Top 10+ Best Motherboards for i5-9600K in 2023 (Reviewed)

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For the perfect functioning of your computer system, having a good processor is essential. After all, it performs all the main functions that make the system run properly and perform diligently. However, a desktop works only as good as its components itself, and that requires different factors to consider. One of the most important, and possibly the most important thing to contemplate instead is the motherboard of the mainframe system. Owing to that, you can buy the processor that is most compatible with and thereby it can successfully perform its functions. 

To put it simply, a motherboard is a part of the computer system that is fitted with connection sockets and slots. The best motherboards for an i5-9600K processor are the ones that contain a lot of plugs where you can fit more of said components. The more elements you add, like the Graphics cards or chipsets, the more features that your system can handle. Of course, most motherboards come fitted with pre-existing features or rely on compatible processors, but some can fit effectively in universal designs.

However, when you are considering buying a motherboard that supports i5-9600K processors, you have to notice what features it supports best. Also, noticing what features you need more, and deciding accordingly is more crucial. This is because the more features you are after, like a higher number of RAM slots, for example, the more pricey the product is. Although it is true that the higher-priced motherboards are more powerful, there are many lower-priced ones that perform well enough. Thus, if cost-effective models are what you are after, you would find many options for your desktop system. 

For the i5-9600K ones specifically, there are many suitable motherboards in the market. Most perform adequately, while some others are very intensive but may require more features. However, the main matter that you should focus on is the factors like form factors, storage power, processor generation, GPU, slots available, and much more. While some may not have many regions accessible, most of the motherboards with lesser slots have adaptable features. Notably, it is important for you to purchase a motherboard that is compatible with your desktop system first. Certainly, there are many options available in regards to the best motherboards for i5-9600K in 2023, and it can get confusing to choose the most becoming options. In this article, we are breaking down some of them, for you to make the right choice for your system. 

Top 10+ Best Motherboards for i5-9600K in 2023 (Reviewed)

1. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO

  • Form Factor– ATX
  • Memory Slots– 4
  • Max Memory– 64 GB

The Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO is one of the most cost-effective ATX motherboards available that also provides a good function. It can run with both 8th and 9th Generation processors and has six SATA III links and two M.2 ports. All this allows for a smoother run-time. 

The design-element, too, is on-point with a black and orange outer coating and the space for dual BIOS update. There are additional RGB LED features too, that allow a better display component. Also, it features a single HDMI port.  

The Graphics features include an Intel Z390 chipset and there is the possibility of two other GPU support. Altogether, these insertable graphic cards make the system function better. In the matter of gaming, this is essential and so is a good graphics quality. 

There are 4 DDR4 DIMM slots available for RAM input in the SSD drives. The memory speed reaches up to 4133MHz, and the highest RAM is 64 GB. There are three PCIe x16 slots in this motherboard, with each power reduced by 2 (x16 for first, x 8 for the second, and x4 for last).

The audio runs with the technology of Realtek ALC1220-VB codec and there is an Optical S/PDIF output available. Other ports in the back panel include 8 USB ports in total and a LAN connection as well. However, there is no WiFi connectivity.

All in all, this motherboard gives satisfactory performance for its price range and is easy to install. It works effectively with i5-9600K processors, and you would have a productive experience.


  • Dual BIOS 
  • Speed of the processor is good 
  • Built with good and durable material 


  • No DisplayPort 
  • No WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity

2. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER

  • Form Factor- ATX
  • Memory Slots- 4
  • Max Memory- 128 GB

This particular ATX motherboard supports both 8th and 9th Gen processors of Intel Core variety. Furthermore, it contains both SATA III and M.2 links, and there are six and three slots for them respectively. The latter is not visible in most models. Not to mention, the VRM is powerful enough to process the overclocking. 

The design of this motherboard is sturdy and compact, and the cooling features are good to deal with heatsinking. Thus, it is made with a thermal design in mind, with a high-quality heat pipe and Fins Array heatsink.

The Graphics work via the Intel Z390 chipset and there is the option for multiple GPU support as well. The main ones include AMD CrossFire and Nvdia SLI. Altogether, they allow the system to work smoothly without lagging, something that is highly beneficial for gaming computers. 

The m.2/SATA functions help with additional storage, while the overall technology runs with DDR4 memory. The speed for this is around 4400MHz and the PCIe x16 ports (quantity- 3) and PCIe x1 ports (quantity- 3) are essential expansion features. To be precise, the maximum memory this motherboard can reach is 128 GB RAM. 

