Top 7+ Best Windstream Compatible Modems and Routers [2021]: Complete Review

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Are you tired of having a poor internet connection? Are you a gamer looking for the best internet connectivity? What you need right now is Windstream’s excellent internet package. Not only will you be able to function with the most high-speed internet, with the help of Windstream compatible modems. You will also be able to enjoy high speed and reliable internet services without any additional hassle. 

Windstream is very well known for its amazing internet speed and connectivity, and they are very clear about the fees and charges associated. It offers two varieties of the internet: DSL and Fiber. No matter which you choose, the amount of money they charge is quite high, for which reason it is best to get your hands on Windstream routers, which will substantially help you with your finances. 

If you are wondering whether you should Windstream’s Internet connection and whether you must invest in modems compatible with Windstream, you must know that it will ultimately be exceptionally beneficial for you. When you get your own modem that is compatible with Windstream, you do not have to pay a lump sum amount of money every month. It is so much better than having to pay for something that you actually own! When you have a compatible modem, you will be able to make the choices based on your preferences and have way more control over your internet services. You do not have to be stuck with a basic router provided by Windstream when you can get approved modems that are so much more customizable according to your internet preference. Not only will you be able to choose a modem with your preferred settings but also be able to make choices and changes without any restrictions that are generally imposed on rental equipment. 

When you get the best modem for Windstreamyou will be able to get the ones with the best technology. Up to date modems will help you to actually access the high-speed internet that you are paying for every month. Whether it is for an enhanced gaming experience or office work, you will be able to make the most of your money with a modem of your liking. On the other hand, rental modems and routers are way more basic and are not advanced or equipped with the best technology. 

We have compiled you a list of the best Windstream compatible modems that are advanced and tested. Take a look before you settle on one. 

Top 7 Windstream Compatible Modems and Routers in 2021 [Reviews]

Windstream compatible modems and routers can truly make a difference in your experience. We have tested various models meticulously after finding the top ten products that are the absolute best!

1. Nighthawk Wireless Smart Router by Netgear R7000

Top 3 Features:

  • It is not a Modem Router combo
  • It does not support DOCSIS 3.0
  • The router supports a download and Upload a speed of 1900Mbps. 

If you have opted for the fibre internet connection, it is always suggested that you buy a gigabit router, which will help you to get access to high-speed internet the best. This router by Netgear has been reviewed and rated as one of the best Windstream routers in the market at the moment by a number of the biggest names in the industry. 

This router has a very powerful 1Gz dual-core processor that provides power to power. You will be able to get speed as high as a 1900Mbps on either of the two bands. Along with this, the dual-band router also comes with a Dynamic QoS, which is one of the top requirements among gaming enthusiasts and those who require heavy internet connection. This is best for those who require bandwidth usage in order to perform the many activities on the internet. 

It also comes with a beamforming technology that heavily makes the signal strength much better over the house. It also has high powered amplifiers along with a strong antenna that enhances the coverage even more. It is also easy to get this network set up with the user-friendly Netgear app, Netgear UP. It is also possible for you to remotely gain access to your network with the help of the OpenVPN Connect application. Sharing files are also made very easy with the ReadySHARE and ReadyCLOUD features. 


  • The beamforming technology, along with the antenna, extends the network coverage. 
  • Dual-band speed of 1900Mbps.
  • It has a powerful and high-speed Internet connection. 
  • It has the feature of easy file sharing with ReadySHARE and ReadyCLOUD.


2. Motorola Modem and Gigabit Router VDSL2/ADSL+

Top 3 Features:

  • It is a Modem Router combo
  • It does not support DOCSIS 3.0
  • The router supports a download and uploads speed of 100Mbps. 

This is a DSL modem and router combo that not only reduces wires and saves space but is also easy to set up and install. This is a great choice if you are running out on space and want to declutter your house. The built-in router with this modem helps in connecting to all your devices very easily. 

This modem is one of the best choices for a number of Minden yet non-vectoring VDSL and ADSL services, of which Windstream is one. It has a full-featured AC1600 gigabit router that provides a fast internet connection to all your wifi and well as ethernet devices in no time at all. A Windstream bonded DSL modem basically uses your home telephone wiring system. Owning this modem will save you a lot of money per month compared to renting a modem. 

