Choosing a Compound vs Recurve Crossbow for Hunting

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How to choose between Compound and Recurve Crossbow for hunting purposes?

When you are going to hunt, then you all use different weapons for the same. All the weapons have various features, projectiles and way of killing animals. But you all can see that there are some hunters who all still use the traditional and old method to hunt. In that, they all apply to go with a crossbow, and it is still considered to be the most deadly and silent weapon of all time. In the crossbow, you will find not such a complex mechanism, and the bow is mounted on the frame made of wood or any other material.  

Apart from that all, these crossbows are used in other sports activities as well in modern times. But when it comes to the hunting, then the hunters always get confused between the different bows. There are two kinds of bows which are extensively used by the hunters, and they are Compound Crossbow and Recurve Crossbow. Both of it are used to go for the hunting purpose extensively but to get a perfect deadly weapon for the hunting is always the best one. To get the details about it, you can go for the below article here.   

What is a Crossbow?

The crossbow is a silent weapon which is made with wood or plastic and is mounted on the stick with a suitable mechanism. It too holds the tensioned bowstring in the right place, and when you are shooting the crossbow, then the vertical element is placed in the slot of the stick. It then forces the string mechanism into action. After the rod is placed in the perpendicular position and it too creates a trigger, and the string is also said to be released, and it too goes for the projectile shoots.  

If you take a look at the benefit of the crossbow, then it can go for the traditional bow and the crossbow can also keep the weapon in the best way. It too helps in bettering your aim, and it can kill your target in the right direction.

Things to look for in the crossbow?

When you are going for the crossbow, there are many things that you all need to take care when you are going to buy it. It may be complicated for you all to use, but still you the performance is the main key factor in here. Furthermore, the reliability, as well as accuracy, is the best and shooting is like the art for you all. But if you are in thoughts to buy the crossbow, then it is seen that the hunters usually think of various things in it. It includes scope, recoil, mechanism and accuracy as well. You need to check all these things in a go so that you all can go for it in the right way.  


What is Recurve Crossbows?

As here you know that there is two kinds of crossbows, so here is the first kind of crossbow for you all. If you take a look at the design of the crossbow, then it is very simple as well as have two limbs along with a tight string. Due to such a good plan, you can see that many modern-day shooters always love to go for the recurve crossbows. Apart from that all, they are bigger in size as well as they all go for the length draw as well. If you take a look at the string, then it comes with the changes which are state to be uncomplicated.  

Furthermore, when you go for the accuracy as well as the power of the crossbow, then the recurve crossbow is not so good in it. The end of the crossbows is such that, the body is curving away from the users, and they all give good speed to the projectile. They are useful in materials and also make noise for the shooting.  


  • As the design of the crossbow is simple, so it helps you in maintaining the bow easily.
  • The bow consists of few moving parts, and you can know quickly which part is not working.
  • They are more reliable than compound bows.
  • If you take a look at the weight of the crossbow, then it is lightweight.
  • The hunters who all want to go for the faster aim can go for it.


  • They all are more significant as well as less compact, having wide limbs.
  • They are not a powerful weapon.
  • The speed of the bolt is not fast enough.
  • It lacks the clocking mechanism in it.
  • As the weight is a full draw so it will reduce the trigger life in it.

What is a compound crossbow?

The next kind of bow that you all want to have with you while heading out to hunt is a compound crossbow. It is being loved by many hunters and often considers as best as well. In the compound bows, it all helps you in delivering the things in the sharper punch for you all. For all these reasons, it is seen that they are advanced users, and they all can lean towards the things in a big way. The crossbows have got the use of all latest technology in it and are user-friendly as well. Apart from that all, it is safe to use as well, and more users love to go for it as well.

If you take a look at the compound crossbows, then they all have got limbs in it which are stiffer than the recurve. Apart from that all, they all have got the cocking mechanism in it as well. The stiffness of the limbs, as well as crossbows, has got pulley and they all are attached to the limbs as well as with more strings as well. 

