16 Best Turret Reloading Press in 2021 [Reviews & Comparison Guide]

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Are you in need of reloading the cartridges quickly? However, it might be the fact that you are becoming fed up with the single-stage press that takes several hours to get the job done. In case you are facing these types of issues, then you can consider procuring a turret reloading press that will help to make the job simple for you. The main advantage of using this type of device is that it happens to be more progressive as compared to the presses used. Once anyone makes us of a turret press, he won’t go back to an old one.  

What do you mean by a Turret Press?

A turret press happens to be a design that allows you to reload the cartridges quickly. The primary model is almost similar to a single-stage press. However, the difference is that it is possible to use several dies at a particular time in a turret place. On the other hand, a single-stage press will be able to accommodate only a single die at any given time. A turret press comes with a turret that aids in holding the dies together. The models can vary, and it will be able to fit 4 to 7 dies at any given time. 

The majority of the presses which you will find on the marketplace fall in the category of traditional turret presses. Your procedure will be including manual indexing. While the turret is positioned in the middle, it will likewise function as an axis. The turret presses likewise consist of a primer arm for priming cases. The turret press can be used as a single press; however, it will be slower in that way. It is possible to use the best turret reloading press in several ways which are going to load the cartridges sequentially or batch process them.

Another type of turret press is the auto-indexing turret press, and it includes auto-indexing capabilities. Instead of a bold, the turret is held by an annular ring in this press. Although the design is fantastic, the majority of them will be able to hold just 4 dies at any given time.

A turret press is actually an in-between device of a progressive press and a single-stage press. A turret press will be ideal for hunters that require doing the cartridge reloading job quickly and do not need a progressive press. A turret press’ speed is medium, and you will get solid precision while loading it. Next, we will mention several of the most popular turret reloading presses presently available on the market.

Top 15 Best Turret Reloading Presses in 2021 [Reviews]

1. LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press

Lee happens to be a reputed brand in terms of manufacturing different types of presses. The company is operational for quite some time and manufactures some quality products. The product mentioned here is quite well-known in the market. Let us take a glimpse at several of its features.

The most notable thing regarding this turret is that it is quite resilient, thus enabling people to use it for quite some time. Besides this, it comes with powerful steel joints that will not break.

It is able to take as many as 4 dies at any given time and features an auto-indexing capability. Different calibres can also be set for the die. The process of reloading will be quite fast since there is no need to rotate it a few times. Moreover, the clearance region is quite nice such that it will be able to work with quite a few sorts of rifle cases. 

In a nutshell, this best turret press is a good investment for a hunter who would like to have a reloading press at their residence. Furthermore, it is faster, unlike the conventional turret press obtainable presently on the market. 


  • Auto-indexing
  • Resilient
  • Inexpensive
  • Solid steel linkage
  • Long-stroke rotation


  • Just 4 die at any given time

2. RCBS C-Frame Cast Iron 88901 Turret Press 7/8″-14 Threaded Die

RCBS happens to be a business that has been on the market for many years producing some astounding products as well. According to some users, this product is one of the best turret reloading presses at present. Let us find out a bit more about its features.

The most important thing regarding this turret press is that it has been manufactured from top-quality materials found on the market. Moreover, it provides lots of precision to the users. It is going to last for quite some time as well. The product can have various die combinations which makes it very easy for the person while reloading it. 

In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that this press is indispensable for any hunter for loading their rifles. It has been built to last for many years, and one will definitely enjoy using the product. It is likewise worth the cost.


  • Impeccable design
  • Outstanding quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Resilient


  • Lack of any auto-indexing feature

3. Redding Reloading – T-7 Turret Press with Primer Arm

This particular item has the reputation of being smooth and resilient. It will allow the user to reload their cartridges easily without much to think about. This product from Redding is amongst the most effective turret presses on the market right now. Let us learn somewhat more regarding it.

The best thing about this product is that it is manufactured from a top-quality material that helps to make it extremely resilient. It comes with an innovative 7 station turret head. Besides this, the device likewise has got positive ram stop and compound linkage which are required for a properly functioning turret press. 

It will be feasible to make use of 7/8″-14 threaded dies along with this device. It also comes with a smart primer arm that helps you to change it as per your requirement. It will also be able to accept competition die. This device will allow you to do everything precisely and without any sort of mess whatsoever.

Put simply, and this is one of the best presses out there and out can definitely go for it in case he has got the budget. The job of reloading cartridges becomes quite hassle-free thanks to this amazing product. One will be able to use it properly after using it once or twice. Therefore, it is a must-buy for any hunter. 


