16 Best Hunting Fanny Packs With Shoulder Straps in 2021 [Reviewed & Compared]

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An Overview Of Hunting Fanny Packs

Do you love hunting? Do you know about hunting fanny pack and all? If no, then read this article where you can understand about hunting packs and its types and all with a detailed description. The hunting packs are work as a lifesaver for hunters. It is designed in such a way so that you can carry your survival gear, your knives or other things which you need. There are different types of hunting packs available in the market with a different designs. It looks trendy as well as cool when you carry it. You can take it around your waist with the help of clips. Most of the hunters use these packs for keeping their keys, mobile phones, and their equipment.

Best quality hunting packs can double your hunting experience. That is why it is essential to choose a hunting pack which is made by the best quality materials, and you can store your accessories, etc. It will be better if you want a lightweight backpack. Choose a hunting fanny pack which has a lot of pockets in it. There are thousands of designs available in the online according to your budget. 

A hunting pack is something which can enhance your experience. With this, you can roam around the jungle with hands-free. Hunting fanny packs become fashionable day by day. It has to gain popularity among hunters from the last years. Hunters choose this because of its features and functionality. You will get the best fanny pack available in the market at a reasonable price. There are many things which you should look up when you are looking to buy a fanny pack. These packs are different from traditional tourist bags.

A hunting pack should have a wide comfortable and easily adjusted belt, which you should keep with yourself so that you can enjoy the experience of hunting without any disturbance. Because when you keep a hunting pack then with you, then it will easy to store some items which you may need on hand at any time. If you are a hunter or you love to hunting, then this is the must-buy item for you. Here you can read about the top 15 best hunting fanny pack products which you can buy for yourself.

Top 16 Best Hunting Fanny Packs With Shoulder Straps in 2021 [Reviews]

1. Badlands Monster Fanny Hunting Backpacks

This one is the high-quality fanny hunting backpack which is in demand from the last years. For over the last 20 years the Badlands monster fanny hunting backpacks Stole the heart of many hunters. The popularity behind this backpack is its comfortability and versatility, reliability with various features. The badlands monster fanny backpacks offer you ample space with a secure locking system. It is made only with the most excellent quality material, which makes it durable as well as reliable. The best thing about this bag is no matter how much weight you carry; you will not feel the pressure because of its waist support band.


  • Flex frame suspension for weight transfer
  • Designed with Thermo moulded memory foam hip belt
  • Six pockets for storing the equipment
  • Designed with a waterproof urethane shell for protection from heavy rain
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty


  • No cons

2. Allen Nomad waist pack

If you have a fixed budget and you want to buy the best hunting fanny pack, then Allen nomad waist pack will be the best option for you. This bag comes with an adjustable waist strap with a buckle so that you feel comfortable.  It is designed according to your comfort zone.  It is fully waterproof so that you don’t have to worry about your stuff. It is the perfect bag which you can take along with you for extended hunting trips. The padded hip belts adjust to fit up to 54″ waist size.


  • Made by durable and robust quality material
  • Sufficient number of pockets with a water bottle holder
  • Completely waterproof
  • An adjustable waist strap with padded hip belts.
  • Pockets having silent zippers with a cool & trendy design


  • No cons

3. Little Bear ALPS OutdoorZ fanny hunting pack

It is another fanny pack which has several features in it. It is the first choice of the youngsters because it looks stylish. It does not just look stylish; in fact, it is made with durable and robust material which can work in rough conditions. It has a removable shoulder harness with a removable waist belt, and this is the reason why it is trending in the market. You can store any type of hunting tools in this bag without having any issues.


  • Comes with four pockets two main and front pockets with two side pockets
  • Removable shoulder harness
  • Removable waist belt
  • Enough space to keep your stuff with an expandable portion
  • Designed with best quality material


  • Not waterproof
  • Zippers are too small if you are wearing gloves.

