Best Base Layer for Cold Weather Hunting in 2023 [Reviews]

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Presently, layering is the sole manner for all hunters to stay comfortable and warm while in the wild. Opting for the best base layer for cold weather hunting is a massive chore for most of the beginners as there are several products known there in the market. The base layer clothing carry designs to intensify evaporation retain heat and removes sweat, thus forming it the supreme attire for hunting in the winter season. Getting dressed in layers is an ideal and most efficient manner for you to tackle with the variation in temperature as you may either put on or remove your clothes.

Frankly as your body temperature hikes, when you work hard for long hours and eventually drops while you take some rest. With this factor in mind, you’ll have to choose the right layer to shield you in all weather conditions. It is imperative to wear a base layer while hunting especially in winters. The base layer is design or make-out, especially for outdoor activities in cold weather to keep your skin dry, safe and warm. Base layers are a kind of underwear which is styled to sustain the solace of your body.

A particular property of these clothes is the potential to eliminate sweat, the moisture of your skin and maintain the heat and at the same time protects you from cold air and snow. The base layers are not only used in the winters but summers as well. The motive of its utilization is based on the requirements of the hunter. Concerning features, a base layer is categorized into hybrid, heat-saving and moisture releasing, permitting a mixture of all these features.   

For your inner layer, it’ll be perfect to choose a material crafter=d with synthetic fibres, wool or silk despite something that is made of cotton. Cotton can confine the moisture in your body, thus making the item damp and growing possibilities from cold. While all other kinds of fabric will allow the humidity in your body to evaporate freely, thereby keeping your body warm and dry.

Here is a list of few best bottom and top base layers available on this market that will fulfil all of your requirements. This list includes the best of all other base layers that’ll provide you with a shield while hunting in cold weather. You may go through the content to learn and know more.

Best Base Layer for Cold Weather Hunting (2023): Reviews

1. Smartwool Men’s NTS Merino 250

The Smartwool Men’s NTS Merino 250 has a creative style and is made with 100% merino wool with prominence on its features to offer you comfort in coldest winters. The noteworthy characteristic of Smartwool Merino is its ¼ zipper in front for simple adjustment of the size of your head and freezing of your neck to control warmth. You’ll also notice that the base layer presents enough coverage for your neck area over most other tops.

More like rank one model, Smartwool Men’s Merino is machine washable, durable and well made, this is the best garment to pick for hunting adventures. The base layer is very thick, and because of the presence of Merino wool, you can feel better breathability over all other polyester fabrics. So, you’ll always feel warm.

Smartwool Merino 250 price ranges from $88 to $200 based on your selection so are more extortionate over all other models in this buying guide. You even have the benefit of choosing your favourite colour from its vast range of colours.


  • Odour control
  • ¼ front zipper style
  • Perfectly fits your body
  • Breathable warmth
  • Thermoregulation


  • Relatively expensive

2. IBEX Merino Wool Men’s Woolies Crew Base Layer

IBEX Merino Wool Men’s Woolies has 14% Nylon and 86% merino wool that is imported comes in flat-lock seams and has a no-tag label. The base layer is Guide approved, made of the award-winning luxurious ribbed material, long-lasting and works very well in rigorous and harsh weather condition, so is known to be the best base layer for cold weather hunting.

The base layer is formed of superfine 18.5 woollen yarn and fits your skin, is warm fit which preserves its shape when you move around freely. The top is extremely comfortable with stitches and seams that are not felt and is made of very delicate material. IBEX Merino Wool is a fantastic base layer that provides you with a slim fit. You have to wear it under your regular top and always keep in mind to buy a size larger than your actual size.

The Merino wool has the standard quality and has arrived from IBEX. Additionally, the fabric isn’t too heavy or too light, wicks away your sweat and even eliminates the odour.


  • Broad sleeve cuff
  • Tag-less label
  • Flat-lock seams
  • Odour free
  • Form-fitting
  • Light and cosy
  • Very soft
  • Comfortable
  • Regulates temperature


  • Thin
  • Bit itchy
  • Wears off easily

3. MERIWOOL Men’s Base Layer

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MERIWOOL Merino wool Base Layer is made of natural fibre from Australian merino sheep. The base layer presents several inherent advantages like the fabric can wick away your sweat like no other base layer. It helps you to stay cool on summers or in warmer days and offers warmth in chilly days.

