Best Battery For Kayak Fish Finder [Top 11 Powerful-But-Compact Options For 2021]

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Kayak fishing has become very popular recently. It means fishing in a kayak. But fishing in a kayak is very different than fishing in a boat. First of all, you will be very close to the water and won’t have much space to move around at all. But it’s not all downsides. There is a huge benefit as well. With a kayak, you will be able to go into narrow canals and spaces to fish. So you will be able to get some great fish. But finding fish isn’t so easy when you have limited space to store the fishing equipment. There is also the issue of paddling the kayak and keeping it balanced even when you are fishing. As a solution to this, you should get a fish finder and get a powerful battery to power it. 

If you are planning on long fishing trips where you spend hours hunting and laying bait for fish then you will need a powerful battery that backs up your fishfinder. After all, a fish finder will help you find hidden fish in narrow canals as well as help you find fish in deep waters. That’s not all. If you have a fish finder with a GPS then you will be able to track your path and know where you have dropped your nets as well. During long-distance kayaking trips, this will help you get back without any issues. But to support so many features you need a good fish finder. In turn, to support a great fish finder you are going to need a powerful battery. 

A battery of 12V will be sufficient for any kayak fishing trip. But the best batteries offer a lot more especially since you will be in uncertain waters. These batteries are also spilled proof and have the necessary protective coverings to ensure that they don’t leak out into the water. You will find that the best batteries are also compact and lightweight so that it’s easy to carry and you don’t face any issues while packing it on your kayak. 

There are a lot of manufacturers who are making batteries that are fit for kayak fishing. But it’s very difficult to figure out which ones are the best. This has been especially true since the rise in the popularity of kayak fishing. It has made many manufacturers pursue making a battery that will fulfill the needs of a kayak Fisher in 2021. So to help you out here’s a list of the very best ones available in the market: 

11 Best Battery For Kayak Fish Finder in 2021 [Reviews]

The best batteries to help power a kayak fish finder won’t be very costly. But they will come loaded with features that will make your kayak fishing easier and better. The batteries mentioned below are some of the very best available in the market. These are well rated and reviewed by hundreds of other people. Those batteries are: 

1. ML5-12- SLA Battery

  • Weight: 2.97 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 3.54 x 2.76 x 4.21 inches

This 12 volt and 5 AH SLA or Sealed Lead Acid battery will give you the power you need to power your fish finder for hours while you are hunting for fish. It makes use of a calcium-alloy grid that will give you amazing performance. Whether you are using it on a kayak or for cyclic applications, this battery will get the job done. The battery is spill-proof so you won’t have to worry about it at all during your trip. 

The battery uses an AGM or Absorbent Glass-Mat technology. This comes with a valve-regulated frame which enables you to use the battery in indoor and enclosed environments. Due to this feature, you won’t have to worry about leaks. You also won’t have to worry about maintenance for a long time since the battery will provide you a far superior performance. 

Apart from powering kayak fish finders, you will be able to use this battery in various other applications. This includes consumer electronics, garden tools, electric vehicles like golf carts, solar toys, and more. You will even be able to use this for powering lights during emergencies. This is a rechargeable battery which means that once its power runs out you can simply recharge it easily. 

You will be able to mount it in various positions without worrying about vibrations or shocks. It has been designed in such a way that it absorbs it all. This will be beneficial when you will be kayaking in uncertain waters. Also, no matter when you choose to go kayak fishing you can rest assured of this battery’s performance. After all, it will give you high performance in both low and high temperatures. Do make a note that it doesn’t come with any kind of mounting accessories it wire harnesses. So you will have to buy everything needed to attach the fish finder to it. 


  • Spill-proof
  • Shock resistant
  • Temperature resistant


  • AH could be better

2. SLA Replacement Battery

  • Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.72 inches

This battery has been made using lead-calcium alloy and it offers you 12 volts of power and 7 amp-hour-hour. It is a sealed lead acid or SLA battery that is rechargeable through the T1 terminal. It has been put through a lot of extensive testing to make sure that it will be able to work perfectly in any kind of situation without any problems at all. 

The battery has been encased in an external frame which is very durable and tough. No matter how many twists or turns you take, the battery frame won’t break. This ensures that the battery will always function at its best. The battery comes with a patented seal that prevents corrosion. This extends the longevity of the battery and ensures that you will be able to use it for a long time. 

You will find that the battery has been constructed in such a manner that it can work with multiple applications. This versatility means that apart from using it for kayak fishing, you will be able to use it in your alarm systems as well. Want to put it in your mobile scooters to drive it around? Yes, that’s possible as well. 

The battery acid is enclosed in Absorbed Glass-Mat technology which ensures that there’s no leakage. As a result of this, there will be no spills at all. So you don’t have to worry about battery acid leaking on your fishing trip in the boat. What’s more, is that this tough technology ensures that you don’t need to invest in maintaining this battery. The tough outer and inner shell keeps the battery safe. 