Good connection ports are available too, specifically, four USB 1.1/2.0, two USB 3.2 Gen1, three USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-A, and one USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C. As for the internet, there is a LAN connection and WiFi availability. HDMI port is also visible, and one PDIF output for audio. On that note, there are five audio connectors and the Audio runs with Realtek ALC1220-VB codec technology. 

Overall, the many extra features like digital VRM, one extra M.2 slot, dual LAN and WiFi feature, among others, make this a commendable candidate for best motherboards for i5-9600K in 2023. Thus, you can give this one a good chance.


  • One extra m.2 link 
  • Dual BIOS support 
  • Powerful audio 


  • Zero multi monitor support 
  • Memory overclocking not the best

3. MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151

  • Form Factor- ATX
  • Memory Slots- 4
  • Max Memory- 128 GB

The MSI Z390-A PRO Motherboard with an LGA1151 socket setup is one of the best motherboards for i5-9600K. With an ATX form factor, this product supports both 8th Generation processors and  9th Generation processors (i9-9600K). Also, it fits well with different types of processors like Celeron, Pentium Gold, and Intel Core. It holds the M.2 feature (32Gb/s speed) as well as SATA slots (6Gb/s speed), and the heatsink design is made bigger to suit proper cooling and subsequent performance functions. 

The manufacturers have created this motherboard with an attractive black cover, with properly extended slots for optimum usage. Additionally, you would notice the presence of the MSI PCie Steel Armor that provides better hold. For better visibility during gaming, this motherboard includes options in its interface like DVI-D, VGA, and a DisplayPort. 

In the question of graphics, you would notice an Intel Z390 chipset powering the GPU. This chipset allows for overclocking too, which is good for steady performance during gaming. Furthermore, for entering the graphics card, 2 PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots are available. 

After the CPU and the Graphics, the next important feature in a motherboard that supports gaming potential is the storage. And in this MSI Z390-A Pro Gaming motherboard, the memory runs with a DDR4 Dual Channel technology, and there are 4 DIMM ports for this. 

There are other interesting and essential features that this motherboard accommodates, like an 8-Channel (7.1) HD Audio. Aside from that, there is a scope for a Gigabit LAN connection as well, in the Intel I219-V variety. Plus, there are many other USB ports too, consisting of 1 serial port, 4 Type-A Gen1 USB 3.1 ports, and 4 USB 2.0 ports in the front; and 1 USB 3.1 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports and a Realtek ALC892 Codec audio port in the back. However, there are neither WiFi or Bluetooth features. 

Overall, this motherboard is a very useful desktop component that would work well for both regular and hardcore activities. The Intel processor is a high-end processor, and the Z390 chipset works perfectly with i5-9600K. Thus, this product is definitely worth the hassle, and the price is suitable for its features too. 


  • Overclocking features are plentiful 
  • VRM cooling possible because of a bigger heatsink 
  • The build is strong and durable 


  • Not suitable for Windows 7
  • Lack of Bluetooth or WiFi 


  • Form Factor- ATX 
  • Memory Slots- 4
  • Max Memory- 128 GB

The Gigabyte Z390 UD is one of the premium motherboards created that can hold good processing power, supporting 8th and  9th Intel Core processors. It also has an M.2 Connection option too, in NVMe 22110 form through PCIe Gen3 x4 slots for SSD functions. Also, it has the option for SATA links, in RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 0, and RAID 10 connections. The speed of this is 6Gb/s which helps in the overall functioning of your system.

The motherboard itself is made of sturdy and durable material and the ATX form factor is easily fitted. Not to mention, the other slots are made with proper dimensions, suitable for various models. Furthermore, the hybrid fan headers and the temperature sensors allow for a better cooling process. As for the overall design, this motherboard also includes an RGB light strip that provides good visibility in various colors. 

The makers of this motherboard have implemented a satisfactory GPU support as well, with PCie armor. The chipset that works in this product is an Intel Z390 Express Chipset, which is highly suitable for most gaming. The Graphics storage is estimated at 1 GB maximum, though that can vary. Also, for your movie-watching experience, the HDMI port is a great addition. 

This motherboard also includes a dual-channel memory architecture and supports DDR4 technology. There are four DIMM slots, each holding the capacity for 32 GB of space. The 6Gb/s SATA connections also allow for additional support. 

