How to Change Your IP Address?

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With the internet having over 4 million users, you are exposed to a lot of public and private connections that you don’t have a lot of knowledge about. Some are safe and secure while others are planted by the prying eyes on the network. Your IP address is likely the most important aspect of your internet crawl, keeping your identity open to the people who are surfing the internet as you are.

However, with so many lurking eyes with ill intentions, it isn’t surprising that people are constantly looking for ways to either conceal their IP address or end up changing it for good. An IP address keeps all the global addresses and networks organized, ensuring that every user has a unique online identity.

Some routers and even WOW compatible modems and VPNs can help secure your IP address but how are you going to change it? If you have thought about it, we have got you covered with all the details. Here’s what you need to do.

What is an IP Address?

Before we delve into discussing the ways to change one’s IP address, the first thing to discuss is what it means. We understand that not everyone reading this is going to be a tech-savvy individual and that’s completely fine.

An IP Address, otherwise known as the Internet Protocol Address, consists of a series of unique collections of numbers that designate the individual’s device’s location. This means that whenever someone connects to the internet using a router, computer, smartphone, etc., they are assigned a unique IP address for seamless communication with the other networks.

The IP address, although it might seem like a random string of numbers, contain details about your country, state, and even the zip code that you are accessing the internet from. Not just for the organization of the global networks, IP addresses also help trace and reduce the risks of cybercrime.

What are the different types of IP Addresses?

Coming to the next point of discussion, we have the available types of IP addresses. There is your standard and a few different types that you need to familiarize yourself with. Some of the most important ones include:

  • Public IP address
  • Private IP address
  • Local IP address
  • Dynamic IP address
  • Static IP address
  • IP version 4 IP address
  • IP version 6 IP address

Why should one consider changing their IP address?

It doesn’t matter what kind of router, Wi-Fi, or modem you are using, even if it’s the Comcast Xfinity compatible one, changing the IP address can stem from several issues. From security reasons to enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of a network, there are several reasons you might consider changing the IP address.

Some of the most common ones include:

  • Access different types of the area or country-restricted content on the internet.
  • You aren’t able to connect to your router, modem, or Wi-Fi for unknown reasons
  • Reduce or eliminate your digital footprint while you are scrolling on the internet
  • Avoid risks of throttling from various ISPs that you might be using to access the internet
  • Enhanced security with data protection
  • Bypass the firewalls inflicted by several webmasters on the internet
  • Connect two devices with the same IP address

How can you change your IP address?

This is the section of the article that you have likely been waiting for. The steps are simple, all you need to do is find the correct procedure for yourself and end up getting the same done.

  • Walk down somewhere else

Since IP addresses are location-based, the first and likely the most effective way to change it is by going somewhere else to access the internet. If you are sitting in your home and you don’t want to give away the IP address, access the internet from a park nearby. 

Also, if you are accessing the internet using your home Wi-Fi connection, switch it off and access the internet using the standard mobile data. This should take care of the IP address too. The process is just that simple.

  • Reset your modem

If you are using an RCN compatible modem or anything else for that matter, the best way to change the IP address is to factory reset your modem. Doing this completely resets and changes your IP address along with it, making the process of changing your IP address a lot simpler for you. 

Unlike a router that requires a lot of things and professional knowledge for resetting, the same isn’t the case with a modem. With a modem, all you need to do is take the plug off and leave it off for 30 seconds and then plug and switch it back on. The process is just that simple.

  • Use a VPN

VPNs are a boon, especially when you are trying to access different shows or online games and websites that are likely not available or restricted in your state or country. Using a VPN allows you to bypass that restriction and access the content by concealing your IP address. 

What a VPN does is conceal your IP address and make it private. From there, it signals the network that you are accessing the internet from a different location through an encrypted tunnel, thereby allowing you to access whatever you want to on the internet without any restrictions.

  • Use a proxy server

Sometimes, changing the proxy of your web browser settings can significantly help improve the privacy of your IP address. HTTP is a standard web proxy setting that you can make the most use out of. However, if you need more particular settings, we’d recommend that you change or configure them according to your needs.

Changing your IP address can do a lot more than you can imagine. With the rising rates of cybercrimes and threats, more and more people are now engaging in either concealing or consistently changing their IP addresses to ensure that things run smoothly for them without scouring the network for their personal information. If you have been struggling to change your IP address, we hope this article gives you all the details that you likely need to be aware of.


Why is the IP address important?

The Internet Protocol Address or IP Address consists of a series of unique numbers that indicates the location of your device. All devices such as computers, smartphones, routers, etc., are assigned an IP address when the devices are connected to the internet. The IP address of your device is important because it contains details about your state, zip code, and even the country that you are accessing the internet from. 

Are there different types of IP addresses?

Yes, IP Addresses can be of different types. This includes:

  • Public IP address
  • Local IP address
  • Private IP address
  • Static IP address
  • Dynamic IP address
  • IP version 4 IP address
  • IP version 6 IP address

Why do people change their IP addresses?

There could be various reasons for someone to change their IP address. Some of the most common causes are:

  • To access location-restricted content on the web.
  • To reduce your digital footprint while surfing the internet.
  • To avoid throttling risks from various internet service providers.
  • To increase security and data protection.
  • To connect more than one device sharing the same IP address.
  • To bypass firewalls.
  • To connect to your modem, router, or Wi-Fi