How to Move Modem and Router to Another Room?

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So, you place your modem and router in the living room of your house thinking that you’d be able to get maximum coverage throughout the house. But, alas, that didn’t happen. What happens when you find that your modem and router is likely not providing the same efficiency and speed like it would have when it was in your room?

Sounds like a pretty hectic job to do, right? Don’t worry though because when you have the modem and router stationed in one room, you can move the same to a different room. All you need to do is find the right spot and invest in the right ways to do so. 

In this article, we will be discussing everything there is to know about shifting your Sparklight compatible modem and the other elements around the house. Not just the modem, we will also discuss ways to move your router to a different room without any hassle.

Does the placement of the Modem and Router matter?

To answer you in brief, yes it does. On the contrary, the placement of your router and modem decides the amount of internet speed and accessibility you will get sitting in your room on the first floor of your house.

So, if you have gotten your hands on a router or modem with less coverage, chances are that you will face issues with the compatibility and the outreach that you get in the long run. More than the modem, you need to be mindful of the router placement because moving a router from one place to the other is extremely tedious.

With modems, you need to place them close to the network connection, so you have limitations in those cases too. If you have your cable network or the DSL internet installer in one room with limitations, you will need to leave the modem out in that room. 

However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you move your router, you need to move your modem too. This is not something you can likely compromise on. However, with modems and routers, if the coaxial cable is stable, you wouldn’t have to worry about moving it around the room again, which is great.

How to decide if you can move your modem to another room?

Since modems are more sensitive to moving, we’d recommend that you find whether your modem is even compatible to be moved to other rooms or not. Generally, there are a few important factors that can help you find about the same.

Following are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when checking, be it for a Comcast Xfinity compatible modem or some other variants.

  • Start by checking the back or bottom of the modem to check the type of connection it uses. The majority of them use the coaxial connection or the DSL internet variant. It depends on the brand of modem that you are using and it will differ from one brand to the other.
  • Once you have determined the kind of internet connection you have, you can check for the kind of connector that you have lying in the other room that you want to move the router to.
  • If your modem has the same connectivity cables in the room next door, you can consider moving the modem without any hassle. This is applicable for all the leading brands of modems, including Verizon FiOS and others.
  • Once you are done making the move, you need to check whether the internet connection is working seamlessly or not. If it is working fine, you can leave the modem there and call the entire move a success.

How To Move the Modem and Router to The Next Room?

With the basic introduction out of the way, the next thing we need to do is think about moving the router and the modem. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Look at the installation process

Before you plug out your router and modem from the power outlet along with the ethernet cables, you need to familiarize yourself with the varying cables and the different kinds of ports that the cables were attached to. This ensures that you can replug them once you are done moving the modem and router to the next room.

  • Prepare the cable route

Once you are familiar with the setup and the installation process, the next thing that you need to do is prepare the cable route. Be mindful of the Ethernet port and prepare the route based on the new location. Make sure that you visualize all the cables and then predict the route accordingly.

  • Power off the devices

Following preparing the route of the cables, the next thing you need to do is power off both the modem and router before you consider moving them to a new location. Make sure that you power off both the devices before you plug out the cables.

  • Relocate and reconnect

Once you are done with the unplugging process and you have a fair idea of where you are going to place the router and the cables involved, you can set them up accordingly and call it a day. When you are plugging everything back in place, you need to ensure that you pay close attention to the Ethernet cable and the port.

  • Disconnect

Once everything is set up, you need to plug and reconnect all the devices and ensure that the internet connection is working properly. In case it isn’t, you either have to rework the issue or have to look into the administrative panel of your modem or router, be it of the RCN compatible or Frontier compatible devices.


Can a modem be moved to a different room?

Yes, you can move your modem to another room; at least it is possible in most cases. But if your DSL or cable internet installer ran a new line only in one room, then it can be difficult to sift your modem. In that case, you will need to leave your modem as it is.

How does changing the placement or position of your router help?

The placement of your router determines the speed and accessibility of your internet. To get maximum coverage, you need to be close to your router. You will face connectivity issues if you move far away from your router. This is why you need to be careful with the placement of your router. You should place it in a room from where you can easily access the internet.

Where is the best place to set up your router?

The best place to put your router is in a central location. You should set your router in an ideal location, so you can enjoy strong signals from all corners of your house. Moving your router a few feet can also make a huge difference in your internet speed and accessibility.


If you are here struggling to move your modem and router to the next room, we hope this article gives you all the details that you need to know of. From the importance to the steps, we have tried to include everything that you likely need to know about.