  • Cast iron body
  • Excellent compound linkage
  • 7 station turret head
  • Smart primer arm
  • Takes every universal shell holder


  • Expensive

4. Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press with Auto Index

Next, in this comprehensive turret reloading press review, we will talk about the astounding Lee Cast Aluminum 4 Hole Turret Press. As we have mentioned earlier, LEE happens to be a reputed company in terms of making some wonderful reloading presses. On many occasions, individuals like to go for budget products in case they happen to be a beginner or if they don’t have sufficient cash. Here, we will be learning some more regarding this particular item which is considered to be a great budget.

This product is quite affordable, which will be liked by many hunters whose budget is limited. This turret press has been manufactured in such a way that it is able to function smoothly and quite fast. 

The press is manufactured from cast aluminum which helps to make it quite durable. The auto-indexing feature happens to be its best part which we don’t find even in the expensive turret presses. 

This product mentioned here happens to be a 4-hole model. It comes with an extremely comfy wood grip, and there is adequate room for hand clearance. The device can boast of having a compound leverage layout without any type of spring. It is possible to use cases up to 4 inches along with the product. The work is accomplished in just one long stroke, and one will come across a primer catcher too.

In a nutshell, this revolutionary product from Lee is quite inexpensive and also features auto-indexing. It is ideal for any hunter or rifle user whose budget is limited.


  • Inexpensive
  • Manufactured from cast aluminum
  • Auto-indexing feature
  • Astounding design
  • Resilient
  • Primer catches are present
  • Comfy wooden grip


  • None

5. Lyman All American 8 Turret Press for Reloading:

Lyman happens to be yet another popular turret reloading Press Company on the market which produces some amazing stuff at a great price. This product mentioned right here is the favourite of many individuals, and we will see below why it is so.

The most important thing about this item is the fact that it has been manufactured from definitely great cast iron. This helps to offer strength as well as resilience to the item such that it functions well and also lasts for a long duration.

The turret comes with 8 stations which can be removed easily as well. The item is able to hold a couple of complete 4 die sets. Besides this, it comes with a powder coat finishing that will prevent it from wear and tear as well as rust. There is also the primer feed with large and small primer tubes. A steel shield covers the primer feeds. The regular shell holders can also be effortlessly used together with the model. Using this turret press is quite simple, and anyone can do it rather easily.

Put simply, you can easily use this product in case it does fall within your budget, and it will serve you for quite some time to come. It will surely live up to your expectations.


  • Resilient
  • Simple to use
  • Inexpensive
  • 8-station layout
  • Attractive design
  • Cast iron makeup


  • Lack of any auto-indexing

6. Lyman T-Mag Master Reloading Kit

In this comprehensive turret reloading press review we will be mentioning one more product from Lyman which is also quite popular right now. The company is reputed for producing top-notch items over the years, and we like to mention it once more. The Lyman T-Mag Master Reloading Kit is quite inexpensive, unlike many other similar products available on the market right now. We will try to know some things more regarding it such that you will be able to make the correct buying decision.

This turret press comes with 6-station, which is ideal for accomplishing the reloading procedure quickly and effectively. The product is quite sturdy, plus the company also provides a fantastic handle. Although it is imperative to move the handle manually, it is quite simple to do.

The most important part regarding this item is that it is able to function both for rifle users as well as handgun users. It is possible to change the calibers simply by altering the turret head. The device comes with a powder finish which prevents it from rust damage effectively.

The starter kit consists of everything that will be required by any person to reload cartridges. This consists of a digital scale, accessories, tools, as well as a case prep multi-tool. Besides this, this kit likewise offers a reloading manual as well.

In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that this best turret reloading press is appropriate for those individuals who want to have a comprehensive starter kit. They will simply love to own this device, and it will provide them with a good time.


  • Adjustable caliber
  • Robust design
  • Inexpensive
  • Robust electronic scale
  • Properly equipped kit
  • 6-station turret


  • An absence of auto-indexing

7. RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press

It is a fact that reloading presses are available on a wide scale at present. Therefore, it is actually a matter of preference in terms of selecting the device for your requirements. You will find that every single feature provided by this RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme Press mentioned here is extremely useful. The device is quite strong and versatile. In fact, both beginners, as well as experienced individuals, can make use of it easily. The extended body of the device will enable you to refill longer cartridges.

However, the most notable feature of this product is its sturdy design. The equipment’s lever comes with a robust steel structure. This combines with the overall construction of the item to provide lots of safety while operating. Moreover, the working mechanism is quite smooth, which will be just according to your likings.

