11 Cable One Compatible Modems in 2021 [ISP Approved List]

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One of the largest cable providers, Cable One, was founded in 1986. By 2011 It gave cable access to 19 states and around 65,000 customers. Cable One provides services like digital cable, broadband phone, fiber optic Internet, High-definition Television, and cable television. Being the seventh-largest cable provider, Cable one has a lot of faithful customers, who use their Internet facilities as well, and today we are specifically focused on that. They provide three plans, namely the starter, the family, and the streamer and gamer plan. Now each of these plans has specific speed and data caps, and they cost differently, too. 

The starter plan costs around $35 per month, and the plan provides internet speeds up to 100Mbps with a 300 GB data cap. The family plan, on the other hand, costs around $50 a month, and when it comes to internet speeds, it provides a maximum of 150Mpbs with a data cap around 500Gb. Lastly, the higher-end Streamer and Gamer plan costs around $75 and comes with a maximum download speed of 200Mbps with an enormous 700Gb data cap for the month. All these plans are required that you pay for the first three months, and along with each plan, you get 20 email accounts. Also, no extra contract is required for these plans. 

Cable One is also providing a premium plan called the GigaONE, which promises Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps, but it is not available everywhere in every city. This plan costs around $175 per month. Other than that, Cable One also offers a business package where the company provides Internet speeds ranging from 25 to 500Mbps. This package starts at around $74 and includes a free phone service that offers free calls to anywhere in the United States. 

Now along with these wonderful offers, Cable One also provides a rental modem router combo for $8 a month, which according to us, is not a good deal at all. If we multiply, we will see that the rental router costs around 100 dollars for a year. Now the thing is, it is highly unlikely that you will stop using the Internet after a year. So suppose you use the same rental router for around three years, it will end up costing you about 300 dollars. Now the question is, what would you save if you bought a router-modem combo. The answer would be a lot! Because cable one-approved modems are available as cheap as 40 dollars, some models cost more. But the thing is these cable one compatible modems lasts for more than three years old, so just imagine how much money you would be saved if instead of renting you bought a router instead. In this article, this is precisely what we are going to talk about.

11 Best Cable One Compatible Modems in 2021 [Review]

Buying a cable one modem separately is much more useful than renting one. Hence let us take a look at the best and latest Cable one supported modems

1. NETGEAR XR500 Nighthawk Pro Gaming WIFI Router

Top 3 features:

  1. Supports up to 2.6 Gbps
  2. Supports Alexa
  3. Uses geotagging to connect to the closest server for the best gaming experience

When you are shopping for a router, and you think to yourself, how do I know this is the best, look for what the gamers are buying. When a gamer is purchasing a router, he or she understands that no online game allows for latency issues or lag, so the router might be expensive but will be one of the best. That is precisely what this router is all about. This router comes with a straightforward User Interface and a dual-core processor, making it a very powerful router. Apart from that, the company claims speeds up to 2.6 Gigabits, for seamless Ultra HD 4K video streaming and seamless gaming experience. 

It must also be noted that this router comes with a few more features. For example, this router has built-in Alexa voice assistant support. Also, there is a feature by which this router connects to the closest servers using geo-filtering to reduce lag and latency even further. The router also has support for secure VPNs, so that your network identity is always secured. The router also has support for dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WI-Fi support. 


  • Specially optimized for zero latency and minimal lag for the best gaming experience
  • Supports high speed hence online gaming and streaming videos are a breeze
  • Supports up to 2.6 Gigabits per second Internet speeds
  • Simple UI makes monitoring the network very easy
  • HAs support for VPN


  • Expensive
  • Only one IP can be secured for remote management
  • Manual setup mode is challenging to work through

2. ARRIS SB6190 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 supported Modem

Top 3 Features: 

  1. Supports DOCSIS 3.0 
  2. One of the best-rated modems on Amazon
  3. Has 32 X 8 Channel Modem

A very simple and easy to set up, this Modem is a choice for many. This Modem is very compact and durable. This Modem supports DOCSIS 3.0. Setting up this device is a piece of cake too. There is an instruction manual given inside the box, and all you have to do is follow the instructions provided. In case you are unable to set it up even then, all you have to do is give a call on the customer care portal and tell them the model number. From there, the customer care will help you out with everything.

