Top 15+ Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 in 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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No adventure lover in the world would miss the ride on a bicycle on the hilly paths. This is on the bucket list of every other professional cyclist. It is just not only good for your body, but it is suitable for your mental health as well. Not only that, but you can also get to see many views from the top. You can escape into nature and get a lung full of pure oxygen. If you are tired of the pollution of the city, this can be the right way for you to escape into the lap of Mother Nature. If you want to get this feeling, you can ride on to your mountain bike and cycle around the rocky path of the hills.

The best thing about this hobby is that you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket to afford the bike and the accessories. You can get every bike in just your budget. There is no way that you have to go out of your way to afford the accessories or the bike. You can get the bike as low as under $300. But, it can be tough for you to select the right bike. But, you can now shop your favourite mountain bikes, choosing one from the list given below, or you can go through the buyer’s guide and make a choice of your own keeping the essential points in mind. There is no reason for you to go around every store and not being able to make up your mind about what bike you want to buy. We have got you covered. Check out the buyer’s guide and the list of the best mountain bikes available under 300. 

Top 15 Best Mountain Bikes Under $300 in 2021 [Reviews]

1. Vilano Mountain Bike 26″ Ridge 2.0 

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This is a great looking mountain bike, and this is made for just to be ridden on the uneven mountain tracks. It is strong and yet lightweight. It is made up of 6061 aluminium; this is quite strong for a bike frame. The wheels of this bike look way sturdy. It has Shimono components, and a suspension fork is available with the lockout system. You can easily change between gears. This bike is also fun riding and helps to go a long clumsy way without any problems. So this bike comes at the place of number one. Its features are unique and different rather than other bikes of the list.


  • The wheels are 26” alloy mag.
  • It is available in two different sizes, that is – 17″ and 20″.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It is easy to handle
  • Not just on the smooth surface, it is easy enough to go for any kind of rough surface also.


  • Hard to pump up the tires.
  • The chain might quickly come off.
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2. Merax Finiss 21 Speed Aluminum Mountain Bike

If you are willing to get the exact worth of your money, then you can go for this bike. This bike has a 26′ aluminium frame. It is perfect for the ones looking for speed. It has front and rear disc brake. It is made up of Shimano 21 speed derailleur. You do not have to worry about the rusting of the bike frame. You can get an efficient feature due to its availability of dual disc brake. This bike provides huge functioning features and helps to go across a long way at a good speed. Very easy to handle, if you are a beginner, you can easily use this bike for a fun ride after some practices only. You are also getting this at a very pocket-friendly price.


  • It is light in weight and can easily pick up speed.
  • It is strong enough.
  • You can shift quickly.
  • Gears are very strong to change.
  • Available at a low price.


  • Brake system might create a problem.

3. Diamondback Bicycles Mountain Bike

If you are looking for the right mountain bikes for women, then this is the one. This is an excellent bicycle for daily rides as well as mountain rides. The Frame is made up of 6061-T6 Heat treated aluminium. The wheels are 27.5 inches. They can let you ride without the tension of skidding. It is crafted with Shimano 7 speed rear derailleur coupled with three chainrings. In the case of trendy and classy designs and no doubt, this Diamondback Bicycles Mountain Bike is enough to give a hard competition to the other bikes of the list. Its silver in colour is very much attractive. For the daily purposes of the school, college, daily classes, girls can easily use these bikes without any problem.


  • The seats are adjustable.
  • You can get a good grip on the terrain for 27-inch tires.
  • It is very easily assembled.
  • Its appearance is too attractive
  • Features are very easy to handle


  • There is no Kickstand.
  • It is hard to saddle.

4. Vilano Blackjack Mountain Bike

This Frame is the best for everywhere you want to ride. It can take you anywhere you want. The bike is extremely lightweight. The Frame of the bike is 6061 aluminium. It has a suspension fork; this will help you ride anywhere you want. The size of the bicycle is 29 inches. There are two discs, one in the front and the rear. They have an 80 mm suspension fork. This is one of the best bikes under 300. It is very easy to carry due to its weight. It is easily accessible and very easy to use. Two people can easily ride on this bike. It is very smooth in the running and features are great in this price range.


  • 80mm travel suspension fork 
  • It is built with a hydroformed alloy frame
  • It has 3.09 mm diameter seat
  • Seats are very comfortable to sit
  • For daily use, this is the best cycle ever.


  • The seat is not much comfortable for someone.

