How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

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Putting together a gaming rig is not an easy task, especially if you are doing it for the first time. There are many things you need to check when building a gaming computer. Out of all the important components, RAM is perhaps one of the most important ones.

RAM or random access memory happens to be an integral part of any PC. The main purpose of RAM is to run your device smoothly. To put it in other words, you need to have sufficient RAM in your PC to run all your games seamlessly.

Now the question is how much RAM do you need for gaming? In this post, we will discuss this crucial topic. If you are confused about how much RAM should you get, then you must give this article a read.

What is RAM?

RAM is short for random access memory which is a vital part of a computer. It is temporary volatile storage that holds information for your computer to access quickly.
For example, when you open an application, the OS stores it in RAM. But once you shut down your device, everything gets cleared from the RAM.

Having a higher amount of RAM means you can open multiple applications at the same time.

How RAM affects your gaming?

RAM is where your device stores all the information on an application when it is being processed. It allows the PC to access the data quickly. Let’s say, your game is stored on the hard drive of your device. But when you open the game, your PC shifts the data to RAM for a temporary time. This enables the device to retrieve data easily. That’s because accessing data from a hard drive is slow and inefficient.

With sufficient RAM, your computer can store all your game data that it needs it to run. However, if you have inadequate RAM, then your PC will fail to store all your game data and also slow down the device.

If you want a gaming PC or laptop, you must go for a higher RAM. The more RAM you have, the smooth your PC will perform. This is why you see gamers focusing on the RAM of their device. Many of the PCs and laptops allow you to even upgrade the RAM of the device. So if you ever feel like upgrading your device, you can do so. This is better than getting a whole new PC.

How much RAM is needed for gaming?

Now coming to the main question, how much RAM do you need for smooth gaming?

The good thing is that you will get different amounts of RAM which can range from as low as 2GB to as high as 32GB or more.

As far as gaming is concerned, you should aim for 16GB RAM. This is the standard requirement for any gaming device. No doubt, you can run your games with 4GB and 8GB RAM as well. But if you want lag-free performance, then you should get 16GB RAM.

This will enable your device to handle any type of application you use, including the heavy ones. With 16GB RAM you can also play your games in high settings. However, you should know that 16GB RAM can be expensive. If you don’t have such a big budget, then 8GB RAM would be fine. To avoid your device from lagging, you should play your games in medium settings.

Getting a 16GB RAM for gaming means you don’t have to upgrade your device soon. That’s because it is enough RAM to even run the newly launched games.


What are the common RAM capacities available?

Now that you know the amount of RAM required for gaming, let’s get to know the common capacities of RAM you can get.

1. 4GB RAM

Computers and laptops with 4GB RAM are best suited for watching movies and normal work. these are not gaming computers. If you forcefully try to play the modern games on such a device, you will not be able to play effortlessly.

2. 8GB RAM

As far as 8GB RAM is concerned, these devices are medium-range performers for gaming. They can support only certain games. Also, you cannot play games in the highest settings. This type of computer makes a suitable choice for entry-level gamers who are just getting started.

3. 16GB RAM

16GB RAM is considered to be perfect for gaming as it allows you to play the games in the highest settings. Not just that, but it also prevents the device from slowing down while playing. If you are serious about gaming, then you must get 16GB RAM. Although a computer with 16GB RAM is expensive, it is worth paying every penny.

4. 32GB RAM

32GB RAM is the ultimate beast for gaming. These are extremely powerful computers that are designed to handle any type of game that you wish to play. However, for most modern-day games, 32GB is just overkill. So there is no need for you to waste your money needlessly on such devices.


Single RAM Module or Multiple RAM module?

The next important thing to decide is whether you should get a single module RAM or multiple ones.

Many modern motherboards come with dual memory channels. Now you have to decide whether you want to mount the whole RAM in a single slot or multiple slots.

The best way to install your RAM is to use two slots. In this case, if any of the RAM slots malfunctions, then you will have to replace just that one. This is why you are advised to use at least two RAM slots.

Next time, you plan to buy a new gaming PC or laptop, you already know the amount of RAM you need for smooth gaming. 16GB RAM is just fine for all modern-day games. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste your money by getting 32GB RAM. But anything lesser than 16GB can cause your device to lag, especially when you are running a heavy or multiple software.



Why is RAM so important for gaming?

RAM is short for Random Access Memory and it is a crucial aspect of your system. It stores data that is accessed by the system quicker than it can retrieve data from the main storage disk. If your system has low RAM, it won’t be able to store all the game info needed to run the game properly. This will result in poor performance and slow frame rates.

Is it necessary to have 16GB RAM for gaming?

RAM is available in different capacities. For gaming, 16GB RAM is considered a great start. But in most cases, 8GB RAM is enough and can carry on for many years. However, if you wish to enhance the performance of your system, 16GB RAM would be better. Some of the latest games will run perfectly with 16GB RAM.

How much RAM is needed for gaming?

In most cases, a system with 8GB RAM is enough to run both old and new games. But for high and speedy performance, you may want to consider getting 16GB RAM. This will allow you to play almost any game on your computer. Plus, it will avoid stuttering and lagging.