You would notice 2 USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 ports in the body of this motherboard, and 8 USB 3.1 Gen1 ports in total. Notably, this motherboard also allows access to an add-in Thunderbolt card connection, which is highly helpful. Furthermore, there is space for a PS/2 mouse port and keyboard port each,3 audio jacks, and much more. It supports two features with Realtek technology, the LAN (10/100/1000 Mbit GbE LAN chip, and HD Audio (ALC887 codec). 

All in all, the Gigabyte Z390 UD motherboard is highly suitable for  i5-9600K desktop processors. Also, if you have a 64-bit Windows 10, this motherboard is a more effective ally. You can give this motherboard a chance if you want high-quality performance in a low price range.


  • Easy Installation
  • The BIOS is user-friendly (needed during upgrades)
  • High-quality components 


  • The NVMe drives have one spot available 
  • No integrated WiFi

5. ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming

  • Form Factor- Mini-ITX
  • Memory Slots- 2
  • Max Memory- 64 GB

Although the Mini-ITX form factor of the ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming is small in size, it still packs a good punch. Especially with the availability of 2 M.2 ports and 4 SATA connection ports, it gives a good overall performance. Also, the LGA1151 model does support both 8th Generation Intel Core processors and 9th Generation Intel Core processors. 

Appearance-wise, this black motherboard looks good, and the build of it is compressed and solid. There are RGB LED strips on its surface as well and a lot of heatsink properties. Plus, you can install BIOS too using flash drives.

Since it is a Mini-ITX board, you cannot put in more than one Graphics card, specifically Intel Z390 chipset. Also, it does hold one DisplayPort slot and one HDMI slot, which allows for multi-monitor support. Additionally, this model supports Thunderbolt 3 which provides a good boost to the graphic element. 

The memory extends only up to 64 GB RAM, and the technology for this is DDR4. There are 2 DIMM ports visible, and the speed of memory reaches up to 4500MHz. As for the storage, you would notice both SATA and M.2 connections for SSD purposes. 

There are not a high number of connections present, but the ones that are functional are appropriate. There are two expansion slots, PCIe 3.0 x1 and PCIe 3.0 x16 each. USB ports include four USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports each, and one USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C for more extended functions. Realtek ALC1220 Audio Codec runs the audio while there is a pre-fitted Gigabit LAN too, with Bluetooth and WiFi availability. 

Overall, this particular motherboard is the best motherboard in the Mini-ITX for its VRM capability. In the matter of gaming, this is essential and the main features that are present satisfy the users well. You can give this motherboard a chance in this concern. 


  • Overclocking features are satisfactory 
  • Pre-fitted OC settings work efficiently 
  • Stable build


  • OC does not pair well with all CPUs
  • Lesser expansion slots 

6. MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk LGA1151 Z390 Gaming Motherboard

  • Form Factor- ATX
  • Memory Slots– 4
  • Max Memory- 128 GB

The MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk (in LGA1151 socket type) is a highly powerful motherboard that supports i5-9600k processors, as well as i7-9700K and i9-9900K processors. In the case of the former, this ATX motherboard is open to Intel Core 9th and 8th Generation processors, aside from Celeron and Pentium Gold. Moreover, there are SATA links present, as well as 2 M.2 Turbo ports with M.2 Shield Frozr. 

As for the design itself, the motherboard comes mostly in full black, with prominent heatsinks attached for heating management. Also, the I/O shield has been present inside the model since the time of manufacturing. This makes it easier to install, and it is also fitted with Mystic Light Extension, compatible with both RAINBOW LED Strips (3-pin connection) and RGB (2-pin connection). 

The entire motherboard runs with the help of the Intel Z390 chipset, which affects its functionality. Not only is the Graphics quality good owing to this, but it also helps improve the gaming and video-making processes. You would also notice a 1.2 DisplayPort with a maximum 4096×2304@60Hz resolution and a 1.4 HDMI port with a maximum 4096×2160@24Hz resolution. 

There are 4 memory slots in its build, with 288pin format and it follows the primary technology of DDR4. The architecture of the supported channel is dual in nature, and there is a possibility of 128 GB RAM potential. 