The base layer naturally alters to the temperature of your body so that you always feel comfortable irrespective of distinct weather conditions. The merino wool present in this outfit is very uncommon as it doesn’t form any unwanted odour. The garment holds an antibacterial property that restricts bacterial growth, thus allows you to smell clean and fresh. Henceforth, you always feel confident as you feel fresh the entire day.

MERIWOOL base layer is neither too thick nor too thin and allows you to wear it as per your body requirements. The top is delicate and flexible enough as the fibre’s diameter is lesser in comparison to other base layers. The fit and finishing are outstanding for individuals as is neither too loose nor too tight to your skin. The sleeves of the garment are extra long to accommodate its users with long arms. 


  • Odour resistant
  • Machine washable
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Suitable for winters and summers
  • Weighs 250 g
  • Excellent breathability
  • Mid-weight
  • Durable
  • Excellent fit
  • Wicks moisture


  • Doesn’t protect your neck
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4. Icebreaker Merino Men’s Oasis

Icebreaker Merino Baselayer for men is made out of 100% Merino Wool that indicates that the garment has natural properties such as softness, versatility, moisture-wicking, fast-drying and temperature regulation. The base layer has a density of 200gms/ m2 that indicates it may offer ideal insulation while hunting during cold weather. Besides the 200 g even specifies that the garment is thinner over Meriwool item, so fries up faster and absorbs little moisture.

Icebreaker base layer is obtainable in six distinct sizes to perfectly fit in your skin and body shape so to always flaunt a perfect fit. This particular base layer can carry for long hours, unlike other Merino Wool, and you may even clean it after frequent wear. Icebreaker Men’s Oasis has supreme odour absorbency so that you’re able to wear it for several days without any lousy scent.

The long sleeve outfit is designed with active layer and has lightweight construction to maintain temperature stability in your body and even manages moisture. The price of the garment ranges from $50 to $120 based on the size you choose and is at an excellent cost point.


  • Excellent colour range
  • Invincible odour resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Warm and soft
  • 100% merino wool
  • Averts pack rub
  • Regulates temperature
  • Manages moisture


  • Expensive

5. Smartwool men’s base layer top

Smartwool Men’s base layer top is formed with merino wool so is particularly for moisture-wicking and warmth. Since the base layer has no zip, it offers excellent protection from cold weather wide range. You’ll even adore its well-built shoulder panels that provide extra comfort and soft feeling when you carry rifle or backpack for long-distance.

Although the moving crew presents breathability and a slim fit texture that permits you to stay insulated the entire day. It won’t create any itchy sensation, and as soon as you sweat the fabric wicks away the moisture from your skin. The base layer doesn’t shrink even after frequent washes. However, it is strictly advisable to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to avert piling.

The base layer is truly odour resistant that indicates you are free from foul smell regardless of its frequent usage. You won’t feel too itchy or tight as its edges are settled nicely. Finally, its prices range from $74 to $120 based on the size you choose, and thus you may enjoy a great time with the garment.


  • Shoulder pads
  • Machine washable
  • Easy care
  • Odour and wicking resistance
  • Durable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Warm insulation
  • Offers breathability


  • No turtleneck
  • Lacks zipper

6. Coldpruf Men’s Platinum II long sleeve Base Layer

Coldpruf Men’s Platinum II long sleeve base layer is manufactured to provide ultimate warmth and comfort in cold weather whether you’re indoors or outdoors. The interior of the base layer has 100% polyester fabric, and this allows you to stay warm even in the harsh weather conditions. The exterior part of the garment has a mixture of 30% merino wool and 70% polyester fabric, a blend that serves comfort, quick-drying and supreme temperature regulation.

Coldpruf makes use of Silvadur antimicrobial automation to save the fabric from bacterial growth and unwanted odour, so is known to be one of the best base layers for hunting. With tagless labelling pattern and flat seam design, you don’t have to worry for itch or irritation when you wear the garment for long hours below strenuous physical activities. 

On the whole, many of outfit’s users complained against the top being more extensive over advertisement so you may have to pick a size smaller than your original one if you want a tighter fit. The price of the products costs between $17 and $45, thus making it the most affordable choice on the list.