5. Northwoods Full Suspension Aluminum Mountain Bike

If you are a very strong and healthy person, this can be the best bike if you are looking for sturdy bikes. The bike is made up of bumpy trails. It is extremely lightweight; it is made up of strong aluminium. This makes it easy for you to shift. The tire is 26 inches; this helps you to get comfortable on the tracks. It has a steel crown fork; this helps you to get a better ride. Comparing the other bikes, this bike would have been nicer. But individually you can have this bike, and its seat quality is nice, without any hesitation or problem it travels a long way with a maximum of two people. It carries easily one to two people at one time and gives a very smooth and nice journey to smooth and rough paths.


  • The seat is made of alloy clamp
  • Kickstand
  • The alloy rim is 26”. 
  • Easy to handle
  • Can take more load easily


  • It is hard to assemble.

6. Schwinn Men’s Mountain Bicycle With High Timber

If you are looking for a manly bike, then this Schwinn Men’s Mountain Bicycle With High Timber is a perfect choice. This is a sturdy bike that has various kinds of features. The Frame is made up of the Schwinn mountain frame; this helps you ride in bumpy roads. It is made up of 21-speed features and has a Shimano derailleur that allows you to change gears quickly. The size of the wheel is 26 inches; this helps in easy acceleration. The seat can be easily adjusted to your height. The bike helps to control by V brakes easily.  It is the special feature which the other bikes have missed. For a bike, it is very important to go through all the breaks very easily and steadily, and this bike fulfils all the criteria and promises that a bike should fulfil. But it’s style could be way more different and better compared to the other bikes.


  • Alloy Wheels 
  • Best Frame for mountain tracks.
  • It has a three-piece alloy crankset. 
  • Very comfortable seats
  • Features are amazing and cool
  • Anyone can handle this bike, either amateur or experienced after a few practices only.


  • For some people, basically children, the seat might be uncomfortable. 

7. Mongoose Stasis Full Suspension Mountain Bike

It is another popular bicycle that will help you to ride mountain trails without any problem. It is lightweight yet sturdy. It has a front suspension fork. The front alloy is a quick release; this helps you to get good control over your bike. The bike has disc brakes. Thus, it will not be a problem for you to stop your bike suddenly. You can control the speed with the help of 21 Speed Shimano Rear Derailleur SRAM twist shifters. If you are planning for a trip to the mountains and want to travel the whole mountain paths with a bike, then the Mongoose Stasis Full Suspension Mountain Bike will be the best option. It is very easy to handle and comes with a very superior design. For the mountains, rough paths and high heels this cycle is comparatively nicer than the other cycles. It is very comfortable to carry and easy to travel a long way because its brake holding capacity is very good and lessens the chances of any accidents or brake failure.


  • The Suspensor is way too good. 
  • Light in weight. 
  • It is extremely durable.
  • Very easy to carry for a very long way
  • Best for the mountain areas and also smooth paths.


  • Not suitable for riding downhill 

8. Mongoose Impasse R2780 Mountain Bike

This is the bike that you should choose in case you are a beginner. It has an aluminium suspension frame that makes the bike more and more durable. The bike is light in weight, and thus you do not have to be bulky to ride this bicycle. It has 21-Speed TX-35 Derailleur from Shimano; this helps you to shift gears without any problem. It also has an alloy disc brake that will help you to stop your bike whenever you can. As you are a boy or a girl, this bike is suitable for all the genders and all the paths. As you are a beginner and started learning bike riding, there is a higher chance of an accident, so this bike helps you to prevent from the accident and all the accident-prone situations because its capacity of holding break is very good and well manageable. But still, it is most important to prevent the accidents that always have someone by your side whenever you start riding your bike for the first few times. When you get habituated, then you can easily handle this bike.


  • Great handlebars.
  • 21-speed variations.
  • High durability. 
  • Best bike for all the beginners.
  • The break is very powerful and well manageable.


  • The seat is uncomfortable 

9. Raleigh Bikes Recreational MTB Talus 1

It has a 13-inch steel frame. But it is highly durable, and you can rely upon it for a long lifespan. It has an SR 75mm Travel Suntour suspension fork that will help you to easily absorb all the shocks that you come across. It has Shimano Acera Rapidfire Shifters; this will help you easily change gears. It has alloy V brakes; you can stop your bike wherever you want. Like the Schwinn Men’s Mountain Bicycle with High Timber, it also has the feature of alloy V brake. But comparatively, its features are less manageable and properly fixed than the other one. Otherwise, this cycle has a very nice aperture and a great appearance and a fashionable and classy look that differentiate it from the other cycles.