The Modem comes with 32 X 8 channel architecture to provide download speeds at 1.4Gbps and upload speeds at 400Mbps, which is enormous. Keep this Modem somewhere in the center of your house and then forget it even exists! That is because, with its excellent range, it will mostly cover your whole home and support multiple devices simultaneously. 

Now when it comes to the negatives of the Modem, The Modem faces a bit of a heating issue when extensive gaming or video streaming is being conducted. Although there is nothing to worry about, a fan or a heat sink near the Modem will always be of benefit. Also, it must be noted that this Modem comes with the Intel Puma chipset. Although this chipset brings down the price, customers have noticed a drop in connectivity issues, and there are also some security risks involved at the same time. 


  • Durable and very easy to set up 
  • Offers tremendous speed


  • It has a bit of a heating issue
  • The Intel Puma Chipset is a bit of a hit and miss

3. ARRIS SBG7580AC Surfboard DOCSIS 3.0 supported 32 X 8 channel Modem

Top 3 features: 

  1. Has an amazing range
  2. 32 X 8 channel architecture provides amazing speeds
  3. DOCSIS 3.0

This Modem equipped with the 32 X 8 channel architecture caters to the heavy Internet users. The 32 X 8 architecture allows users to connect and use the Internet seamlessly. With Internet speeds up to 1Gbps for downloading and 343Mbps for uploading, this Modem caters from the casual Internet user to the casual gamer. This is a very well-balanced modem that provides almost everything to its user without being too flamboyant about it. 

This DOCSIS 3.0 supported Modem is very easy to set up. The instructions are already given in the manual inside the box. Although in case those instructions are difficult to understand, You can always call the customer care, and they will guide you through the whole process. 

What is impressive about this Modem is the range. It has a very superior range and can easily cover a house that is around 2600square feet. With its remarkable range, it is a perfect modem for big offices. The negative aspect of this Modem would be the software side of things. The User interface of the ARRIS webpage is very clunky and difficult to use. When the Modem faces any issues, and you need to troubleshoot it, the interface can make things very difficult for you. 


  • It is available in very Good Range
  • Stable and durable


  • The interface is a huge letdown

4. NETGEAR CM700 Gigabit DOCSIS 3.0 Modem

Top 3 feature: 

  1. Provides great speed
  2. It is cheap hence good value for money
  3. 32 X 8 channel architecture with DOCSIS 3.0 technology

If you are looking for a high-speed modem but now willing to spend the extra bucks, then this Modem is perfect for you. This Modem will allow you to stream videos and seamlessly play online games. Since this Modem will provide you with steady speeds of 1.4Gbps, browsing will be a breeze. With DOCSIS 3.0 support, get ready to feel the pleasure of extreme speeds, which is coupled with 32 X 8 channel architecture. As we have studied before, the more the channel means more Internet speeds, the more you can imagine the extreme speeds you are about to get. 

If we have to talk about the negatives of this mode, there is one major and one minor flaw when it comes to this Modem. First, let us discuss the minor flaw. The minor flaw regarding this Modem is that with extensive gaming and Internet usage, the router seems to heat up a little. Although it must be noted that it does not heat so much that you need an external cooler. Now, on the other hand, the major flaw of this router is the Intel Puma Chipset. Granted, this chipset brings down the price of this Modem, and hence you get such high Internet speeds without spending much for this Modem, but the Intel Puma chipset has a lot of disadvantages. There have been known to be certain network problems and security issues with this chipset. 


  • Very High Internet Speeds
  • Good range
  • Relatively cheap


  • Intel Puma Chipset has some significant issues
  • Can sometimes lose connectivity

5. ARRIS SBG6700AC Surfboard DOCSIS 3.0 supported Modem

Top 3 features: 

  • Good build quality
  • DOCSIS 3.0 technology
  • Very simple and easy to use interface

This is a robust and very well built modem. This is a modem-router combo that provided the functions of both the devices on a single device. This is a very small, lightweight yet very robust and durable modem which will last for a long time. Hence more the reason not to rent a modem because soon enough this Modem will start paying for itself and will save you a lot of money. The website interface and the user interface of the Modem are very simple and straightforward; hence setting up the Modem is very easy and effortless. 