  • Double-layer insulation structure
  • Rapid drying
  • Machine washed
  • Super warm
  • Extra length
  • Silvadur technology
  • Affordable
  • Quickly dries up
  • Very comfortable


  • Isn’t true to size

7. Patagonia Men’s Capilene lightweight crew

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Patagonia Men’s Capilene base layer is made of synthetic fibres that offer you breathability when you move about freely. The advantage of synthetic choice is that they are durable over 100% woollen option. The gusseted stretch and quick-drying capability of the garment doesn’t restrict and provides you with the freedom to travel all-around freely and meanwhile secures you from harsh elements.

Patagonia base layer can be the warmest choice and is perfect for activities that need rapid movement. So if you’re looking for an item that’ll avert moisture, has excellent packability and dries faster, then Patagonia Men’s Capilene can be a great pick.

The base layer has flat-lock seam style, long torso and snoops for the thumb that makes it the best choice for transferring and layering moisture. The base layer is the best for both women and men and can be in the top of your list as well.

The product isn’t that expensive over a merino wool choice. You’ll even get options to choose from its weight, thus provides you with the privilege to invest the best one that rightly suits you.


  • Versatile choice
  • Layers well
  • Used in winter and warmer climates
  • Affordable
  • Breathable
  • Quick-drying
  • Removes moisture
  • Allows easy movement


  • Doesn’t provide much warmth
  • Not soft to feel
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8. WoolX Glacier Merino wool base layer top

WoolX Glacier has integration and flat-lock stitching design, which makes the garment the best to survive in harsh cold weather conditions. The top is made of 100% merino wool which ensures you to stay insulated and warm throughout your hunting adventure. Though being a solid choice, it offers well enough capacity to wick off moisture and excellent breathability as well.

You won’t end up here by sacrificing warmth for your breathable fabric. The wool is too soft over your skin, thus provides excellent warmth. The base layer also features ideal odour control as it averts moisture from your body instead of keeping close to your skin.

However, WoolX isn’t the best choice for high-influence activities where the material’s heavyweight might end up to be a liability over an advantage. The base layer also has a nifty thumb pore to make sure that your hand also stays warm that is an additional benefit.


  • Offers great warmth
  • Well design
  • Fits body contour
  • No friction or chafing
  • Very comfortable
  • Provides soft feel
  • Heavyweight


  • Not recommended for high-impact physical activities
  • Only for colder climates

9. Arc’teryx Phase AR Crew base layer for men

Arc’teryx Phase base layer design has a mixture of elastane, merino wool and polyester to offer you the best overall other material worlds. The cosiness of the base layer’s wool provides a soft feeling to your skin, polyester and elastane make sure whether moisture isn’t absorbed by the garment’s layer but repels away from your skin. 

Moreover, the elastane enhances comfort and mobility of the garment. You can wear Arc’teryx Phase AR Crew in dry, windy and wet conditions with ideal weather resistance as it offers versatility and peacefulness. Hence it is the best base layer for hunting.

Additionally, the durability presented by the base layer is found in design and construction. The item is robust and breathable, thus offers high security which won’t leave you in the lurch during tough times.


  • Supreme value and quality
  • Quick-drying pattern
  • Easy usage
  • Very comfortable
  • Long-lasting fabric
  • Durable
  • Prevents discomfort
  • Prevents unnecessary friction


  • Isn’t the most breathable choice

10. Under Armour Men’s 4.0 crew base layer

Under Armour Men’s crew base layer is made of artificial fabric. The product has 8% elastane, and 92% polyester so is durable, and the material is abrasion-resistant that’ll be able to pull off hunting in cold weather. Polyester fibres and fabrics are very strong, resistant to shrinking and stretching, chemicals, wrinkles, abrasion and are usually indestructible.

The material is hydrophobic, so allows quick drying. The base layer automatically maintains its shape and is swiftly cleaned and dried up that makes it ideal for hunting in cold weather conditions. The garment is a four-way stretch buildup which moves on in all directions and fits ideally to your skin, giving you a feeling as if it is your skin.