  • It is very affordable. 
  • Smooths brakes. 
  • Durable.
  • Can travel a long way without any type of problem or implications
  • The break and the features are well handily and manageable for all either the beginner or an experienced person.


  • The main problem of the bike is that it does not hold any type of disc brake. 

10. Mongoose Women’s MTB Status 2.2 

This is a bike that is perfect for any woman rider. The height of the wheel is 26″. It has a dual suspension system. It has a linear-pull brake; this will help you stop your bike whenever you want. It has 21-speed Shimano shifters that allow you to change your gears easily. It has an aluminium frame, but it is extremely lightweight. Basically, this bike is made for a woman. The seat is also different from the man’s seat. It comes with very nice and handily features. It is so easy to handle and very much friendly in nature. It helps to prevent any types of accidents and other complications.


  • Lightweight. 
  • It provides a smooth ride.
  • The dual suspension system.
  • Best cycle for women in this price range.
  • Very easy to handle in any hilly areas or smooth and rough surface.


  • The seat might be uncomfortable for some people. 
  • Like the Raleigh Bikes Recreational MTB Talus 1, it also comes with the same problem is that it does not contain any disc brake, which is very important to ride any cycle.

11. Aluminum Vilano Tuono Road Bike

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This bike is the other outstanding Vilano cycle with its stunning features and elements. It comes with Disc Brakes 21-Speed and 700c that is prepared with the Double-Butted 6061 Aluminum covering and forks. These formations of this bike bring about the bicycle extremely portable and lightweight of only 11kg and also it is highly reliable for a rough use for a long time. The Bike has 700c mingle Walled CNC Machinery section that provides you with a very steady and quicker ride on the soft and hard surface. It comes with the angled handlebar to give you a proper aerodynamic position of riding for the faster commutes. Its handlebar is very comfortable to hold and release whenever you need it.


  • It comes with only 11kg weight. Very much lighter weight compared to the other bikes.
  • Very Smooth and nice gearing elements.
  • Very comfortable seats and handlebars are very much adjustable.
  • Easy to compose.
  • Its design is very Customizable


  • Plastic pedals do not work properly
  • The brake compels modifying repeatedly.

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12. Ultra-Light Bavel Aluminum Road Bike 

This Bike is the best pocket-friendly highway bicycles. The constructed integrity is outstanding on the bicycle. It is built with a powerful but portable Aluminum covering. As a highway bicycle, all the entry-level riders can easily select this highway bicycle, also the riders who enjoy road bicycle speeding, he or she can prefer this bicycle also. It is quite huge in size than the other road bikes. But lightweight compared to the steel frame bicycle weight. This Bavel Aluminum Ultra Light Racing Bicycle comes with three various heights and lengths usable – those are the Small Size of 48 CM. 


  • It is very much lightweight and made with a very strong frame made up of aluminium.
  • It can shift smoothly and properly.
  • You can use it in the two purposes as also a road bike and a racing bike
  • Riding capacity is very smooth.


  • Comes with the Plastic pedals, it could have been changed.
  • Very uncomfortable seat for some people who have used it.

13. Giordano Rapido Road Bike

It is an Italian brand you can find a lot of professional cycling history behind the cycle. The Bike has the next single velocity to form on our catalogue of the nicest and reasonable highway bicycles command around $300. This single-speed highway is incredibly elegant and very much modifiable because it has some available gears means extra of the appropriation can be expended on the other portions like the forks, frame and the wheels. The Single-speed means that it comes with only one set of gears. For cycling in the inner areas of the city, one gear is just perfect. The rarer aspects you need to bother about imply extra time focussing on the street. The fork exists where the covering connects to the front wheels, and the bike also gives a steady steel fork. The Steel is a very powerful metal that means you should not have any problems in riding on rougher landscape or mounting the space of sidewalk in a very lightweight frame made with aluminium. As the bike will be light, you will have to invest a very less initiative to try it. Its alloy ledges have an elevated wheel arch, and your reels are moreover far from the highway. The Metal alloys are basically costly because all the equipment occurs durable and very much light-weight. All these features you can avail at a very pocket-friendly price. So do not miss the opportunity to buy the Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike. Just go for this link and have this special bike.


  • Comes with the fibre rims made with an alloy
  • It’s the frame is made with Aluminium
  • steel forks are durable and very much strong
  • tires are made of Black Kenda
  • On the rough surfaces, it works steady and smooth.


  • It does not have much versatility.
  • on the drop bar,s it breaks easily
  • Professional assembly is needed for it.