This DOCSIS 3.0 modem was tested in many labs, and the results were quite good. It was seen on the tests that the Modem showed speed in 343Mbps for downloads and 131Mbps for uploads. This proves that the Modem is more or less capable of high-quality video streaming and online gaming without any buffering or lag. 

When it comes to the negatives of the Modem, this Modem can get quite hot with extensive usage, and then an external fan or a cooling system is required so that the Modem can perform at peak capabilities for hours. Otherwise, it was seen that with extensive usage, the router got hot, and the whole Internet started lagging. Also, along with that, the signal got weak, and you will have to restart the Modem to make it normally work again. This step will need to be repeated every time there are a heating issue and regular, continuous usage, which makes it very frustrating.


  • Good build quality
  • Easy to use with a simple interface
  • Small lightweight
  • Good speeds


  • It has problems with continuous usage leading to a loss in signal and lag
  • Heats up very quickly
  • Very expensive

6. NETGEAR DOCSIS 3.0 C3000-100NAS N300 8 X 4 channel Modem

Top 3 features: 

  1. It is a 3 in 1 modem, router, and switch
  2. Good parental control
  3. Great value for money

This Modem is one the most versatile pieces of tech you will find on the market, which does not burn a hole in your pocket. That is because this is a combination of a modem, a router, and a switch. Imagine how much money you can save by buying this and not renting the other things. Also, this Modem is compatible with Spectrum, Cox, and Comcast, which even increases its versatility factor. This DOCSIS 3.0 modem also provides very impressive speeds, which makes it perfect for HD video streaming, browsing, and online gaming. In various tests, it was found that the Modem reaches speeds around 340Mbps for downloads and upload speeds of 122Mbps, which is quite impressive. The 8 X 4 channel architecture might not give the best internet speeds, but the Modem is also equipped with two-gigabit ethernet ports to provide you with an edge over the other modems. 

On the software side of things, the Modem has an app called the NETGEAR Genie app, which can disable certain websites if you want them to. Also, you can monitor your child’s usage as to what he or she is doing on the Internet. Furthermore, you can create guest networks and monitor those networks as well. The Modem also has a robust online firewall that prevents any phishing or malware from accessing your network. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Good speed
  • Can be set up very easily


  • After some time the quality of the Modem slowly degrades
  • It can be a bit difficult to use for people who have lower technological knowledge. 

7. ARRIS SBG6580 Surfboard Dual-band modem

Top 3 features: 

  • Can use both old and new generation of devices on the network
  • Has 4 Gigabit ports
  • It is a modem router combo

Another very versatile modem, this Modem has compatibility with networks such as Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Comcast Xfinity, and Cox. This is a modem with a built-in router, which helps with having a single device for multiple purposes. When it comes to downloading speeds, the router can reach up to 343Mbps, and when it comes to uploading speeds, 131Mbps. These speeds are possible due to the DOCSIS 3.0 technology used by the Modem. The 8 X 4 channel architecture, although less but is good enough for the Modem to reach the astronomical speeds it does reach. 

In case you need a fast ethernet port, this Modem comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for the maximum speed you can imagine. The Modem also has a fantastic range and is perfect for offices. At the same time, it has various security features, which is perfect because if you want to use this Modem in an office, the security measures are essential. 

The Modem also comes with an 802.11n Wi-Fi access point, which takes this Modem to a higher notch. This Modem also can be used with newer and older generation devices, making it a very versatile modem. 