Additional connections include USB features, and the supported versions are one USB Gen2 Type-C port, three USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A ports, and two USB 2.0 Type-A ports. The audio system runs on 8-Channel (7.1) Realtek ALC892 HD Audio, with S/PDIF output. The LAN power runs at Dual 10/100/1000Mbps speed and two chipsets, Intel I211-AT and Intel I219-V. On the negative side, Bluetooth and WiFi features are missing. 

Overall, this motherboard is a satisfactory competitor in this field and suits well with many devices. The heatsink features, software like Dragon Center and Mystic Light 3, BIOS software, etc., add to its skills. It is a powerful motherboard at a reasonable price. 


  • Durable build 
  • Easy to install 
  • The NVMe cooling system is effective 


  • No connection for external WiFi
  • Gen2 USB 3.1 not present in the front panel

7. MSI Z390 MEG Godlike

  • Form Factor- E-ATX
  • Memory Slots- 4
  • Max Memory- 128 GB

As the MSI Z390 MEG Godlike motherboard is equipped with a lot of good features, the price is high. But it is worth considering as it supports both 8th and 9th Gen processors and the varieties include Pentium Gold, Intel Core, and Celeron models. For faster and smoother function, the three M.2 ports are highly helpful. It is further equipped with Shield Frozr technology. 

As for the look of it, the full black exterior would surely catch your eye. But it is the other display features that would impress you more, like the Mystic Light Infinity. It has millions of colors available and in 29 different effects. The motherboard is also fitted with a RAINBOW LED and RGB LED addressable headers. 

The chipset in this motherboard is an Intel Z390 Chipset, and that contributes to the Graphics elements. This allows for it to run smoothly, and supports good overclocking features. The GPU of this motherboard is of high-quality optimization as well, and that is great for content creation, high-intensive games, etc. 

The memory speed reaches up to 4600(OC) MHz, which is quite high, and the main technology is DDR4. As for the SSD feature, the M.2 and SATA ports help with storage, aside from the hard drive. The RAM can power up to 128 GB and the main architecture is dual channel. 

There are other connections visible too, like the E2500 LAN connection and dual USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C ports in the front. There are other USB slots in the panels too, like 2.0 (quantity- 4) and 3.1 Gen1 Type-A (quantity- 4) USB ports in the front. The rear ones include three 3.1 Gen2 Type-A, one 3.1 Gen2 Type-C, and two 3.1 Gen1 Type-A USB ports and a Dual Realtek ALC1220 Codec audio port. WiFi is also accessible. 

Overall, this particular motherboard is one of the best in the market, and the price for it is huge. Thus, if you want a high-end product you can go for this and not get disappointed. This is okay for you if a low budget is not a major factor when buying motherboards for you. 


  • Goes with different CPUs 
  • High Speed 
  • Good and stable build 


  • Extremely costly 
  • Gaming experience average and not too impressive

8. ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming LGA1151

  • Form Factor- ATX
  • Memory Slots- 4
  • Max Memory- 64 GB

One of the most significant motherboards in the market is the ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming LGA1151 which has an ATX form factor. It has a good CPU power availability as well, and it supports a good 8th generation processor like Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7. Aside from that, it also carries SATA connections through dual PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, 4 PCIe 3.0 x1 slots, and PCIe 3.0 x16 slots. The last one maxes out at 4x mode.

The presentation of this motherboard is satisfactory, with a metallic and black finishing that looks slick. However, the more important factor in this regard is the display features it provides, like the RGB LED lighting, with extra strips for on-board 5050 and addressable RGB headers. The latter is compatible to fit with other elements like lighting strips, PC cases, coolers, and fans; and that only improves the lighting features.  

On that note, it is important to mention the graphics element, as it forms a major part of a gaming computer. To specify, the chipset that this motherboard supports is Intel Z370, which performs competently. You can install a few drives and at least a single graphics card while using this. Moreover, for better graphics quality, the manufacturers have added components like DVI-D, 1.4b HDMI, and a DisplayPort 1.2. This allows for good video quality too.

The RAM can extend up to 64 GB, with a memory architecture of dual-channel type; and features Intel Extreme Memory Profiles, or XMP. The GPU RAM can extend up to 1 GB, and the main storage slots are 4 DIMM 288-pin ones. This DDR4 RAM runs at 4000 MHz speed. 

As for the additional connections, this motherboard holds USB slots too, for 1  3.1 Gen 2 header, 1 serial header, and 4 of USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 2.0 headers each. The power runs via an 8-pin ATX12V connector and a 24-pin primary power connector. Also, there is the availability of Bluetooth (4.2) and WiFi (802.11ac) aside from the Gigabit Ethernet and a LAN connection. 

