Is 8GB RAM Enough For Gaming?

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Do you like playing games? Well, these days from children to adults, everybody enjoys gaming on the digital platform. Games are virtual platforms, which fulfil your entire wildest dreams. It is not just about enjoying, but it is about art and creativity. That is the only way to escape from the hustle of this real world. And where do we play these games? We play them on our phones, laptops, and PC desktops.

Is 8GB RAM Enough For Gaming

Have you ever faced any issues while playing any game on your device? You are not alone in this; different devices have different characteristics and capabilities. Some might run by a game easily and other gadgets might not be able to support such games. Do you know that RAM on your device decides which game you can play and which you cannot? With the development in the gaming dimensions, the requirements are also increasing.

What is RAM?

Random Access Memory is what we call RAM in short form. This simply refers to the memory capacity of your device. But it is a very essential part of your device. With the advancement in technology, mobile phones and tablets also have RAM. Every device has a distinct requirement. RAM is used to store machine data and working code. The applications and programs on your device can function because of RAM. If you do not have enough RAM to run the application on your device, it may jam the process or make it very slow.

What is RAM?

The RAM allows the applications and games on your device to store data. We generally represent the parameter of the storage amount as MB, GB, TB, etc. Since we are discussing games, let’s know more about the RAM and gaming process.

The capacity of different RAM

A computer or a laptop has a sensitive part to save all its data, which is the memory. And RAM is among the different types of memory that a device has. Whereas the SSD is the secondary storage space for the device and is considered to be a crucial part of RAM. And the GB stands for Gigabyte to measure the storage space of any device. Now that you are aware of all the terminologies, it is fruitful to know more about the different ranges of RAM.

  • 4 GB 

For devices like tablets and mobile phones, the 4 GB RAM is highly preferable. But this struggles with multiple usages. The main issue is that it is good for single usage and cannot support any further higher GB applications

  • 8GB

This is the minimal range of RAM for a device. Even though a device can run with this quality, but you should never expect good performance from the devices with 8 GB RAM. You can play games or do any task but you will never receive that smooth experience and for hard-core gamers, this space is not for you.

  • 16 GB 

This is in a slightly better position than the previous one. 16 GB RAM is considered to be in the middle spot, as it has slightly more space compared to 8GB. This is good for working and gaming at the same time; it is also available at a reasonable cost in the market. Fortunately, it can also support AMD, NVIDIA graphics cards.

  • 32GB

This is the best for gamers. 32GB does not even need to be updated; it can do multiple tasking at the same time. Games with high-quality graphics can easily run with the support of 32GB RAM. At the end of the day, you can save money by upgrading the system.

Why RAM is important for gaming?

A good game needs solid support. The more Ram your device will have, the more it will be able to support your activities. A RAM with maximum GB can give freedom to your gaming. Without affecting the function of your device you can enjoy every game in the market. Thus RAM is very important for gaming. It does not let your device function slowly, until and unless a proper degree of Ram has been installed on your device.

Games with high-quality graphics can never be handled by any mediocre range of RAM on your device. Old days are gone, when 2D games ruled the market. The new generation games are hyper realistic with multiple dimensions of features. These high graphics games cannot run easily without proper RAM. Moreover, it is not just about playing games, but also fulfilling the basic requirements for it. Day by day the gaming industry is developing so is the demand for games in the market. Your device must have the required features and RAM is an important among them.

How much RAM do you need for Gaming?

If we start from the initial stage; the 8 GB can also be considered to function and have very few requirements. The fewer graphics quality games can be played easily. Now that gaming has reached a different level and their requirements increased, 16 GB can be the best option for effective results. It is available at a low price and you can enjoy the advantage of the storage. If you are into PC games and love to play games with realistic visual effects, 16 GB memory can be the right option. It is highly recommended and anyone can take the advantages, which has been mentioned earlier. That any game can run with the support of 16 GB RAM.

For the majority of the games, 16 GB is more than enough. But things are changing and demands are increasing day by day. On the other hand, 32 GB can be a great option, but before switching makes sure that you are aware of all the requirements. Not every device can support the upgrading. If you are aware of online games or mainstream games, then the more RAM your device has, the more effectively it can run. Your device may never set back due to hanging. You can easily do multiple tasks like playing the game and doing other activities. Several games can also run on your device with 4 GB RAM but this has many limitations.

How much RAM is above the limit?

Do you feel that your requirements are limited from 8GB to 32GB? Your device has been designed in certain ways so that it can adopt RAM of any range. But the size of RAM must not exceed the limitations of the motherboard. 16GB is preferred by people from multiple sectors.

Generally, 8GB RAM can be considered for gaming, it can run well. Sometimes people prefer to go for 16GB or 32 GB, but the money spent after it can ever be wasted. Do you know that even 16GB comes with different ranges? For players who love to create content, stream, or play music 16GB is the best option. 

How to check your RAM capacity?

If you are not aware of the RAM your device has, you can simply follow the steps. In the case of Windows, you can go to the ‘Start Menu’ then click on ‘About your PC’. Once you click on that, a page pops up in front of you. You can choose the option of ‘Device Specifications’; under that, you may find another option that is called ‘Installed RAM’. That is how you can check your storage capacity, which has RAM specifications in Microsoft Windows.

On the other hand, in case you have MAC then the process is much easier. All you need to do is click on the icon that represents Apple. The Apple icon must be in the left corner; then you can select the option which states ‘About This Mac’. Under that particular option, you will be able to access various details including the RAM.

How to upgrade RAM as per requirement?

You may need to change sometimes and try something new. This is a common trend among humans. People do the same things, especially with their gadgets. If anyone tries to boost up the storage capacity or upgrade the RAM that must be the smartest decision. RAM is not that much expensive and it is great to upgrade the laptop or the desktop. And in the case of hard-core gamers, boosting up RAM is needed. Anyone can choose to exceed 32 GB in the first place. 32 GB is the best vision of itself, exceeding more than that is like a luxury.


If we read the above mention context it becomes clear for us to choose among the result. The RAM module gives security to your device. The final choice is in your hand. Ultimately you are going to use that for yourself. One can never command you to do anything. But if we think about the money and qualities, then RAM with 8GB and 16GB are in a better place. But now that things are changing, you should never forget about upgrading and coping up with the virtual world. 

RAM as per requirement

Hopefully, now you can build up an idea regarding, how much RAM you will need. Most of the time people consider that having high RAM storage can increase the functioning of the device. You must not forget that your device should support the boost-up process.