What is the Uplink Port on a Switch?

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An uplink port is a kind of connection device port located on a switch, router, or hub which enables the circuit transmission to get connected to receive all circuits via a standard cable ensuring a connection between two different computer networks. This kind of port is different from a general port in that a basic port needs a crossover cable to ensure a connection between two different circuit types. 

The uplink port can also help in the connection in different circuits with a general cable and it is basically used to connect a router to a modem and also for linking two devices altogether. This helps in the prevention of the need for a crossover cable while ensuring a connection in between the internet or computer via the use of a router the connection of two different networks. 

What is the Uplink Port on a Switch
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If you look at a network switch, then you can notice that a single port is a bit different from the other ports. This is called the uplink port. So the uplink port is used for connecting the device. It can overturn the transmit and obtain the circuits on a daily twisted pair of Ethernet cables which can convey with the rest of the network devices and try to, discontinue for the requirement of the crossover cables. This post is going to take you through everything that you should know about what is the uplink port on a switch so keep reading. 

The word “uplink” is used for three different terms which can be in the path of Internet transmissions. Sometimes it may use inappropriately. They are:

  • Uplink Port: The uplink port is designed for special use can be found on some pieces of networking devices which can allow the devices to convey with each other. Thus this type of device requires a crossover cable to convey, but the uplink port somehow restored the requirement of the needed cable by inventing the “switch” in the direction needed internally. We will discuss uplink port broadly in this article.
  • Satellite Uplink: The word uplink is always used in satellite communication and in this situation it always refers to using the radio wave transmission which can pass through from a transmitter on the field to a satellite. So it is the opposite version of the “downlink” which means when the connection is being transferred from the satellite to the transmitters on the field. 
  • Mobile Device Uplink: To make the situation more difficult and confusing for the users so they have made the wireless internet service providers will refer to the uplink as the only connection which is used in wireless networking. Sometimes when the person is having the package of the mobile data but is facing a problem connecting to his home Wi-Fi, then the device may connect to the Internet through physical towers which will play the role of sending and receiving the radio signals.

What is the meaning of downlink?

The term downlink refers to the connection which is made in the opposite direction to the uplink. During home networking, which means the communication from an external network to a regional network? For example, it may also, refer to a communication from the satellite to the bottom.

Some necessary items that are used as networking equipment are mainly known as network switches and routers which support uplink ports that are used for plugging in the various kinds of Ethernet Cables. The ports are mainly used for communication between the two types of devices which is the router with a modem and two network switches. 

This equipment will only focus on one uplink port which looks like an Ethernet port that looks similar but specially established for an uplink connection. The ports can be identified by the name which is printed on the cables or they may be of different colours. The traditional routers which generally used for homes will not be put in the uplink port category as uplink, but it will be called WAN or Internet. 

What is the usage of Uplink Ports?

The uplink ports can be used in several ways in case if it is for home networks but it just needs to expand the network. The uplink ports can be used for connecting the switches, routers, and hubs for increasing the maximum strength of the wired rapport on the network but it is becoming less important as Wi-Fi expands at a higher rate. But it can be useful if it is used properly. 

Let us discuss in which devices the uplink ports can be used, they are as follows:

  • Switches and Hub:

The difference between a switch and a hub can be viewed in the bandwidth. The switch can provide each connection on its bandwidth but the hub will try to share a singular bandwidth across all the devices which are connected to it. Previously the switches were more expensive than hubs but now the switches are much more affordable and it is a very capable device used by many. The Ethernet cable can be required to connect the uplink port on a router to that of the uplink port of the switch for connecting and expanding the network. But on any unchanged switch, the person can expect to use any type of switch port as an uplink port. 

  • Routers:

Most of the routers which are required at home are a combination of devices. Many people can combine the router with a switch and others can use it as a router, a switch, and a modem all in a singular unit. The Ethernet ports which can be found on the backside of the router may look the same but their function will be different. Now the WAN ports are always used to connect the Internet with the help of the modem. The uplink port is used for connecting the other networking requirements. The rest of the Ethernet ports can use to connect singular devices like smart TV or Laptop.

  • Modems:

For some other home networks, the modem is always considered as a separate and single device that can be set alongside the router which is placed. Now the uplink port will be connected to the modem to a router for getting internet access. The uplink port can be connected with network equipment with modem and router both. The uplink port is mainly used for internet connection for the required devices and the WAN port is required for splitting connection. But sometimes the uplink port is shared through an internet connection then only one device can connect at a time. So here it is recommended to connect a router to a modem rather than any singular device.

What is the usage of Uplink Ports
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The uplink port for the network switch is mainly used for reversing the transmission and receiving the circuits on a daily twisted pair of Ethernet cables. Its main aim is to allow the direct connection of the two pairs of switches.

What shouldn’t you use an Uplink Port for? 

As you now know about the uses of an uplink port, you should also know about the places where you shouldn’t use an uplink port. Here are the two conditions that should be avoided while you use an uplink port: 

  • If you want to connect a regular device such as a TV or a computer with an uplink port. 
  • Connecting two different ports. 

You shouldn’t forget to check the port very carefully before plugging any device in. If the colour of this port is different from the rest, it can be referred to as an uplink port. It can be labeled as well. 

The uplink port found on the network switch can be used in the reversal of transmission and receiving circuits on any Ethernet cable which is a twisted pair. The primary purpose of this is to enable a good connection between two similar kinds of devices. The place where a basic Ethernet cable consists of pair of wires that are connected through transmission and receiving, there would have been no communication amidst both. If you switch any circuit, it occurs in the pair itself, removing the requirement of crossover cable which also uses different wire standards at both ends. 


The uplink port on a switch or another network device for the same matter oftentimes shows a different port, but often gets labelled as either WAN, internet port, uplink. Irrespective of the kind of label, this port functions as an uplink. In the majority of the cases, the port is differently coloured which makes it easy to be identified. Modern devices also comprise a double port instead of uplink port. This is the location where a port can work as an uplink port or basic port; it is solely dependent on the kind of devices that are plugged into it. 

This is all that you should know about uplink port on a switch. Uplink port on a switch is a very essential component. There are different categories of uplink ports available in the market, so you must choose the right one depending on the kind of switch you are using.