Under Armour base layer even has odour resistant technology which restricts the extension of smell causing bacteria. Thus you posses the best piece of the base layer for outdoor hunting adventures. The top is very tight to fit so pick up the right size else you may feel uncomfortable when you wear the base layer for long hours.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Quality materials
  • Anti-odour property
  • Dries faster
  • Wicks moisture
  • Easily maintains its texture.
  • Superior warmth
  • Great to wear in the brutal cold
  • Wash safe


  • No thermoregulation
  • Not recommended for skiing or other winter sports
  • Very tight for particular body shapes
  • Tricky sizing

11. Under Armour Base legging-3.0 Men’s

Are you in search of leggings with maximum warmth and minimum bulk? Under Armour Base leggings is the best choice for the bottom base layer. It is an ideal garment for hunting adventure as it is a heavyweight fabric that offers excellent warmth and comfort even in freezing temperature. The base layer consists of flat-lock stitching that averts uncomfortable chafing.

The placement of seam in the bottom of leggings provides you with an ergonomic fitting, and its performance waistband presents utmost comfort for several hours in the snow. You can be sure that its anti-odour property shall keep you secure from your prey and its construction towards the end is slim fit in a convenient manner.

The bottom base layers are well designed with smooth exterior thus making it an ideal garment for easy and simple layering. The soft interior brushed, the negative grid is style s that it can trap warm air inside, thus offering you supreme warmth in winter during your adventurous trip. Under Armour base layer is machine washable and dried, and its stitching permits a full mobility free variety from painful chafing.


  • Quality material combination
  • Stretch construction
  • Dries very fast
  • Retains shape
  • Machine washable


  • No temperature regulation
  • Limited size options

12. Coldpruf Platinum II Men’s Pant

Coldpruf Platinum II Men’s pant is the best base layer for cold weather hunting as it is an affordable pant that keeps you comfortable and warm. The base layer is formed with a combination of merino wool and polyester and uses a double-layered insulation technology to maintain air amongst the base layer to offer warmth.

The base layer is machine washable so the item won’t consume much of your time in its cleaning. The product even dries up swiftly following an easy wash. The base layer underwear lays just below your natural waistline while the further rise in back and front sides thus provides you comfort when you move around freely. 

Coldpruf pants are available in several sizes so you can be sure to find your perfect fit. The model comes in a range between $20 and $50 o is a great piece worth your money.


  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Silvadur and Coldpruf technology
  • Tag-less labels for comfort
  • Gussets provide added durability.
  • Machine wash


  • Isn’t true to your size

13. Smartwool Men’s Base Layer Active bottom pants

Smartwool Base Layer active bottom pants offer you the best overall other bottom base layers. The garment comprises 100% Merino wool that indicates the model has excellent wicking properties, softness, thermoregulation and heat consistency. So Smartwool is the perfect best layer to wear in the most challenging weather conditions.

The base layer has a density of 250gms/m which means the product is exceptionally soft and offers top-grade insulation versus cold weather. However, the product is a bit thicker as compared to other bottom base layers in the current market which indicates you’ll experience more exceptional warmth. Still, also your garment will take enough time to dry up.

The only concern regarding Smartwool pants was its replacement of ankle and waist elastics along with robes that minimize its tightness to your skin. At the same time, most buyers don’t consider it as a problem as the ropes offer a benefit to limit pressure from your garments on the surface.


  • Ideal for chilly weather
  • Durable
  • Thick fibre
  • 100% merino wool
  • Soft
  • Great wicking


  • No waist and ankle elastics

14. Scent-Lok Thermal Base Layer for men

Scent-Lok Thermal Base can be an excellent purchase for its price, that is around $85. Scent-Lok is one of the best base layers for hunting and is the leading designers of such adventure purposes. The product has anti-odour properties and has advanced technology of carbon alloy that absorbs odour to avert animals from getting attracted to your scent.

The thermal base layer pant is built of polyester, which holds up tightly to your body, thus provides you warmth and comfort for the entire day. You’ll find inserted panels on rear hip and thighs that allow the fabric to stretch freely providing you maximum support while you walk in the woods.


  • Carbon allows fragrance absorption
  • Dries quickly
  • Wicks moisture
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • 100% polyester


  • Limited use in warmer climates
  • Relatively expensive

15. MERIWOOL Merino Wool Base Layer Bottom Men’s

Meriwool Merino Wool Baselayer is formed of 18.5 microns 100% natural and super soft merino wool which ensures comfort throughout the day. It doesn’t cause an itching sensation even after several hours of usage. Even several individuals who’ve sensitive skin type, who don’t prefer to wear wool directly over their skin won’t have much trouble with this product.