Overall, this motherboard promises a lot of good features like RAM storage, Intel Core processors, PCIe x16 Slots, etc., at a relatively low price.  Additionally, the M.2 heatsink allows for a better cooking process, while the 5-way optimization with FanXpert 4 and Auto-Tuning features integrates overclocking requirements. Altogether, this is a good deal to consider. 



  • Rear USB ports are low 
  • CPU overclocking is moderate

9. ASUS Prime Z390-A

  • Form Factor- ATX
  • Memory Slots– 4
  • Max Memory- 128 GB

ASUS Prime Z390-A is one of the best motherboards in the market currently,  powered with both 8th Gen and 9th Gen Intel Core processors. The model has options for  SATA III ports and 2 M.2 ports for reliable speed and connectivity. Also, this ATX board could control overclocking as well, significantly making the gaming experience better for users. SSD installation is allowed. 

Furthermore, it is easy to install and the look of this motherboard is also mesmerizing with its gray and black outer layer. This motherboard has other features that help in its functioning while also making the design better, like the RGB lighting.

The main GPU processor that works in this particular model is the Integrated Graphics Processor- Intel HD Graphics, while it does support AMD 3-Way CrossFireX Tech and NVIDIA 2-Way SLI Tech as well. The main chipset usable here is the Intel Z390 chipset, while Multi-VGA output features like the DVI-D, DisplayPort, and HDMI ports enable more Graphics quality. 

This system supports Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) for this memory structure, with DDR4 technology. There are 4 DIMM slots and the model has a Dual Channel Memory architecture. The RAM power extremes at 128 GB. 

There are many connectivity slots available, including those that were mentioned before. But more importantly, you would notice a Gigabit LAN space too, but no opportunity for WiFi. Audio runs with an 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC powered by Realtek ALC S1220A, and there is an output S/PDIF slot. There are USB ports as well, including USB 2.0 (quantity- 4), and Intel-compatible USB 2.0 ports (quantity- 2), USB 3.1 Gen1 ports (quantity- 5), and USB 3.1 Gen2 ports (4).

Overall, this motherboard provides a lot of favorable features, including a 5-Way Optimization for better productivity. Plus, it is not too costly either, which is a good plus point. 


  • BIOS is pre-installed 
  • RAM speed is stable 
  • Cost-effective 


  • Sound quality not too good 
  • Lack of WiFi

10. Gigabyte Z390M Gaming

  • Form Factor- Micro ATX
  • Memory Slots– 4
  • Max Memory- 128 GB

One of the most useful motherboards in the market for gaming purposes is the Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming. It supports both 9th Gen processors and 8th Gen processors of the Intel Core variety. It does support a SATA interface, and the M.2 slots allow for faster processing. The slot dimensions for this is PCIe Gen3 X4. 

The motherboard itself is made up of good and durable material, and the matte black look gives it a classy finish. Moreover, it incorporates new Digital PWM Design (10+2 Phases) and is attached with heatsinks for a cooling advantage. Not to mention, it also supports RGB LED lighting, which provides a plethora of colors. 

However, the main feature that most gamers look into is the graphics component, and the one in this model is satisfactory. To specify, you would notice a unified Graphics Processor-Intel HD Graphics, with the most shared memory of 1 GB overall size. Plus, the chipset involved in this motherboard is Intel Z390 Express Chipset, and it is a compelling feature. Additionally, it also supports both 2-Way AMD CrossFire and AMD Quad-GPU CrossFire technologies. 

In the matter of storage, there are 4 DIMM sockets available that each holds 32 GB RAM power. Of course, that varies according to the models of the CPU you are trying to pair the motherboard with. The standard technology is DDR4 and memory architecture is dua-channel in nature. 

In the matter of connectivity, this motherboard is once again a winner, as it provides many connection ports like USB 2.0/1.1 ports, USB 3.1 ports (Gen1, Gen2), and a USB Type-C port. The Audio characteristic runs via a 7.1-channel HDRealtek ALC892 codec; and the motherboard additionally has S/PDIF out port and 6 audio jacks in total. The LAN support includes Intel GbE LAN and Intel Gigabit LAN. 