Moreover, you will not find it difficult to set up the press. On top of this, this product is appropriate for both beginners as well as experts. Factors such as quick loading, simple operation, remarkable strength, optimal versatility, and ambidextrous handle make it a top-notch turret press out there. All these features make this quite easy to operate.

However, there is one significant drawback of this product. The weight of the press happens to be approximately 20 pounds. This implies that it will be imperative to attach the device to the workbench tightly. Otherwise, the press might be tipping forward.


  • Smooth operation because of heavy-duty design
  • It is easy and quick to set up the device
  • Helps in achieving accurate and consistent results


  • On some occasions, spilling might happen
  • Heavyweight

8. Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press

In case you happen to be an expert at your job, then you will not find any device better than this one mentioned here. This press provides fast operation, and it is actually meant for the experienced refillers. It sets an incredibly fast pace which happens to be its most notable aspect. Moreover, the device will provide you with as many as 5 stations work with. This implies that you will be able to perform all types of functions quite easily. This consists of switching between the handgun and rifle dies. It is also possible to check the dies without any need to change the die head. After the cartridge happens to be in position, the ejected system of the unit starts working. It helps to prevent the cartridge from getting in one another’s way automatically.

Another essential and useful feature is the unit’s large hopper capacity. There is no need to refill the hopper regularly despite using it quite frequently.

This unit will provide you with the privilege of filling a minimum of 500 rounds every single hour. The brushing mechanism of the device helps to change between calibers like .45 and .223 in under 5 minutes. It is not surprising that experienced reloaders would definitely like the performance of the Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press.

The product works perfectly well from the very beginning. However, over time you might observe the presence of moving components. This happens because of poor maintenance; therefore, while dealing with this product, you need to make sure to keep this in check.


  • Extremely consistent in performance
  • Primer control happens to be positive


  • Not ideal for the beginners
  • Needs high maintenance

9. Lee Precision Classic Turret Press Kit

You’ll come across quite a few turret presses at present which provides plenty of innovative features and this one mentioned right here is not an exception to this. This product provides as many as 4 holes which will be able to handle different types of ammo.

This kit comes with the helpful auto-indexing component, which is useful for cartridges which happen to be 2.13 inches in length. Moreover, there is likewise a deluxe version of this identical kit which consists of a turret appropriate for 3.13-inch cartridges.

This device mentioned here has been rated for both the novices as well as the professionals. It is very simple to use and comes with smooth operation. The helpful automatic index provides a lot of conveniences as well as comfort. This helps to push the turret to go forward once the lever is worked on. Because of this, this kit can be used for crafting huge amounts of ammo. And all this is done quite quickly as well!

In case you happen to be a beginner in terms of gunsmithing, then this product will be the appropriate one for you. The powder dispenser happens to be one of the most notable inclusions in this product which includes measuring drums. This is ideal for a handgun as well as small rifle cartridges. As a result, it is the versatility aspect which helps this product to stay ahead in the competition.


  • In-depth directions for a simple set up
  • Helps in achieving easy and quick loads


  • An absence of charging dies within the kit

10. Lee Precision Anniversary Challenger Kit II

Not every turret press requires being heavy when it comes to weight. This best turret press mentioned here is an example of that. This kit is a fantastic tribute to the company’s completion of 50 years in the industry of reloading. It happens to be an appropriate pick of all sorts of refillers which also includes the beginners.

Now we will discuss the performance aspects of this product. The device’s O-shape frame helps to make moving and functioning quite simple. The shape likewise provides you with the opportunity of shifting dies and brass more comfortably. The digital scale happens to be another useful component. It aids in measuring the grains flawlessly. And finally, the outstanding brushing system helps to make the procedure of changing dies quite simple. Therefore, if you happen to be a beginner, this product will be the ideal one for you.

Let us now talk about the durability aspects of this device. The O-frame happens to be quite stable and resilient. They provide more life given that these links come with steel design. Besides this, the scale is quite unbreakable thanks to the usage of the robust phenolic metal.

However, the product comes with some drawbacks as well. This is actually an unreliable micrometer that is present in the equipment. Apart from this, there is also a tendency to leave granule particles within the measuring cylinder.


  • It is quite simple to set up and use the device
  • The kit’s scale is highly functional


  • An absence of in-depth instructions
  • Unreliable micrometer

11. RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit

The astounding RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit consists of the following:

  • Powder measure
  • Hex key pack
  • Priming tool
  • Loading block for the case
  • Scale
  • Deburring tool

In case you want to procure a device which will allow you to put up longer cartridges, nothing is going to beat the performance of this product mentioned here. The device’s frame comes with an O shape. Moreover, this structure is quite strong, as well as stable.