So, when you all will pull strings, the pulleys in it will be acting in a mechanism. It will move the limbs back so that it will ensure you with good energy and high velocity as well that is being used for the projectile. All these pulleys are used to work by using the maximum amount of the energy as it will be the short draw length.  


  • They all are mighty than the recurve bows.
  • You can go and draw for the weights as well as bolt speeds.
  • The mechanism is compact in the crossbows.
  • It comes with less stress like the trigger sear.
  • If you want to cock it, then it needs less strength to do it than others.  


  • As the mechanism is very much complex, so it can’t get fixed in the field.  
  • If your string breaks in the right way, then you can go and use the bow press to replace the string. 
  • The taking of aim is not fast.  
  • All the compound crossbows are very much louder than other recurve bows. 

So, these are the two crossbows types which are now in the market and huge demand among the hunters. But there is always some section of hunters who all usually get the thoughts of the difference between them. Well for them all, here is the explanation for you all.

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Difference between the Compound crossbow and a recurve crossbow?

If you take a look at the recurve of the crossbows, then you all can see that the counterpart compound is suitable. The crossbow is massive in size as well as in strength, whereas the recurve crossbow comes with the longbow and a low draw length for the users as well.

Due to these features, it allows the hunter to get more acceleration for the projectile movement you all are using it. In case of the compound crossbow, it has got a shorter bow, and it helps in giving the best advantage to the shooter as well. If you want a quick to reload, then the compound is best for you all as the length of the draw is less.  

The next thing that you need to see between the two is the sound while you release the bow from them. Yes, they are considered to be the silent weapon of all times, but a hunter can listen to the sound clearly than the target animal. In the case of recurve crossbows, the sound of the strings is loud as the length is more. But in case of the compound crossbow, you all can see that the sound is less or quiet nearly as the bow length is less. Moreover, the design of the crossbows is also base on modern technology, and it makes the soundless.  

The people who all are looking for the crossbows for hunting purpose can go for both as they are unique in their way. The sound from the crossbows is like an advantage as you can know how strongly you pull strings. But in recurve crossbows, they are considered as best if you are looking for long shots. There are many animals which need to be hunt down from a distance or else they may attack or run away from you. So, for all that, you need to go for the recurve crossbows. They all are powerful and can kill the animal in one shot only with high speed.

When it comes to the drawbacks of the crossbows, then in the recurve bows, the length is the biggest drawback. If you take a look at the range of the bows, then it applies with the best strain to the string. It means that they all use less durable strings, and it may need more things in case you need to replace the same.  

So, here is the complete difference between the two crossbows. Though both of them are good in it and they both are unique in their style, still there is a difference between them. So, here you all can go through the above section and can get a quick and detailed idea about the basic difference between the two kinds.

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What to look before buying any crossbows?

Well, if you are thinking to go for the crossbows, then here is the things that you all need to have a look.

1. Power

The very first thing that you all need to look when going to buy any crossbows is its power. Each crossbow has its power and limitations. So, you all need to go for the crossbows, at first check the power of the bows and then decide which is suitable for you and your need

2. Durability

The next thing that comes to mind when you are going to buy is its durability. It is like the toss-up thing which exists between the two styles of the crossbows. In the case of compound crossbows, they all are having many moving parts while in case of recurve, they have got less moving parts. So, it means that the recurve may last longer than compound as they have less moving parts in them.

3. Noise

When you are going hunting, noise is an essential factor. It will make the animal feel that they are in danger, and they may run away from there. So, in that case, you need to go for the crossbow, which is better in silent sound. In the case of recurve, it may be powerful, but due to a large string, it produces more sound than the compound crossbow. So, it is right for you all to know the distance from where you are shooting and then can go for the crossbows which is better in sound.

So, here is the list of the things that you all can check before buying the crossbows for your hunting purposes.

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Final words

If you are here below to find a reasonable conclusion from the above article, then you are in the right place. All the features, pros, and cons are already explained above, and you can quickly get the detail idea about it all. So, to buy the best crossbow, you need to check the things and then can decide which is better for you all and why you must go for them for your hunting purposes.