All in all, this is a good motherboard to try out, and the cost for it is not too high. It also supports extra features like @BIOS, Easy RAID, Smart TimeLock, Game Boost, 3D OSD, Ambient LED, etc. Thus, you should definitely give buying this motherboard some consideration.


  • Stable build with good-quality components 
  • 12+1 VRM works perfectly 
  • Many features, yet at a cost-effective price  


  • Software is mediocre
  • Only 2 memory sticks work at one time 

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Motherboards for i5-9600K in 2023

Most of the best motherboards for i5-9600K in 2023 have a variety of features that they possess. However, they are not always easy to choose, and you have to consider the question of what you need it for. Generally, i5-9600K is best for gaming purposes, and there are some basic factors that support the most enjoyable experience. Thus, when you are buying a motherboard, you have to look at the said features. 

1. GPU support

Certainly, in the scope of gaming, the Graphics component is where the main function is at, as a good GPU would ensure less lagging. How high-grade the display is would also make the game feel more exciting and a good GPU feature is important for that. The main types that are most important in this regard are the AMD and Intel Core chipset versions, and they each focus on different attributes. Not to mention, not every system supports both and while buying the motherboard of your choice, you should notice what your system is compatible with. 

2. Storage

Those motherboards that provide better storage potential give the gamers a better experience. Thus, you should figure out which are the best for you, in regards to both HDD and SSD. For example, the SSD drive enables your computer with better speed, which is very important in the matter of gaming. The pre-installed hard drive (HDD) on the other hand allows for better data storage, and they are less expensive. 

3. Connectivity

Without a doubt, the more connections that a device supports, the better your experience is. There are many factors that come up in this matter, including the USB slots, the memory slots, the audio slots, etc. Also, you would need a good internet situation as well, and the motherboards which provide LAN connections are suitable too. And also notice if you can connect Bluetooth and WiFi as well to the motherboard you are choosing, in case the LAN does not work in the future. 

4. RAM

Certainly, the RAM is the most important thing in the CPU as it stores the main data. Thus, you need to purchase a motherboard, that includes this feature and is upgradeable. Usually, systems work fine with CPUs that can hold 4 GB RAM. However, since i5-9600K processors are gaming-oriented, it is important to buy a product that provides at least 8GB RAM space. Also, notice if you can attack more RAM sticks in the ports if they are available. Therefore, if a system has 4 slots with 8 GB potential each, the total would amount up to 32 GB. That is suitable for gaming and much more.

5. Form Factor

Last but not the least, the form factor of a motherboard is something that you need to look at. There are mainly three available versions of this, the Mini ITX, the Micro ATX, and ATX. Each of them differs in style, size, and potential, from the smallest to the biggest. The bigger the size (ATX form factor), the more expansion slots available; thus, the better the performance. As for the system themselves, you have to see which is most compatible with your system. This is essential because if you choose the wrong one, many problems with fitting issues will occur. And that would hamper the connections, and ultimately, the device functions too.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Best Motherboards for i5-9600K in 2023

1. What is the chipset involved in the matter of i5-9600K?

There is a set chipset that works with i5-9600K mainly, and that is the Intel Ultra HD Graphics 630 chipset. And the speed that it reaches is 1150 MHz of frequency average. However, if you need more, this processor allows for it and is essentially unlocked. Thus, you would notice the possibility of overclocking.  

2. Can you bottleneck an RTX 2070 and an i5-9600K?

Notably, you can bottleneck the two in question together, as a processor and a graphic card do work well together. In fact, when an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 and an Intel Core i5-9600K work at 100% clock speed each, the bottleneck percentage would occur at 6.81% only. 

3. Does i5-9600K support Hyperthreading?

Unfortunately, the i5-9600K processor does not allow for Hyperthreading; however, it does feature around 6 cores. The turbo boost goes up to the speed of 4.6GHz and the base frequency is 3.7Ghz. Plus, if you buy a motherboard from the Z-series, the Core i5-9600K can also support overclocking.



All in all, there are many things that you need to focus on when you are buying a motherboard suitable for your desktop. In the sphere of gaming, there are many leading companies, and formats that are more popular and the options are many. However, you have to consider the features of the motherboards and what suits your requirements the most. Some are more powerful than others, and cost differences are also visible. However, there are various motherboards in the market that suit i5-9600K perfectly, without putting a dent in your pocket. Also, the features work effectively, and you should choose, centering on which one suits your system the best.