14. North Gear Racing Bike

This bike is an outstanding piece of appliance. The North Gear 901 21 Speed Road or the Racing Bike with Shimano Components is a highway bike with characteristics of racing that makes it different on this schedule. Whenever you look at this bike, you will get an influence of racing. This bike comes with several features like short bent racing drop benches, the wafer-thin tires, and the alloy covering of 20″. It is quite similar to the Giordano Rapido Single Speed Road Bike. Its North Gear 901 comes with a flexible steel fork. Having Steel forks is that you operate the slighter danger of wrecking your bike when you will mount the hills or jump over the bumps. You will also get Shimano 21 speed gears. If your bike has so many gears, it will be easier to go through the bridges and the hills. The North Gear 901, 21-speed gears are a very adaptable option.


  • It is very light compared to the previous bike.
  • Steel forks are very much durable.
  • If you want to have a bike which gives tremendous speed, then you can easily select this bike.
  • It’s racing tyres are very thin and flexible
  • This bike really looks stunning.


  • The Tides would have been better to provide a very comfortable ride
  • For leisure riding in the streets, it is not a proper bike.

15. GMC Denali Road Bike

At a low budget, you can buy this bike. It comes with a very light aluminium frame. This bike has a supreme frame that is very lightweight. It comes with a very quickly gear changing procedure and No doubt it is one of the best-selling models with a Respected brand name. According to its features compared to the other bikes, the price could be less. But under 200,  It is a very nice racing bike.


  • Its rims are best for racing
  • With this bike, you can easily have a very stable and comfortable ride


  • Its seats are very hard and take a lot of time to get used to. For beginners, it is not the right choice.

Buyer’s Guide for the best bikes Under $300

Before rushing into buying the best mountain bike, you should do some research first. We all get excited when we see something intriguing on the internet. Many of us start trying that, as a result of which we end up buying things that are not appropriate for us. To avoid this problem, you need to do some homework and then step into shopping for a mountain bike. If you have a group of friends and they are already mountain bikers, they can help you out in choosing the right bike for yourself. If not, then you might have to do some homework.

Myths about mountain bikes

Some need to be broken before going forward with this guide.

  • All kinds of mountain bikes work on all terrain

No, this is wrong. Different bikes are made of unique features to work on various grounds. Each of these styles and features is made for particular terrains. A bike can be perfect for jumps and other stunts, whereas the other might be perfect for trails.

  • Frame size is not an issue

Many of us think that the frame size of the bicycle does not matter. But, it is entirely untrue. You have to choose the bike according to the frame size of your body. It is something that you should look through before buying a mountain bike.  

  • Dual suspension bike is the right one 

When buying a mountain bike, many think that the right choice is to buy a double suspension bicycle. To some people, the line the ‘more the merrier’ is the only motto but, that is not correct. Your body plays a vital role while you are choosing the right bike for yourself.

Now, focus to the points that you need to ask yourself before you go on buying a motorcycle for yourself. Here are the things that you should look for and do while you are thinking of buying a mountain bike.

  • Ask yourself 

There are plenty of mountain bikes out there with great features that can confuse you. If you do not want to buy a bike that you are not comfortable riding the mountain bike that you have purchased with a massive amount of money. Your body type is one of the most significant factors while you are buying this bike. You should evaluate whether you are a beginner, amateur, or professional.

If you are a beginner, you should start with bikes that are cheap and then try your hands on the expensive ones when you are ready.

  • Your riding habit 

Your riding habits are one of the significant factors that come into play while you are trying to buy a bicycle. Where you ride most of the time is a big question, you should choose a bike that you can ride on the streets as well as on the mountain tracks.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Mountain bikes Under $300 in 2021

1. Will I need protective gear?

Yes, for once and for all. It is an important guideline you should follow while you are going on mountain rides on your bike. It is important for you to wear, helmets, pads, knee pads, and a lot more. 

2. What should be the perfect outfit to wear on a mountain ride? 

You should be wearing comfortable clothes. But, no open toe shoe is allowed. Wear a full-face helmet, and protective body armour, choose leg, chest and elbow pads. Buy some goggles and gloves. 

3. Is it safe to ride in the rain? 

If there is light rain, you can comfortably ride along that. But, never try to ride together when it is heavily showering. Many groups jeopardize the ride for the day. It is extremely dangerous to ride together in the rain.


This article is curated to help you find the best budget mountain bike. All the bikes listed here are of great quality and has some of the best features. All of them are highly recommended.