Netgear Ac2600 Review – NIGHTHAWK X4S (R7800) Gaming Router in 2023

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The advent of technology-enabled is to get all the entertainment with the help of the internet. If you are a fanatic of online gaming, then the need for an apt internet connection is evident. To prevent all the problems related to the router and internet connectivity, a router plays a significant role. It is the core device that helps your device to connect to the internet. Though the need for an apt ISP cannot be denied, the importance of the router remains at the top. This excerpt contains all the information about one of the best quality routers equipped with all the features needed for an excellent internet connection. This review of Netgear Ac2600 contains all the details about the same. This review is getting to be of utmost help for users who want to change or equip themselves with a maximum effectiveness device.

The Netgear AC2600 is an upgrade of the router model Nighthawk X4 R7500. It is comparatively faster than that router as it contains some of the advanced technological upgrades. The inclusion of MIMO technology makes it relatively faster than other Netgear models. This model can provide Wi-Fi connectivity to multiple client devices with a high rate of throughput speed. You can expect fast speed with optimal frequencies of 160MHz. This model is equipped with efficient technological innovation and works with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor that can easily provide 2.53Gbps of internet speed.

It is crucial to get all the information regarding any product you are planning to buy. Here we are providing all the related information from features to its advantages. You can get a hold of all the related questions that may come while using this device.

NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S Smart WiFi Router (R7800) – AC2600 Wireless Speed (up to 2600 Mbps)

Main features

While opting for any device that has the utmost functionalities needs significant research and all-round information. The features play a significant role in being decisive about the purchase. The following are some of the features that will help you grab all the benefits of this router from Netgear.

1. Performance

You can get an optimum performance that can provide wireless coverage up to 2500 square feet. The dual-band processor provides 800Mbps of speed with additional 1733Mbps of speed. The Wi-Fi band has dual-band technology with Tx/Rx 4×4 (2.4GHz)+ 4×4 (5GHz). With the connectivity for 45 devices, one can get reliability while streaming high-definition videos and for gaming sessions. One can also connect all the home smart devices with this router effectively.

2. Technology

The inclusion of Wired ethernet ports can help connect all the devices such as computers, gaming consoles, and all the nearby wired devices. This technology of Ethernet ports in any router helps the internet user to get the maximum out of this device. It is loaded with a 1.7GHz dual-core processor. The availability of 4 amplified antennas helps in providing an optimal network for the connecting devices. The modern technology of MU-MIMO and Dynamic QoS makes it quite speed-oriented. The compatibility with different AI-enabled devices provides an innovative approach to the device.

3. The secure and safe setup process

This device is equipped with those features which provide optimal protection. The high-level WPA/WPA2 wireless security one can easily secure internet services. The double firewall protection helps to provide immense security to keep your private information intact. The availability of the Nighthawk App provides nudge over others. It helps in attaining a simple setup process that can be attained with minimal efforts. You have to input some of the details, and you are done. It also includes some of the efficient functionalities such as DOS, VPN, and Guest Wi-Fi access.

4. Parental controls and High-Speed 1G Wired Connections

The need for parental controls is quite evident. With this router, it is easy to manage web filtering, website access, and setting a password for individual devices. It effectively saves the parents from getting stressed out due to the children’s explicit access to some of the websites. The High-Speed 1G Wired Connections helps the user connect printers and other devices, which are quite useful for the study. 

Pros and Cons


  • The maximum coverage provided by this router is among the foremost advantages an internet user can get. You will be able to connect your device from a 2500sqm distance.
  • The availability of MIMO technology helps the user in the best possible ways to get multiple usages. This technology not only helps in getting maximum speed but also helps in optimal connectivity.
  • The fast speed of any work makes it quite useful for different kinds of usage. If you are an avid online gamer who doesn’t want a connection drop while playing the game, this router provides a significant advantage.
  • The compatibility of this router with different AI-enabled devices makes it quite comfortable. This innovative factor is among the best in class features that make it a front runner among all the other routers available. It is compatible with the Google® Assistant feature and Amazon Alexa™.
  • The easy installation process of this router makes it very useful for those users who are using it for the first time. If you are planning to change your current router due to its complicated function, this Netgear router model will be the best alternative.


  • The elapsed time taken for the setup process makes it tough for the user to get hold of, new users may take this as a disadvantage.
  • Sometimes tech support is not able to provide an accurate solution to the problems generated. It is one of the backdrops that should be given proper importance.

About the company

Netgear is a trustworthy company that helps to make every home equipped with an excellent connection to the internet. Brand recognition and cutting-edge technology makes it quite apt for internet users. One can get comprehensive benefits related to performance, aesthetics, and features with this most trusted brand. The design of the products provided by this company has all the sufficient prerequisites. If you want an uninterrupted online gaming experience, this modem/router will also help you gain it. The company provides optimal assistance to its customers, which helps combat all product problems. The magnitude of speed, as well as effortless connectivity, is on par levels. Every user will get the best quality of internet services with the help of this device.


Getting optimal speed with a feature-equipped device is very important. At this time of the pandemic, the need for a device that helps internet users in the best possible ways is evident. This router has class apart features that are equipped with cutting-edge technology. This router is capable of fulfilling all the needs of internet users. Specifically, gamers who want to get a grab of multiplayer online games can get the best out of this router. The security issues against data thefts and visitor’s connectivity make it relatively safe. For newbies, the ease of setup helps in most ways. If you are susceptible to the installation process, then the manufacturer’s support makes it quite useful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Netgear Ac2600

1. Is this router useful for providing apt speed for online gaming?

This router is specifically designed for gamers. The excessive speed and lag less connectivity help the gamers to get the maximum out of this router. If you are a fanatic of online gaming, then this router will be of utmost help. If you want to get access to all the features under a nominal pricing range, then this will be worth your investment. Opting this can be the best investment that can help you to get maximum internet exposure for different works. 

2. Do we need to take help from professionals in setting up the router?

If you are aware of all the installation process, you need not think about getting professional help for the installation. The simple installation process of this router makes it quite suitable for those users who are getting the first-hand experience of any router.

3. Can we get support from the manufacturer in case of any discrepancies?

The customer care service of the manufacturer is available for solving your queries 24×7. In case of any damage to the package, it is recommended to consult the seller. If the device has problems regarding firmware or software, you should consult the manufacturer’s customer support.  

4. From here, can we buy this at a nominal price range?

There are different platforms where you can buy this router at a nominal price range. You can either buy this from online platforms or B&M stores. If you are leaning towards online shopping, then the link provided below will help you to get this router at a reasonable price range.

5. How can we get the maximum out of this device?

If you want to get hold of all the router features, you should give proper importance to the installation. The speed and connectivity also depend upon the ISPs. Keep a check on all the prerequisites and help yourself in the best possible ways. Getting the maximum out of any product depends upon the usage and maintenance. Though these devices don’t need that much maintenance, mere attention will help you in getting the utmost benefits.