On wearing MERIWOOL base layer, you won’t feel any cold even when you’re in temperature of -15 degree, and 120degree and the outfit can also be worn in hotter climates because of its thermoregulation property. This property keeps you warm when you hunt in snowy, chilly weather, and also won’t let you feel sexy when you step to a warm room.



  • Breathable
  • Provides excellent warmth
  • Easy maintenance
  • Machine washable
  • Secure to tumble dry
  • Odour resistant
  • Wicks moisture
  • Antibacterial properties


  • Not that durable

Buyer’s Guide for the best base layers for hunting

An ideal base layer is a step towards staying dry and warm when you step out for outdoor adventures, especially hunting in uncertain weather conditions. To make the right choice when up for shopping the best base layer for hunting, consider these vital factors of your base layer: 

1. Moisture Wicking

Wicking is a creative term to indicate that your base layer outfit can draw sweat from your body and even throws it outward, thereby keeps your skin dry. As the external dimensions of wicking substance are higher than the natural fabrics such as cotton, it is straightforward for moisture to vaporize from them, thereby leaving you dryer and warmer. The ability of wicking is based on the kind of fabric. Costumes that are made of the right amount of polyester combined with nylon wick or/and spandex are the ideal ones. On the other hand, is cotton that doesn’t possess the wicking ability? If you wear an outfit made of cotton or those having the right amount of cloth, then you’ll feel warm but most like won’t be comfortable and dry.

2. Material

Base layer comes up in plain fabrics such as synthetic materials, cotton, wool, bamboo and silk. Since the base layers possess distinct features, they perform very differently to provide you warmth.

  • Silk: Silk is amongst the base fabric of base layers for hunting as it feels very smooth when worn by any person; this is the perfect fabric for all hunters having soft skin. Silk is very safe and rarely will react with your skin. Silk fibres have sturdy threads so are long-lasting. Moreover, the fabric is not easily damaged by bacteria or moth, that means it is even odour resistant although silk isn’t safe to clean and dry with washing machines.
  • Wool: Wool performs as a natural regulator of temperature that prevents overheating and lets you feel beautiful always. You’ll find small pores in the outfit which absorb all the heat from your body, stores that heat in the base layer and thus keeps you comfortable and warm always. Wool even possesses antibacterial properties that indicate you won’t have any offensive odour in your fabric.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic fabric can be an ideal option when you are up for some cheap base layers to shield you from cold weather.  The fabric dries up very quickly and wicks swiftly, thus making it an ideal material for all your outdoor activities, especially hunting. Synthetic fibres are light and flexible and allow you to move around freely. But the fabric may hold on odour unless medicated and doesn’t provide the same warmth as wool. Thus synthetic is unsuitable for chilly weather.
  • Cotton: Outfits that are made of cotton consists of several fibres that provides incredible moisture wicking potential supporting your body temperature as well. Cotton feels comfortable and is breathable when put on the skin. Cotton also has some drawbacks that comprise a nature to lose appearance and shape when washed repeatedly.
  • Bamboo fabric: Bamboo fabric is formed of bamboo trees and is one such new introduction to the base layer fabrics. Bamboo has several advantages which are very scarce in the current industry and market. This fabric fits well and tight to your skin over wool and even maintains good shape as compared to other materials. Bamboo fabric is abrasion resistant, dries quickly, environment friendly and is perfect for individuals with sensitive skin.

3. Weight

The base layer garments come in distinct weights, sizes and shapes. So the nature of your activity will decide the correct one for you.

  • Heavyweight fabrics: Heavyweight base layers are the massive inner layers that make them tan ideal garment for winters. Irrespective of the measure of your physical activities, these fabrics offer you superior warmth and insulation but are worn below lightweight fabrics. The materials that are heavily weighted absorb less moisture but always keep your body warm.
  • Mid-weight fabrics offer a secondary layer to the lighter materials. Mid-weight fabrics are the best in terms of insulation and absorbing moisture. When you don’t get engaged much in physical activities, mid-weight materials provide standard protection against chilly weather conditions.
  • Lightweight fabrics: Lightweight materials dry up and wicks faster compared to other materials. Lightweight materials are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities since they fit tightly with your skin to eliminate excess moisture. You can put on lightweight fabrics when you go on for hunting in mild weather and face little physical exertions. 