4. Pathfinder ALPS OutdoorZ Hunting Pack

With ALPS OutdoorZ pathfinder hunting fanny pack, you can carry all of your hunting tools like Flagging tape, a compass, first aid items food or water bottle easily. It offers you excellent security with an excellent quality of zipper. It has enough space for your stuff and makes you comfortable. Other than this it has a lot of features which you will read in further. No doubt it is a product of ALPS, and they usually provide the most excellent quality of the material. You can trust this bag entirely if you want to enjoy your hunting experience.


  • Comes with enough pockets in which you can store your stuff securely.
  • Comes with a bow pocket and a drop-down pocket to carry your gun
  • It has extension lashing straps.
  • Comfortable shoulder straps with secured zips
  • Designed with waterproof material


  • It wears out easily.
  • Side pouches are not so good.

5. Mossy Oak Blue Jack Fanny Pack

This bag comes with two features means you can carry it when you go for a hunting trip, and you can also take it during the short trips or campaigns. It is the most popular bag because of its 2 in 1 feature. It has a lot of space where you store your stuff safely.  The mossy oak pattern of this bag makes it perfect for a hunting trip. The bag is a little bit compact, but still, you can carry your stuff in it. It is made by Thigh quality materials and is perfect for casual use with dual zipper compartment.


  • It is Come with a mossy oak pattern.
  • Front pockets and waist pockets for keeping your stuff with dual zipper compartments
  • Also made for casual use purpose.
  • Trendy and attractive design
  • Comes with an adjustable belt


  • No shoulder strap available in this.

6. Badlands Monster with Workstation

The badlands monster with workstations hunting fanny packs is similar to the Badlands Monster Fanny Hunting Backpacks. Both the bags come with the same company. It offers you a smooth hunting experience with your family or friends. It has 1100 cubic inch of space where you can keep your essential hunting equipment. It has enough pockets with a secured zip. Other than this, it offers many features.


  • It has 1100 cubic inch of space which provides you with enough space.
  • It comes with a hydration pack which makes it perfect for a hunting trip.
  • It has six pockets which can easily occupy all your stuff.
  • It is made with KXO-32 fabric which makes it waterproof and dirt resistant and doesn’t create any sound when you move.


  • No cons

7. Dtom Concealed Hunting Fanny Pack

This pack is the best option for keeping essential user tools close to your hand.  DTOM concealed carry fanny pack is much more than a fanny pack. It has a lot of features in it which suits you best for the whole day work. It is a slim, fit fanny pack that fits your body. It has the best quality zippers, and that’s why it keeps your stuff secure. It is adjustable up to 42″ waist. It includes a large zippered pocket where you can keep your wallet and cell phones.


  • Waterproof construction
  • Slim fit design with high-quality zippers.
  • Fits up to 42″ size waist
  • Long-lasting and better quality bag pack
  • Enough space for your stuff.


  • No cons

8. Big Bear ALPS OutdoorZ hunting pack

It is a replacement of ALPS little Bear hunting fanny pack. It will be easily available, and it is the first choice of the youngsters because it looks stylish and trendy. It is made with durable and robust material which can work in rough conditions. It has a removable shoulder harness with a removable waist belt, and this is the reason why it is trending in the market.


  • Comes with six pockets which are suitable for storage
  • Compatible among all the other backpacks
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder harness.
  • Made with fine quality of material


  • Not waterproof
  • Sometimes shoulder strap causes friction.

9.  HuntVP Tactical waist pack

HuntVP Tactical waist pack is the backpack which can be worn in multiple ways. In this backpack, buckles are connected over the front pockets. It has a lot of features which you can read below. It is the best fanny pack for hunting which has a top elastic bungee cord which holds the item. You can wear it in multiple ways like across your chest, over your shoulder or on your waist.


  • Having ABS buckles
  • Adjustable waistbands up to 51.1.”
  • Try multiple styles with this
  • It comes with various designs.
  • Comes with six pockets which have 3 in the front section.