Apart from this, the unit is comparatively heavy, which helps to add stability in the long run. Even essential aspects like ram pressure and precision receive a sufficient boost. And this is all because of the turret press’s optimal weight. When it comes to quality, this device is likewise absolutely matchless. The pins which are positioned on the link are properly supported on each side.

The kit’s 80% assembled construction will definitely take you by surprise. Moreover, the usability, as well as setup procedures, are not at all difficult to handle.

However, the product comes with a downside which happens to be the priming tool. This priming tool has to be tilted towards the left away from the body for priming. It is only then that the primers will be feeding properly. In spite of this drawback, this device has become quite popular at present.


  • The device’s scale is precise
  • Top-quality product


  • The primer feed has not been positioned perfectly

12. Lee Reloading Press 90045

Most of the products mentioned in this turret reloading press review so far come with a cast-iron structure. However, the Lee Reloading Press 90045 happens to be an exception to this. On the contrary, it comes with an aluminum alloy construction. Large hand clearance is provided by the C- frame. Apart from that, the lever is ideal for both rights as well as left-handed applications. At present, you will come across plenty of top-notch turret press features on the market. The breach lock happens to be one of these. This specific component happens to be in the enabled mode in case of this product. Because of this, there is no need to have just the die every time it is switched on.

Moreover, the lock likewise helps to keep the dies properly adjusted within the bushings. Besides this, there is the added advantage of effortless die changing.

The most significant aspect of the product is that it is able to accept shell holders of virtually any turret press. They have got a commonly recognized size. The press’s overall design helps to make it appropriate for the 3 most essential functions, including decapping, bullet sizing, and bullet seating.

You will be getting a significant mechanical advantage while dealing with a C- shaped frame. This kind of design, combined with the lever, provides you with an opportunity of sizing even large-sized caliber cases without much effort whatsoever.

Finally, the press has got a powder-coated body which helps to protect it against rust and humidity. However, the drawback here is the fact that this coating does not remain for a significant amount of time.


  • The device provides quick and simple die changes
  • Is quite light when it comes to weight


  • The quality is comparatively inferior
  • The powder coating can get peeled off

13. Lyman 7040781 Reloading Press T-Mag Turret Press

Lyman happens to be a brand which has been in operation for quite some time and is reputed for producing some top-quality reloaders. The company takes plenty of care and employs the most recent and sophisticated technology for manufacturing its items.

The frame of this particular product mentioned here consists of solid cast iron having a special silver coating which helps to make it extremely durable. It includes compound leverage technology that helps in the smooth reloading process.

The product has been designed to last for many years and can work with well-known turrets including 30-6 as well as 308 calibers. This can work extremely well with large rifles as well as pistols. This happens to be a significant positive aspect and one of the main reasons why customers prefer this model so much.

Apart from working extremely well with well-known shell holders and dies, it is comfortable with the other brands too. It is one more reason for the huge popularity of the product. Although it might take some time to become used to this device, it makes things easy with a comprehensive user manual.

The procedure is extremely precise, and therefore, one should not feel disappointed with the device. Here, we have mentioned some advantages and drawbacks of using the unit.


  • Arm cups and primer included
  • Functions properly with different shell holders
  • The mechanism of the device is quite effective
  • It also includes a machined bench
  • Includes durable components
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Frame manufactured from top-quality casting iron


  • Might take some time to become used to the device

14. Dillon Square Deal B Reloading Press 9mm

In case you have not performed it before, reloading can be quite scary at times. However, this will change in case you have got the proper tools to get the job done. Although this particular product is not the most inexpensive out there, it will definitely provide you with top-notch performance. This model will offer you some automated features. The automated indexing press makes it extremely simple by auto-rotating the plate, which also helps to save time.

The model has been designed to be a four-hole turret press. This implies that it is going to offer you all the stages required to come up with an increasing amount of ammo within a short period. There are also additional features including resizing, priming, depriming, crimping, and seating of the ammo. This will help you to have the ammo prepared for some action.

The device is all set to be used once it is delivered. This is essential as compared to the other devices where you must purchase specific dies, accessories, and shell holders. This helps you to save your valuable time as well as money. You simply need to set up the press and begin to work on the ammo.

Moreover, the manufacturer also provides a lifetime warranty with the product for the convenience of the customers. Also, the customer support system is worth mentioning right here, which will help you to fix any problem that you might have with the product.


  • Provides auto-indexing
  • Effective and fast operation
  • 4-stage progressive press


  • Somewhat expensive

15. Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press Kit

While observing this type of turret press kit, it might appear to you that it will not help to perform the job. However, you will soon find out that it is not right. In fact, this device happens to be one of the best turret reloading presses on the market. It happens to be amongst the simplest single-stage turret presses out there; however, it allows the job to be done effectively. This device might be great for somebody who happens to be a beginner.