  • It is very durable and well built
  • Provides good speed
  • The setup is effortless


  • The tech support people can sometimes be troublesome
  • This Modem requires a lot of reboots

8. ARRIS SB6121 Surfboard 4 X 4 channel DOCSIS 3.0 Modem

Top 3 features: 

  1. Value for Money
  2. Easy to set up 
  3. DOCSIS 3.0

A very reliable Modem, this Modem is for everyone who wants to be connected on the Internet. Not much costly yet providing all the necessary functions. Having the most effortless setup ever all you have to do is plug in the Modem and done, you are connected to the Internet. Although it comes with a DOCSIS 3.0 technology, 4 X 4 Channel architecture is definitely a letdown. Still, the Modem is capable of reaching speeds like 172Mbps for download and 131Mbps for uploads. Granted, these speeds are not that great, but it is good enough for your day to day browsing and casual gaming and HD video streaming. Hence this Modem is perfect for the average household or a small office. 

When the Modem is connected, a website opens up on the browser, and with a few clicks, your Modem is configured. The overall process is very simple and straightforward. Although it must be noted that if the router is turned on and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it can get slightly warm, so it is advisable to turn it off when not in use.


  • Average speed for the average customer
  • Straightforward and simple setup
  • Very reliable 


  • Some necessary settings are hidden which cannot be found unless search for
  • You can get a bit warm sometimes

9. Motorola SB6120 Surfboard DOCSIS 3.0 Modem

Top 3 features: 

  1. Extremely cheap
  2. High speed
  3. DOCSIS 3.0

One of the cheapest available modems on the market, this is a next-generation modem which albeit its low price provides one of the best value for money. It must be noted that it is a modem only and requires a router if you want wireless capabilities. 

Despite being cheap, this Modem can reach very high speeds. It is capable of reaching 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds. Now, these speeds are enough for the average person who uses the Internet for browsing or watching a few videos. Even casual gamers can enjoy the Internet without being interrupted. You can easily download music, games, or videos without worrying about the Internet getting slow. Also, this Modem comes with a 4 X 4 channel architecture; hence 6-8 devices can be easily connected to it. 

It must be noted that sometimes the Modem might show pop up notifications that it is time to pay for the monthly rental. That is only because the Modem was made for the rental purpose. If you actually buy it, those pop-up notifications are something you can ignore. 

The Modem also has LED lights to provide the status of the Modem at any given time. 


  • Very sleek and slim design
  • It works with a lot of operating systems
  • Extremely cheap


  • Even though you can ignore the rental pop up notifications, they can get quite frustrating considering you bought the Modem. 

10. Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem

While we have mentioned another amazing modem from Motorola, we knew we couldn’t end the list without including the Motorola MB8611 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem. This one is unlike anything else you will come across.

From the sleek and vertical design of the modem to the high-end functionalities, this modem is everything you need for superior functions and technicalities. Also, this modem is compatible with the leading internet service providers in the market, enabling you to make the most out of it. 

The overall construction of this cable modem is durable, not to say that the vertical design is extremely space-saving too if that is something you are focused on. Also, the modem is backed with the DOCSIS 3.1 wifi technology for superior user performance and experience, which is great too.

If you already have a router set up at home, you wouldn’t have a hard time integrating the modem functions with the routers. This ensures to make your life a lot easier than you’d imagine it to be. Also, remember that this is just a modem and doesn’t come with an in-built router. So, if you use Cable One, you will have to get a compatible router for it.

The heavy-duty and multifunctional cable modem is also backed with the best quality and highly lucrative Ethernet ports that allow you to connect and expand your network availability without any hassle. 


  • The sleek and vertical design
  • Integrated with latest technologies
  • Easy to set up with the router
  • Backed with DOCSIS 3.1
  • Comes with Gigabit Ethernet ports


  • Data transfer rate could be better

11. ZOOM TELEPHONIC 5341-02-00H DOCSIS 3.0 Modem

Top 3 features: 

  • Supports DOCSIS 3.0 as well as 2.0 and 1.1
  • Good speed
  • Outstanding and reliable design

This Modem is one for the homes. It has an excellent design and outstanding network connection capabilities. It supports Cable One and is one of the most taken modems by the Cable One customers. It must be noted that this Modem is just a modem and not a combo. This Modem supports DOCSIS 3.0 but, at the same time, provides support for the older technologies, which are DOCSIS 2.0 and 1.1. This is a significant selling factor for the product. 