  • Not waterproof
  • Smaller than other backpacks.
  • You can’t open those buckles quickly.

10. Tenzing TZ Hunting Waist fanny Pack

No products found.

TZ 721 hunting waist pack is a more versatile hunting pack which is designed with 721 cubic inches of storage space.  It weighs only 2 pounds. It is a light weighted fanny pack which is mostly used by the hunters. It has a specially designed waist belt with three hands warmer pockets which keeps your entire body warm.  It has an adjustable waist belt up to 24-56″.


  • A light weighed fanny pack
  • Flexible around hips with an adjustable belt up to 56″.
  • Designed in such a way so that it keeps your body warm.
  • Specially made for cold weather.


  • The zippers of this fanny pack are too noisy.
No products found.

11. Auscamotek Camo Backpack With fanny pack

It is popular among the people as the biggest hunting fanny pack. It is the most popular fanny pack because it offers an ample space where you can keep your equipment or stuff easily. It is made with polyester fabric with PVC waterproof coating. It has an original print of tree and leaf. Its adjustable nylon strap makes it comfortable for both man and women as well as for kids.


  • An ideal bag pack for every age group
  • Made with 100% Polyester
  • Enough compartments for storage.


  • Might create some noise while walking.

12. Allen excursion waist pack

Allen excursion waist pack is available in the best range. It is the roughest and toughest hunting fanny pack. It comes with a water bottle holder. It has an adjustable waist belt of up to 52 inches. It is completely waterproof and made with silent fabric with quiet zipper pulls. It has dual water bottle holder features and has a padded belt.  It fits with your body and makes you feel comfortable.  This one is the best option for you while you are going out for hunting. The bag’s waist strap has a buckle in it. You can keep your phone, passport, sunscreens and more in the pockets.


  • Designed with the most robust and roughest situation in mind
  • Silent zipper pulls
  • Fresh and fancy padded belt in the waist


  • No cons yet

13. WOTOW Multi-functional Waist Pack

Are you looking for a multifunctional fanny pack? Do you want to keep your pieces of stuff in the fanny pack conveniently? If yes then choose this multi-purpose fanny pack this time. It is made with the adjustable straps. It has one belt strap and one shoulder strap in it.  The WOTOW multifunctional waist pack made by the fine quality material, which makes it long-lasting. It has enough compartments to keep your things safely. And yes it also includes a water bottle holder. It comes in different colours like black, brown and camouflage.


  • Contains adjustable strap for 56″.
  • Enough pockets for keeping you stuff
  • Comes with a water bottle holder
  • Made with nylon.
  • Fully waterproof


  • No Cons

14. Creator tactical waist pack

It is the perfect fanny packs for hunting when you going out, travelling, shopping, and mountain climbing and for cycling or short trips. It comes in 6 colors. You can buy this from the market or any online store like amazon. It is reasonable in price and most popular among the people for its features. You can use it for both the purpose; for example, you can use it for hunting, or you can use it for short trips. The excellent quality makes it of material which makes it durable. It goes best for every outfit, and that’s why it gains popularity from the last year’s.


  • Made with high-density nylon material
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lightweight fanny pack
  • Have enough space or pockets
  • Comes with an adjustable belt


  • No Cons yet.

15. G4 free fanny pack

G4 free fanny pack is one of the best bag pack you will ever know. It is on the top list of the users who love hunting. It has a versatile backpack features having enough space for your stuff. You can buy it on Amazon or in the market. It is a long-lasting fanny pack which provides excellent durability and shoulder straps in it. It is manufacturing by G4 free. No doubt G4 free offers the best quality backpacks at a reasonable price.


  • Comes with enough pockets so that you can keep your equipment easily
  • A long-lasting fanny pack
  • Made by fine quality of material


  • No Cons.

16. ArcEnCiel Tactical Fanny Pack

When you are out hunting for animals and games, the last thing you want is to make your presence known. Carrying minimal baggage is considered ideal. However, you can’t necessarily go empty-handed for hunting, now, can you?