The built-in router comes with 4 GIG-E ports, wireless security, firewall, and much more. With this, you will be able to plug in a USB storage device into the USB port, which will help you in media sharing. You will be able to get internet speed at 100 Mbps, but it also depends on your service provider. The MD 1600 helps you stay connected on a number of devices, including smartphones, computers, HDTVs, gaming stations, tablets, and more. 


  • Built-in router with the modem. 
  • You can connect multiple devices on this router. 


  • Works only with ADSL and VDSL service providers. 

3. Actiontec Wireless ADSL Router Modem Combo

Top 3 Features

  • It is a Modem Router combo
  • It does not support DOCSIS 3.0
  • The router supports a download and upload speed of 300Mbps

This is one of the most budget-friendly options for a Windstream compatible modem. It is a modem and router combo which will efficiently save space and wires in your house. It provides you with the power and flexibility that you require in order to connect all your wireless devices to the internet. It has a MIMO smart antenna that enables you to access the internet from all over the house on all your wireless devices. 

This modem router combination has a strong firewall and security system that comes packed with WPA and WPA2 encryption, which will stop hackers from getting into your devices. Another great advantage of using the Actiontech modem is the AutoDetect wizard technology that provides you with a hassle-free installation. With the help of the built-in router, you will be able to get internet speed up to 300 Mbps faster than most other routers. 

It is very easy to install and setup this modern system. This brand has become one of the best in the market, providing high-speed internet. You will be able to access the best of innovation and Technology. The customer services provided are also extremely reliable and trustworthy. 


  • Get high-speed internet all over the house. 
  • It comes with a security setup to prevent hacking. 
  • This modem router combination is very easy to install and setup.


  • This router is not very durable. 

4. Netgear Nighthawk Modem Router D7000

Top 3 Features

  • It is a Modem Router combo
  • It does not support DOCSIS 3.0
  • The router supports a download and Upload speed of 1.9Gbps

This is one of the most obvious models for those using fibre internet connections. This device will help you to save space because it is a wireless router and DSL modem combination. It has an auto-detection wizard technology that makes it very easy to set up and install. You will be able to get a high-speed internet connection with the help of this modem router combination. It has a dual-core processor that enhances performance and provides speed up to 1.9 Gbps. 

This modem supports internet service providers with the help of the Gigabit Ethernet WAN PORT. Not only will you be provided with a reliable and faster Wi-Fi connection, but this device also comes with added features like the backup to USB HDD, secure cloud function using Ready CLOUD, and much more. 

You will be able to stream movies and videos without buffering and enjoy your gaming experience to the core because it uses advanced QoS Technology. Even when you are on your mobile devices, you will be able to stay connected throughout your house because of the advanced antenna and amplifiers. 


  • The signal is effectively boosted because of the amplifiers and antennas. 
  • This modem is very easy to set up and install. 
  • You can manage the network using voice command with the help of Amazon Alexa. 
  • It has a good design that provides a better appearance. 
  • It comes with a USB port that helps with network sharing with external devices and printers. 


  • It does not work along with bonded VDSL. 
  • It is not budget-friendly in comparison to other models. 

5. ActiontecGT784WN DSL Modem Router

Top 3 Features

  • It is a Modem Router combo
  • It does not support DOCSIS 3.0
  • The router supports a download and upload speed of 300Mbps

With the help of this wireless modem router combo, you will connect all your wireless devices such as smartphones, computers, laptops, iPad, tablets, and more to the internet. It comes with a number of features, and the ADSL router modem integrates with a DSL modem to provide you with enhanced connection and security. This combination helps you save space and reduce wire in your house, and it is also extremely reliable. 

It is also extremely easy to set-up this device and it requires a minimum amount of time for installation. All you have to do is connect the DSL modem to the DSL connection at your home, which will instantly provide you with a home network. It has a very useful auto-configuration tool that takes care of the rest of the steps by itself without having for you to hustle. 

This internet solution is one of the best ways to ensure that you get an internet connection all over the house. With enhanced security features and the relative ease and speed of the internet provided by this company, you will be able to enhance your experiences. Whether it be watching movies online or enjoying a feisty game, you will be able to do so without any worry. 


  • You do not need any separate router for this modem.
  • It enables safe browsing with the help of firewall protection. 
  • It is very easy to install and setup. 
  • It is extremely affordable.
  • It has a much-enhanced appearance. 