This Modem comes with 4 X 4 channel architecture but was still able to show good Internet speeds. The Modem reached 172Mbps for downloads and 120Mbps for uploads. You can easily connect 6-8 devices with this Modem. 


  • It works perfectly with wired and wireless routers
  • It can support DOCSIS 2.0 and 1.1
  • It has good download and upload speeds


  • It costs too much for what it provides
  • You can get warm sometimes
  • It has a decent lifespan

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Things to be considered before buying Cable One Modems in 2021

Buying a router might seem easy at first, but that isn’t the case always. There is a system for buying modems and routers, and everyone needs some knowledge regarding that. Let us read more about how to buy a router-modem combo. 

1. Choosing The Perfect Modem Can Be Done In Three Simple Steps: 

  • ISP: There is a misconception among people that any modem will work with any ISP. That is not the case at all. Every ISP, which stands for Internet Service Provider, has a list of compatible modems with which it only works. In this situation, since we are dealing with Cable One, we will showcase a list of the most famous modems which work with Cable One
  • Speed: If your ISP provides higher speeds than what your Modem can handle, then the money you are paying for your Internet is getting wasted. Suppose your internal plan provides a speed of 300Mbps. Now, if you are using a 8 X 4 channel modem which provides a max theoretical speed of 343 Mbps but in reality provides a speed of 215 Mbps, you will never get the full speed for which you are paying your ISP. On the other hand, if you are using a 16 X 4 channel modem, it provides a max speed of 686 Mbps. Still, in a real-life situation, it provides a speed of 372 Mbps hence utilizing the full capabilities of your internet plan, and as a result, your money is not getting wasted. 
  • Intel Puma Chipset: There have been many known issues with modems who have Intel Puma 6 chipsets, so it is advisable to avoid them. Problems include network jitter and latency issues. 

We mentioned 3 things to look for while buying cable one compatible modems, but what does the term 16 X 4 channel modem, maximum theoretical speeds mean? 

2. Cable Modem Channel bonding

16 X 4 means that there are 16 download channels and four upload channels. In simple layman’s terms, the rule is simple; the more the channels, the more the download and upload speeds will be. So basically, the Internet speeds of a 16 X 4 channel will be greater than a 8 X 4 channel. 

3. Inaccurate speed claims 

A lot of routers will show that it can reach maximum speeds of a certain Mbps, for example, 300 Mbps. For various reasons, that is never the case. Reasons like the type of server, the speed provided by ISP, the number of people on the network, etc. 

4. DOCSIS 3.0 vs DOCSIS 3.1 

Throughout this article you will see DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 modems in the cable one modem list, what does this exactly mean? Well, DOCSIS 3.1 is the newer technology. DOCSIS stands for Data over Cable Service Interface Specification. The main difference between the two would be the Maximum speed reached over the same channel medium. 

For example, in a 32 X 8 channel modem, the real speed reached is about 650 to 700 Mbps. On the other hand, on a DOCSIS 3.1 32 X 8 channel modem, the real speed can be achieved is about 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps. This is the basic difference between the two technologies. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Cable One Compatible Modems in 2021

1. Which is the best yet cheap Modem? 

The ARRIS SB6190 SURFboard with DOCSIS 3.0 costs under $50 but provides excellent speed and a Gigabit LAN port. So this would be the best yet cheap Modem.

2. Which Modem has the best range? 

The ZOOM TELEPHONIC modem has the best range among all the ones listed

3. Which Modem works well yet looks good? 

The Modem which looks good and works well as well would be the NETGEAR C3000. It looks different than the other modems, so if you keep it in a living room, it would be a refreshing showpiece!

4. Which Modem is the absolute best among all?

The absolute best Modem among all would be the NETGEAR XR500 Nighthawk Pro. IT is costly but returns every penny in the form of value. 

5. Does any modem support Beamforming? 

The NETGEAR CM700 supports Beamforming. 



Renting a modem from Cable One will cost you a lot of money compared to buying one for yourself. Soon the Modem you will buy will start paying for itself, and it will last for a long time. Some modems have a built-in router, and there are some which do not. There are both kinds of modems listed in this article, so read and take your pick!