The ArcEnCiel Tactical Fanny Pack is one of the bestselling fanny packs on Amazon, thanks to the camouflage design and the multiple compartments that offer optimal storage options. The bag is made with nylon material, making it a weatherproof option too.

Aside from being constructed with the high-quality and durable 1000D nylon material, the fanny pack is also scratch-resistant and water-resistant from the exterior, which is pretty impressive. The water doesn’t penetrate the insides, ensuring that you can carry it in rain too.

The fanny pack comes with a zippered enclosure and adjustable belt with double adjustable straps that you can adjust according to your needs and comfort. Also, the front of the fanny pack features a durable and high-quality ABS buckle, which is pretty sturdy and durable too.

The fanny pack features one large compartment along with three smaller compartments that you can use for storage of all your hunting essentials without having to carry anything in excess. The larger compartment is pretty spacious too.

The external expansion system comes in handy when you are trying to hand around accessory items from the fanny pack, enabling you to make the most use of carrying minimal baggage along with you on your hunting trip.

Not just for hunting, this fanny pack is a pretty versatile and multipurpose option that you can seamlessly carry around for different kinds of outdoor activities, including running, sports, or even walking if that is something that you find enticing.


  • Versatile and multipurpose option
  • Spacious and multiple compartment design
  • Features a zipper enclosure with ABS buckle
  • Comes with an external expansion system
  • Weatherproof exterior


  • Smaller pockets on the front lack easy access

So, these are some best hunting packs which you can try once. If you are interested in hunting or you want to experience it once in your life then must try these top best hunting fanny pack in your life.

Buying Guide for fanny hunting packs in 2021

When you are going for hunting to any place, then you need to carry many essential things as well with you. But to make all these things with you is always a challenging work. To make it easy for you all, you can go for the fanny packs for huntingIt is a mid-size pouch which can be worn by you around the waist or hip. If you all look at the fanny pack, then you can see that it comes with many small size pouches so that you can keep many essentials in there without any problem.

As the hunting hobby is now trending so the hunting fanny packs demands is also increasing. The design of the hunting packs is now getting change as well as the size to getting more significant as per the demand of some customers. The reason for such was increasing the size and compartment in the fanny packs for the hunting so that hunters can carry more things with them while going for the hunting. If you take a look at the material used in it, then, you can see that all these fanny packs are made with leather or even canvas. The reason for it is to withstand extreme conditions like rain, moisture and other factors as well.  

If you are trying to lay your hand on the best hunting fanny pack with shoulder strapsthen you need to check the factors.


Factors to check before buying a backpack

1. The capacity of hunting packs

When you are going for the hunting packs, then you all need to check the storing capacity of the back. There are different type of hunting packs which includes two types. The first is waist pack while the next and most used is hunting pack with the shoulder straps. They are used and popular among the hunters as they can carry a large amount of essentials.  

When you are going hunting, the following things are here which you all need in here. It includes spotting scopes, tripods, water, radio and other navigation systems as well. But to carry all these things, it is always a challenging job, and for that all, you all need to go for the hunting packs capacity. As these things weigh more and need space as well, so it is essential that you get the best and big capacity hunting packs for yourself.

Before buying any of the fanny packs, you need to make sure to go for the best capacity packs here.  

If you are confused among which can hold more weighs, then you can easily go for the hunting fanny pack with shoulder strapsThese straps will help you in carrying more weight products as it comes with a shoulder support system. So, do check about the capacity of the packs before going for any hunting packs from here.

2. Design quality and material 

The next important thing that comes to the mind of the hunters when they all are going for it is going for the quality of the packs. Yes, the quality of the material plays an essential role in it is a significant way. Apart from that all, it too helps you in exposing the things in the right way, and your gear must be made with excellent material cloth as well. There are many kinds of cloths by which the hunting packs are made, and you can get your hands on any of it as per your preferences.