Apart from the beginners, experienced hunters and shooters also prefer to own this gadget. It is extremely portable, and it will be possible to reload the ammo whenever required. The portability of this product helps to make it all the more popular out there.

Portability implies that a product happens to be compact. This model is going to fit in any minimal space like the cabinets or drawers in your residence. You simply need to take it out when you require it.

Unlike most of the other similar models on the market, this product is quite inexpensive. Although it might take some more time to accomplish the job, you can easily own it for your personal requirements. Your rifle ought to function very well with this particular model and the gun grease.


  • Simple to use
  • No need of any permanent mounting


  • Might require plenty of manual input

16. Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial Reloading Press

Since the availability of turret reloading presses is pretty limited, we’d always recommend our readers to make do with what’s available. However, amidst all the available options, the one that time and time stands out is the Frankford Arsenal M-Press Coaxial Reloading Press.

Although quite an underrated brand, the product has managed to steal the attention of the users without any issues. Not only does it feature a premium quality construction, but the reloading press is also hands down one of the best in terms of construction.

Despite the all-steel construction of this press, it is pretty durable and heavy, which ensures premium and high-quality pressing as opposed to all the other options. It weighs under 25 lbs, which is pretty great if you are shifting it from one place to the other.

The integral floating shell-holder plate system in this reloading press allows precise pressing with optimal alignment so you don’t have to complain about the overall finish in the end. This versatile reloading press is also quite versatile and fits small, magnum caliber pistol or rifle cases for ease of functions.

Also, the design of this reloading press is integrated with two parallel guide rods that offer optimal stability without any complaints or issues. The quick-change die blocks also come in handy when it comes to getting in the standard reloading dies.


  • Durable quick cast construction
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a shell-holder plate system
  • Versatile and accommodates multiple cases
  • Easy to use


  • Over the top-priced

Ultimate Buying Guide: Things to Consider Before Buying Turret Reloading Press in 2021

Before taking a decision on which particular turret press to use, you need to take into consideration certain aspects which we have mentioned below.

1. Material quality

You will come across different models and brands of turret presses on the market that comes in different qualities. It is important to consider the quality of the materials used for manufacturing the product, and this is figured out by the user. While the best turret reloading press for huge quantities of precision ammunition should be manufactured from steel, a reloader interested in bulk ammo ought to go for an aluminum press.

2. Automatic indexing

This particular feature helps to make the procedure less strenuous, quicker, and more intriguing. Auto indexing happens to be amongst the essential features for you to consider.

3. Powder Charging

The powder charging process happens to be one of the essential features in a turret reloading press. Basically, powder by means of expanding die happens to be a component which must be purchased for every single caliber since all turrets do not support them. This particular feature will help to enhance the output significantly and will also eliminate the requirement of getting rid of the cases from the press.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Turret Press in 2021

1. What Helps To Make A Turret Press Unique?

A turret press will aid you in reloading cartridges quite fast. It is quite similar to the single-stage press. However, the most significant difference is the fact that a turret press will help you to reload more than one cartridge at any given time, and, in this way, will help you to save plenty of time. It includes a turret on top which aids in holding the dies together. This is something that helps to make it unique and better.

2. For What Reason Should One Use A Turret Press?

It will be possible to save plenty of time while using a turret press. It will help you to reload lots of cartridges simultaneously, which is not possible with any single-stage press. In case you do not like to stay stuck while reloading cartridges, then you should go for the best turret press out there.

3. What Are The Various Turret Press Types Available At Present?

You will come across various kinds of turret presses on the market at present. The majority of the presses noticed by you happen to be of the conventional type, which consists of manual indexing. The turret, in this particular type, is positioned at the center and it functions on an axis as well.

Another type happens to be the auto-indexing turret press. The name itself implies that the device consists of an auto-indexing feature which is definitely a fantastic method. However, the only problem with these is that the majority of them are able to hold just 4 dies at any given time.

4. How Can You Differentiate A Turret Press From A Progressive Press?

A progressive press is going to use every single die on each pull of the handle. It works more than one round simultaneously. On the contrary, a turret press will only work one single round at any given time. It will be possible for the user to look at some YouTube videos to observe the process of both these presses. It should give him a better idea.


So, the products mentioned above happen to be some of the top-quality turret presses available on the market at present. As seen by you, we have made the best effort to provide the best information regarding the products so that you can select sensibly. You are advised to go through lots of turret press reviews available for free on the Internet so as to make a prudent buying decision.