  • This device does not come with a USB port. 
  • It only supports the DSL connection. 

6. TP Link TB 8816 Modem Router

Top 3 Features

  • It is a Modem Router combo
  • It does not support DOCSIS 3.0
  • The router supports a download and uploads speed of 24Mbps

This is an extremely advanced and pocket-friendly Windstream modem router system available. It supports and comes with a number of enhanced features such as Universal Plug and Play and DHCP. It meets the latest ADSL standards, which makes it even more reliable. You should definitely consider buying this modem router combo because it is very easy to install and setup. With the help of an auto-setup wizard, you will be able to get connected in a matter of seconds. 

There are a number of applications about QoS policies that cover everyone’s internet. It provides an extremely high-speed internet connection. With the help of this modem, you will be able to experience gaming like never before. Watch the number of videos without buffering and make the best of your time at home. The internet connection is available throughout the house because of its advanced technology. 

It provides access to the internet via ADSL services, which creates a wired sharing network with the help of a singular product. It also has a built-in firewall system that protects against hackers and other internet attacks. You will be able to serve the internet and use your connection with no worries or tension. 


  • It is extremely user friendly and easy to install. 
  • It allows a number of applications with the help of which you will be able to manage the settings. 
  • It has a two-year warranty. 
  • It comes with the recent ASDL standards for better internet coverage. 
  • It is good on the eye and can be kept anywhere in the home. 


  • It does not come with a USB port. 
  • It is compatible only with DSL internet providers. 
  • It cannot be mounted on the wall. 


Buyer’ Guide: Things to consider before buying Windstream Approved Modems in 2021

There are quite a number of modems compatible with Windstream in the market. It can hence get very difficult for you to choose one that is perfect for you and your house. If you are especially not very tech-savvy, this can be even more difficult for you to decide. However, there are a few simple things you need to keep in mind simply, and with that, you will be able to get the best modem for your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Upload and Download Speed: You can learn much about your modem strength based on these factors. While the download speed is always higher than the upload speed, you need to look for the exact numbers. You need a good download speed to download apps, movies, and more, of course. The upload speed is also quite important, making these very important considerations.
  • To Combo or not: People are often confused as to whether they should buy a modem router combo. While a combo does save space and is also less of a hassle, if you like your existing router very much, you must consider that. However, if your router is very old and has not been upgraded shortly, it is time for you to get a combo!
  • ISP Compatibility: It is very important to find out whether your modem is compatible with your ISP or not. Make sure to check this thoroughly because otherwise, you will waste a lot of your money. While big companies are supported by most of these modems, smaller companies may not be covered. 
  • Safety: With the rise of cybercrime and hacking, it is important to make sure that you are safe when browsing the internet. It would be best if you get modems with built-in security systems that provide security in a better way. 
  • Set Up and Installation: The new age modems and routers are very easy to set and won’t take time, even if you are not very tech-savvy. Make sure to get modems that are not only easy to install but also easy to use. A modem with a good user interface will help you in the long run. Make sure that they come with a number of features that will help you customize your experience according to your needs. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Windstream Modems in 2021

1. How Can I Reset My Windstream Router?

1. Most of the routers available in the market today come with a reset button. This reset button is generally provided at the back of the device. Press the button until the lights go off, and you will be able to reset your modem successfully. 

2. What Is The Ip Address Of My Windstream Modem?

2. In order to find the IP address of your Windstream modem, go to the search bar on your Windows and type CMD on the search box. A command box will pop where you must enter “ipconfig.” Here you will be able to find the IP address of your modem.

3. How Can I Change The Wi-Fi Password On the Windstream Modem?

3. In order to change the Wi-Fi password, simply go to your browser and type in the modem’s IP address in the search bar. Now simply look for the password prompt. You will find a “WPA2/Mixed passphrase WPA2-PSK”; enter the new password here and save changes. 

4. How Can I Login To My Windstream Router?

4. The first step is to set up a LAN default gateway on your router. If you want to login to your router, select your browser and put in the IP address of your modem on the search bar. Now provide your username and password and then click on “OK.”



With the help of the best Windstream compatible modem, you will be able to make the most of your money. Not only can you save but also be able to customise your Internet Services according to preference. Getting your modem is far better than renting one, and you will be able to enjoy the internet services to the fullest.