The following materials are used in making the fanny packs.

1. Nylon

If you want a pack which has got good strength, can easily withstand wet weather and get dry quickly as well, then Nylon packs are best for you all. It to help your essentials to keep it safe from harmful UV rays.

2. Rip-Stop Nylon

The next kind of Nylon is Rip-Stop Nylon. The main difference is that it has got high durability. Apart from that all, it has a limited ability as well to get a rip. Due to all these things, it is always a suitable backpack for outside.

3. Polyester

If you all want to have a good and strong backpack, then go for polyester material. It has got more strength than nylon as well.

4. Canvas

For the hunters who all are in search of best durable material packs. The main issue in it is that it can’t manage the water issue and is less resistance.

So, if you are in plan to go for it, then make sure to get any of the material as per your preferences for the backpacks.

3. Size Of The Hunting Packs

The next thing that comes to the mind when you are going for the hunting backpacks is about the size of the backpack. These backpacks have different storing capacity, and you can choose the best one as per your size and other things. So, when you are in plan to buy it, you need to make sure that the essential things that you all carry with you will get fit inside it.

For all that reason, it is always the best idea to go through the size of the backpacks. When you are going hunting, you need to make sure that you all get more things with you like food items and other essentials. The reason for it is that there are many instances where hunting gets extended by many hours, so you need essentials things to keep the energy level high.

In that case, you all need to go for the best model with right torso length as well. While going for backpacks, do also check for the suspension adjustment as well in it. Always make sure that you get the bag with extra length so that you can make some last-minute extra things in case you need it. You can easily find a vast range in size of the backpacks in here.  

4. Colour Of The Backpacks

There are many hunters who all go for the best colour for the bags as well. It is also an essential thing in here as many people have different colour choices. So, in that case, you can see that most of the backpacks come with the camouflage colour. It is the best one as it get mix with the nearby environment and it does not get a spot by others quickly as well.

When you are going for any hunting, the colour of the bag plays a vital role here. You all need to make sure that you get the best colour that goes with the environment. It is because with that only the animal will not get any sense that some external factor is there near the area. So, it is not a good idea for you all go with the bright and shiny colour as it can be a notice from long distances.  

So, for all that reason, when you all are going for the best backpacks, do go for the camo bags and light colour bags. It will help you in getting near your animal you want to hunt.

5. Noiseless Backpacks

When you all are going for hunting, keeping sounds low is the important thing here. You all need to make sure that the noise is minimum so that animal will not notice it and run away from there. When you are wearing the fanny packs, you can see that many backpacks make noise due to various things. Most of the time, the suspension of the packs, make noise and animals know about your presence. For all that reason, it is a good idea for you all to go for the top backpacks here.

All the backpacks which are available here are soundless. You always need to make sure to go for the backpacks which are designed to make the soundless. You all need to make sure that you all lose the advantage for the successful hunting trip.  

You must keep in mind that when you are going to buy any hunting backpacks, then you need to make sure to go for the silent one. There are many materials used in many bags which produce sounds, and you all need to buy the one who makes the soundless. Take a note on the sound of the zippers in it as well and go for the best quality zipper with no sound.

6. Presence Of Hydration System

Hunting is a very tiring job, and it needs a lot of trekking and hiking as well. When you all are going on hunting, you can see that they all need to move through many difficult terrains and other things as well. As you are continuously walking in it, so it is always the best idea for you all to go for the best-hydrated system backpacks. You all can get some top hydrated system backpacks quickly.

But when you are going for it, you need to go for the packs which all are having right pocket size so that you can carry the water bottle or hydration bladder. Apart from that all, there are many modern backpacks which comes with an inbuilt hydration system. In that system, you all need to go for the best one in here. They all support the hands-free drinking for the hunters as they come with a pipe to drink. The tube is well-connected to the content present inside the backpacks, and you can easily refill the same as well.