4. Durability

Since your base layer will undergo frequent wash and wear, the key to receiving a durable outfit is to buy smart and not cheap. It indicates you must spend some bucks to purchase a quality material which can easily withstand any way of abuse. Moreover, you should even inspect the standard of stitching in a few areas like bottom, ankles, knees, etc. Most of the synthetic base layers have more exceptional durability over those woollen materials, but you can expand their lifespan through precise handling and usage.

5. Comfort

Base layers made of high-quality materials will fit tight and feel soft to your skin. The base layers offer full support and can stretch up to a reasonable extent to accommodate several movements of your body. You’ll even experience superior comfort along with natural fabrics over synthetics. Also if you want to experience cold is a bright sunny day, it’ll be best to select a heavyweight wool outfit. A synthetic layer is ideal for those who wish to further warmth on a chilly day.

6. Breathability

The fibre present in the base layers can eliminate moisture from your body and at the same time keeps you comfortable as well. If the base layer is porous, it indicates that it conducts more delicate temperature regulation. It is very frustrating when the outfit is warm and lacks pores for the sweat to evaporate. As mentioned earlier that you should sense dry when you put on a thermal base layer; thus, moisture-wicking is very crucial when you’re in search of the best base layers for hunting.

7. Warmth

Your requirement of warmth will vary with the hunting environment. You should pick a base layer which will go with the weather condition in the areas of hunting. Therefore you may leave some layers whenever you feel uncomfortable and hot.

8. Fit

Base layers for hunting are distant from being one size fit for all other garments. In case your base layer is saggy and oversized, it won’t provide all the advantages that a beautiful fit inner layer will offer. This feature is also real for all undersize outfits that may cut into your legs and arms at cuff, makes you uncomfortable and even limits your movement. For your base layer to wick appropriately, be it lower or upper, it requires lying against your skin to eliminate moisture in your body. Henceforth, the fitting requires being comparatively snug. There is an exception as well when you’re wearing your base layer as the only upper outfit for winters.

9. Odour-resistant

Most attire comes with properties like antibacterial treatment which creates an unfriendly environment in opposition to the increase of the microbes that, in other ways, produces an unpleasant smell. Few high-end fabrics possess personalized coatings which suppress the growth of bacteria and germs

10. Ease of operation

You should choose underwear layers that are simple to clean, quickly dries up and are stain-resistant. The base layers you pick must not cause discomforts such as allergies, abrasion and itching. So once your material ticks these options, you may opt for the item.

11. Activity level

You may choose base layers based on the weather conditions that depend on your exertion level. If the outcome is low, it is best to select merino wool as it won’t produce much sweat. Overall synthetic fibres are highly-reliable for standard physical recreation. Artificial attires usually wicks the moisture from your skin very quickly, thereby providing you much warmth under cold weather conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Best Base Layer in 2023

1. Is nylon a nice base layer?

Nylon possesses close features as of polyester, so it dries up quickly, absorbs very little water and even wicks easily. However, it lacks when it comes to breathability but is long-lasting over all other fabrics.

2. Should my base layer by loose or tight?

Base layers that fit tightly against your skin are better over the loose ones. You may feel cold and comfortable if there are any gapes present in between your outfit and complexion. You should always pick garments that are perfect for you and true to your size. These garments are usually smaller than your regular shirts.

3. How do coats keep us warm?

Multiple layers present in your coats provide more warmth over a single extensive layer as the air trapped amongst the gaps work as insulation to stay warm. Furthermore, if you get rid of these layers, you’re likely to lessen the insulation level and thus feel cold.

4. How many layers are desirable to wear in winters?

It is advised to put on a minimum of four layers of garments. These four layers comprise of your regular attire, base layer, middle layer and the final layer. Also, it is equally imperative to cover your toes, fingers, ear and neck when the weather becomes chillier.

5. Can I wear the base layer alone?

Yes, you can wear your base layer alone in warmer climates and also when there you don’t feel much old at the beginning of winter. But it is recommended to choose a firm base layer for a discrete purpose.

6. What should I wear above my base layer?

You should wear the mid and outer layer over your base layer always. The base layer is the layer that provides you warmth. Synthetically insulated, down insulated or polyester fleece products are the ones that you must look n every base layer.


Final Verdict

Choosing the best base layer for hunting can be more stringent than you can think based on the performance under particular environments. If you still face difficulties with choosing, you can check these products with their features that’ll provide you with outstanding comfort. Select the base layer depending on the hunting activity rhythm and its requirement of use.