How to Change Your IP Address?

How to Change Your IP Address

With the internet having over 4 million users, you are exposed to a lot of public and private connections that you don’t have a lot of knowledge about. Some are safe and secure while others are planted by the prying eyes on the network. Your IP address is likely the most important aspect of your …

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How to Move Modem and Router to Another Room?

How to Move Modem and Router to Another Room

So, you place your modem and router in the living room of your house thinking that you’d be able to get maximum coverage throughout the house. But, alas, that didn’t happen. What happens when you find that your modem and router is likely not providing the same efficiency and speed like it would have when …

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Do You Need a Modem and a Router?

Do You Need a Modem and a Router

Having a viable internet connection is the need of the hour. Every person with work needs a good and stable internet connection and a modem and router play a quintessential role in the same. Broadband plays a crucial role in many aspects of our lives. From work to general life, it helps keep you connected …

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How To Limit Bandwidth on Your Router

Limit Bandwidth On Your Router

So, imagine yourself playing your favorite online game, only to realize that you aren’t able to make the most use out of it, mainly because you have your other family members accessing the internet at the same time as you. Sounds pretty frustrating, doesn’t it? Well, this is where you have complete control by limiting …

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Why is Tonor TC-777 the Right Choice for Distance Learning? – Detailed Review Guide

Why is Tonor TC-777 the Right Choice for Distance Learning?

In this Pandemic, we all have shifted to online classes and distance learning as a virtual learning method. Apart from a good-quality laptop and a camera, teachers also require a professional microphone to record their sessions or instructional videos and do live classes. This is because the distance learning part involves a sizable portion of …

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How Long Do Routers Last?

How Long Do Routers Last

Like any other electronic device, even your router comes with a limited period. And, to be fair, the timespan is generally between 5-7 years, depending on the quality and the upgrades it has gotten. If you are experiencing issues with connectivity or delays in the network speed, maybe it is time to finally consider changing …

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If I Connect To Someone Else’s WI-Fi Can They See What I’m doing?

If I Connect To Someone Else’s WI-Fi Can They See What I’m doing

High-speed internet isn’t just a luxury now; it is a necessity. Starting from individuals to enterprises, everyone needs lightning-speed internet to carry their business operations and network capabilities seamlessly.  However, data isn’t cheap, and buying your own internet package can cost you a fortune. Some people rely on Wi-Fi for their daily quota of the …

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