So, get the backpacks which all are having the best hydration system for you all, and it can get the things done in the right way.

7. Safety Features

The last but not the least thing to search in the bag is the safety features. Safety features are the ones that make things simple, as well as useful as well. You all need to make the things look beautiful for your essential things, and for that, you need to take care of their safety. To make it possible for you all, here are the top features which all are there in the modern backpacks.  

As you take many essential things in here like the navigation system, binoculars, radio, food essentials and much more, so you all need to take care of these things in the right way. So, for all that reason, it is always a top idea for you all for the safety features.

There are many manufacturers who all make the bag with all safety features included in it. Apart from that to save the things inside the bag, now the kit is waterproof as well. 

So, when you are going for the backpack, then search for the safety features and go for the hunting packs which have got the best safety features in it.

8. Price Of The Backpacks

Among all the factors that are mentioned above, the main thing that matters a lot to the hunters is the price of the backpacks. In the backpacks, you all can easily see that there are many backpacks at a high price. For all that reason, when you are checking the factors and features of the bag, do check the price tag of the bag as well. Most of the manufacturers keep the price as per the features and safety of the bags. 

So, if you are trying to buy any hunting backpacks, then make sure that you all get the best packs from the store. At the same time, you all need to make sure that you get the top model with the best price from the online stores. You can quickly get it from online stores and there you all can get top offers and other discounts as well for many backpacks. 

These are the top 8 factors that you all need to take care when you are going to buy the backpacks. When you are going to buy any of the hunting backpacks, then do make sure to go through the top factors and make a list of it in your mind. It will help you in getting the best bag from the market without much difficulty and confusion as well.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Regarding Hunting Fanny Packs in 2021

1. How To Wear The Hunting Fanny Packs?

As a hunter, you may see that these bags have different ways to wear. In that case, most of the hunters now prefer to go for the bags which can wear around the waist. At the same time, there are many backpacks which can be worn with the support of the shoulders or like sling bags. So, it depends on the style of the hunter and the preferences for which it offers you with best fanny packs. You need to wear it as per your convenience, and for that, you can see that many manufacturers are there for you all. They all bring different style bags as per your need.

2. Are These Hunting Fanny Packs Comfortable?

There are many hunters who all trying to get their hand on these fanny bags. But what makes it impossible for them is about the comfortness. When you are going for the bag, then you all need to make sure that you get the comfortable bag. It means that you all can carry the essential items in it easily without any problem. So, to know the comfort, you need to wear it and see how good you feel. Apart from that all, you also need to make sure that the material used in the bag is good and will provide excellent comfort as well in here.

3. Where To Find Best And Top Fanny Bags Within A Reasonable Price?

In case you are searching for the best fanny backpacks, then you all need to do is to go for the online sites. You can easily see that there are many online sites who all sell these bags for you. There you can find almost all kind of bags with different features and way of wearing as well. If you take a look at the price of the bags, then you can find that the cost to are within budget and you can get good options within a fixed amount from here easily. So, if you are in need of getting a bag, then you can go for the online shopping sites.

4. Why It Is An Essential Accessory For A Hunter?

You all can see that these bags are considered as the top things in here, and you can carry the fanny packs easily from here. When you are going on hunting, you need to go for hiking as well as trekking for long distances. So, for all that reason, you all need to carry the essential things with you, which includes emergency things as well. So, to take all these things in one go, you need a bag, and for that fanny, bags are essential for all hunters.

5. How Much Do These Bags Cost You?

Well if you are in plan to go for the hunting fanny bags, then you all need to visit the online stores. The cost of the bags varies as per the materials used in it and for features as well. So, if you want to know the cost, then there is no fixed price range for the same.



Here is the complete guide for all hunters who all are thinking to buy the hunting fanny backpacks. You will get to know all the details about the factors that you need to take care before buying it and as well as you can find the top 15 backpacks that you can buy from online store easily.