an Air Blower to remove the dust from the lens. You can use this to pump out the dust from the lens. If there is any dust on the top of the lens, it will remove it. 

Tips – 

While you are using the binocular, make sure that you hold the blower in a tilted position. This way, the dust will get off the surface of the lens.

2. Second Step – 

In the second step, you can use the lens pen, which is quite soft. This helps you to remove the residual dust from the binocular lens. These pens are designed to remove a lesser layer of dust, and it also protects the lens coating. You can simply brush the lenses with the pen.

These pens are far more convenient; they can be retracted. When you are not using the lens pen, you can retract it into the handle. This reduces the chance of accumulation of more dust on the brush when it is not being used. 

Tips – Hold the lens pen just the way you were holding the air blower. Make sure the lenses are facing downwards, and you are holding the pen in a tilted way. Brush the lens with the help of the pen in an up and down or a circular movement. 

3. Third Step –

The third step is to wipe up the binocular lenses. This is where you will need a Microfiber cloth. This is an important step. 

The reason why you will be using microfiber is that they are incredibly soft. Thus, it is preferred over other materials of cloth. Using a different kind of fabric other than microfiber can do more harm to the lens of the binocular.

With a microfiber cloth, try to use a lens cleaner as well. This lens cleaner solution is typical, used to clean optical lenses. Remove the spots using this cleaner. These cleaner can easily remove all the spots, even the once that are quite old.

Tips – DO NOT use a towel, handkerchief, or any other dress material. Practising cleaning your lenses with these can cause serious harm over a period. They can bring up scratches. Even paper towels should be avoided at any cost. 

Always try to use the lens cleaner solution. Do not use a glass or window cleaner solution to clean the lenses. The chemicals used in these cleaners are quite harsh. Also, while you are using the lens cleaner, try to avoid pouring too much of the liquid on the lens. Pour just as needed.  

If the spots are not going away, don’t try too hard. Don’t scrub too much it might affect the lens.

4. Fourth Step – 

After the third step, your lenses are supposed to be clean. After you are done with it, you can finish the rest of the work with eyecups, if you have any dirt remaining. If you do not do this, dirt might accumulate on the lens.

So, with a separate microfiber cloth, clean the body and the frame of the binocular.

Tips – do not dismantle the binocular when you are cleaning the device. You can end up altering the optical alignment of the binocular. In case you see that dirt has got into the binocular then, you can take to the nearest binocular shop; they will have it clear it out for you.


Some Tips That You Should Keep In Mind When Cleaning you’re Binocular –  

  • Before you start to clean you’re binocular, keep the user manual of the binocular near you. 
  • Not all the binocular lenses can be cleaned in one common way; there are different ways to clean another type of binocular lens. This is why it is essential to go through the user manual first.
  • Some manuals mention which materials you should avoid while cleaning your binocular lens.
  • Always be careful of not harming the coating of the binocular. There is a tendency that people push it too far, and they end up getting scratches on the lens. 
  • When you are cleaning the binocular lens, try not to rub it. The less you rub the binocular lens, the better, rubbing on the surface can bring out scratches on the lens. If there are dust particles on the lens, then rubbing it can produce scratches on the lens.
  • This is why it is necessary to start by blowing the dust from the surface. If you do not have a blower to do this, you can do it with a brush with excellent bristles on it.
  • You should only use the microfiber to clean the lens if it is not properly cleaned with the lens pen or air blower. There is no need to push it more further if your lens is cleaned in the first two steps. 
  • Make sure that the cloth you will use to clean your binoculars is clean as well. Store the cleaning cloth somewhere else when you are not using it. Make sure no dirt accumulates on the fabric. You can keep the fabric in an airtight bag.
  • The lens brush might be used if you do not have an air blower, but air blowers are always the first choice. This is mainly because the brushes are not as kind as the blowers. They can be harsh on the lens 
  • When you are using the lens brush or the lens pen, always remember to retract it back into the handle. This will not let any dirt sit on the brush. 
  • When using the lens cleaner solution, try to use a minimum amount on a clean microfiber cloth.


Taking Care Of The Binocular Lens – 

Besides cleaning the lens, it is also essential to take care of it as well.

Carrying it around While you are outdoors, there are something that you should keep in mind to keep your device in good condition. When you are on a trip and carrying too many things with you, you can use the carrying case of the binocular to take it. This way, you will not lose it. These cases are quite shocking proof. Thus they can withstand a lot. When you are using the binoculars, try to use the strap, this will prevent it from dropping.  

1. Cleaning the lenses 

The frequency of cleaning the lens should be less. The more rubbing your lens goes through, the more the chances of scratches increases. You can clean the binocular daily or in a routine based on a blower. But, try to avoid brushing it and rubbing it with any kind of cloth. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean it. When using the material, always give light pressure on the lens. Do not use any cloth other than a microfiber cloth and use the only lens cleaning liquid. Always blow the dust first before rubbing it with a cloth.  

2. Keeping it clean 

You must follow some simple rules to keep your lens clean. For this, you can always use the rain guard when it is raining outside, and there is humidity. Always put the covers back on the lens when you are not using it. If you see there is dust on the lens, turn the binocular upside down and blow off the dirt particles with a blower. 

These were some of the easy steps and tips you should follow and keep in mind while you are cleaning or using your binocular. This will help to keep it safe and last long.