What is the WAN port on My Router For? 

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Wide Area Network is the internet that you can use on multiple devices at your place. Routers are on the other side of the picture, the medium to transmit the internet connection from the WAN port to your devices. So, both WAN port and routers are crucial for you to enjoy watching different movies on your device or to complete your office work. 

What is the WAN port on My Router For
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Well, if you desire to know what the WAN port on my router is for then, you are probably at the very right place. The post below will shed some light on the query stated above to help you get a clear idea about the same. So, continue reading the post further for the exciting set of information that we have for you to go through. 

What is a WAN port on your router?

WAN port or otherwise known as Wide Area Network is a port that you might have seen on your router. This port helps you to connect to the internet easily and quickly. If you wish to connect multiple systems with the same internet connection then, the WAN port is of crucial importance. It will help you to connect several computers to the modem or the wall that the ISP has provided. Without the help of this WAN port, you will not be able to connect different devices to the network connection

Henceforth, you will be unable to enjoy using the internet on your device if you do not connect it. These days, using the internet is very critical as everything has become digitalized. Nothing is possible if you do not have a proper internet connection. Well, WAN will not just help you to connect with the internet but has many varied lists of benefits that it offers. WAN in general as stated above is a wide area network which means that it is not just limited to one device or a particular area. 

In addition, you might have seen a wide area network port on your router as well. This port symbolizes that you are using an internet connection that is shared with many others. The LAN is a local area network and is limited to a specific area but the wide-area network as the name specifies is for a wider area. Now that you know a bit about what the WAN port on your router is and why it is crucial, let us proceed further to know how to find this WAN port on your router. So, continue reading the post further for the information relating to the query stated. 

How do you find the WAN port?

A Wide Area Network in a general sense is the internet that you can use on multiple devices. To use this internet from the wide-area network port, you will have to connect it with your router. Without the connection of the wide-area network port and your router, you will not be able to get an internet connection. Now, this begs an important question- how do you find the wide-area network port? Is it extremely difficult and very technical? 

To get things clear and straight for you, it is extremely simple and easy to identify the WAN port on your router. You can simply identify this wide area network port with every label on your router. Interestingly, on many of the routers, a different color is used to differentiate it from other port sections. But, if you do not have a distinction then it is not a very difficult job. Though, mostly the color of the WAN port is kept yellow with a label on it as the internet. 

How do you find the WAN port
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In cases, when the yellow color is not visible than, you can identify it through the label on it. Not all the routers have the same color for the WAN port. The colors that most of the brands use for the WAN port identifications include blue, yellow, and grey. The color does not indicate anything about the port; it is merely a color that helps to distinguish the WAN port from the other ports on your router. As you have got a basic outline of the way to identify this WAN port, let us proceed further to know other details regarding the same subject. Hence, continue reading further to know another set of details regarding the same. 

When to avoid using a WAN port?

Well, there are many instances when you should be avoiding using the wide-area network port on your router. The wide area network helps you to connect to the internet connection but there are several points that you should note before proceeding to connect this port to your router. If you do certain silly mistakes, you might experience an extremely slow internet connection and henceforth, you should be extra precarious. But then the question arises what should we exactly avoid doing in the case of a wide-area network port. 

  • To begin with, you should always keep in mind never to connect another router to your same network or the WAN port. This might bring a lot of problems while using the internet on your devices. 
  • For example- when you share the same piece of fruit with someone, your share of the fruit reduces. When you connect your secondary router with the WAN port then, your secondary router will be excluded from the LAN that is the local area network. This means that you will not have to use multiple routers for a particular office or home as it will not be the best idea.
  • The best way is to connect all the devices through the local area network and then, connect your primary router with the wide-area network port so to connect all these devices with the wider network.

 Always remember that if you wish to connect your local device then, you need to use LAN instead of WAN for every device. The primary router may be connecting to the WAN but all the other devices at your place have to be connected through a local area network. Now, let us move forwards to understand why it is crucial to have routers for the WAN connections. 

When to avoid using a WAN port?
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Why is the router essential for the WAN connections?

The wide area network port that you might identify towards the backward side of your router is the main source of the internet that you get to enjoy. It is this port that helps you to connect your router to the internet which further helps you to connect your device to the router and henceforth to the internet. A few of the reasons why routers are essential for the WAN connections have highlighted below. 

  • The main task of your router is basically to redirect all the internet traffic with the help of this WAN port. This is not just limited to redirecting the incoming traffic but also the outgoing traffic. 
  • Interestingly, as you are have connected all your devices to the same router so, all the traffic will go through the same port as the IP address of your location will remain the same. 
  • The routers play a very significant role as without the routers, you will not be able to enjoy using the internet connection. Routers are the medium to transmit the internet connection from the WAN port to your devices. 
  • Alongside, the router is also burdened up with the responsibility of redirecting the package requested by a particular device after identifying it. If you directly connect the WAN port to your device then, you will be limited to using it on that device only. But, with the help of a router, you can use the same internet on multiple devices

These were a few of the notable functions of the routers that help the users in a lot many ways. Routers play a very significant role in providing the internet that you use very conveniently. Without connecting the routers to the WAN port, you will not be able to enjoy watching different videos or movies on your device. So, to enjoy the fast and smooth experience of the internet connection, you need to make sure that you have a single WAN connection with the primary router. 


Routers indeed are very significant as modern life has become digitalized. Everything today is done through the online mode, and hence, if you do not have a good internet connection then, you might fall into big trouble. Hopefully, all your queries regarding the use of wide-area network ports have been cleared. Always ensure that when you connect the WAN port, try to avoid using two routers as that will disrupt the local area network. In addition, also ensure to take proper care of your router as that is the key to all your problems at least these days when everything relies on a good internet connection.