  • Tough exterior
  • No leakage
  • No corrosion


  • Amp-hour-hour could be higher

3. Power Wheels Battery

  • Weight: 9.61 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 5.87 x 5.63 x 4.5 inches

This battery comes with 12 volts of battery power. It will help you power a variety of different applications. But no matter what your power you will always get the best performance along with great durability. To help you understand and use this battery better, it comes with an important instruction booklet.

The battery is compact so you won’t have any issues carrying it on your kayak. It is also durable and resistant to sudden shocks. As such it won’t incur any problems during your kayak fishing trip. It is advised that you fully charge the battery before storing it. This will ensure the longevity of the battery and prevent it from failing sooner.

The battery comes with a self-resetting, internal fuse which will prevent any kind of accidents from happening. This adds an extra layer of safety. Due to this, you will be able to carry the battery on your kayak without any worries at all. Also since it is a self-resetting fuse so you won’t have to bother yourself with dismantling the battery in any way. 

It’s advised that you should invest 18 hours at the very least in charging the battery for the first time. But do keep in mind that it shouldn’t exceed 30 hours. When it comes to recharge, invest 14 hours at least but don’t exceed 30 hours. Do keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a battery charger. So you will have to buy it separately. 


  • Self-resetting fuse
  • Durable
  • Max performance every time


  • Buying a battery charger

4. ExpertPower EXP1270 Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

  • Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 5.9 x 2.5 x 3.7 inches

This 12-volt 7-amp-hour rechargeable battery comes with a very tough exterior which ensures its durability. Its external casing consists of hardened ABS-plastic. This helps protect it from leaks and spills. This durability is important on a kayak fishing trip. You might have to paddle far and have to tackle uncertain waters. In such times having a tough, reliable, and sturdy battery will bolster your confidence and help you navigate using the fish finder better. 

Along with being durable, the battery is shock and vibration resistant as well. This ensures that it won’t bruise on the outside or inside easily at all during your tumultuous kayak fishing trips. The battery has been properly sealed as well which prevents it from getting corroded. It also prevents any debris from entering it. When you will be in your little kayak, there’s a high chance of water damage and corrosion. This seal will prevent that. 

The battery acid is encased within a technology called Absorbent Glass-Mat. This also prevents any kind of spills and leakages thus, making your kayak fishing easier. Due to this hardy and powerful technology you also won’t have to worry about maintenance at all. It gives the battery a longer shelf life without any discharge problems. 

Apart from using it in kayak fish finders, you will be using it for your home alarm systems and cable boxes as well. Along with this, you will be able to use it in general electronics, lighting equipment, solar collectors, electric scooters, medical devices, and many other applications. This is made possible because the battery is compact and small in size. Such a small size will also allow you to carry it on your kayak for fishing easily without adding much weight. 


  • Spill and leak proof
  • Durable exterior and interior
  • Corrosion-resistant


  • Amp-hour could be better

5. Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH

  • Weight: 22.9 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 5.16 x 6.42 x 7.68 inches

This 12V battery comes with 35AH which provides a lot of power. The battery has been created by using VRLA technology. This prevents any kind of over pressurization and spilling. The outer frame of the battery is durable and sturdy. Such features will be really useful when you will be using your kayak for fishing. The troubled waters won’t bruise or break the battery. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the battery acid spill. 

This rechargeable battery is maintenance-free due to the VRLA technology as well. Yet along with this, the Automated Glass-Mat technology also helps. Due to this, there’s no risk of leakages or spills at all so you can forego worrying about maintenance. Take your kayak and fishfinder out without any worries of contamination. 

The battery comes with a very important feature- it allows flexibility when it comes to mounting it. So you can mount it in any way you want without issues. This will be very useful in your rough and tumbling kayak. As such you will be able to mount the fish finder without any issues. If you feel like the handles of the battery are in the way of operation then you can easily remove them. 

Apart from using in kayak fish finders, you will be able to use the battery in various other versatile applications. You will be able to use it to power wheelchairs, elevators, trolling motors, marine motors, electric scooters, solar storage, medical equipment, and even RVs. But do keep in mind that this isn’t a car battery so don’t put it there. This can cause damage. 


  • VRLA and AGM technology
  • High amp-hour 
  • Flexible mounting


  • The weight might be heavy for some

6. Compatible 12V 35AH Battery

  • Weight: 48 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 12.25 x 9.31 x 9.63 inches

This 12-volt battery comes with 35 amp-hour which gives it more power. Made from Absorbent Glass-Mat technology, it assures your superior performance. You will find that this technology prevents any leaks and spills. This feature will certainly be vital for any kayak fisher since water and weather conditions are always uncertain. As such there might be unexpected turbulence that can throw the equipment around. But due to this technology you don’t have to worry. 

The battery is made of very durable material which ensures that it can withstand any kind of shocks and vibrations. So you can fish in peace without worrying about any leaks in your catch or water. This will increase the longevity of the battery too. To help improve longevity, even more, the battery comes with a 1-year warranty as well.

The valve regulated battery offers additional safety when it comes to discharging. You will be able to use the battery in a variety of applications other than fish finders. The battery can be used in consumer electronics, golf carts, engine starters, electric vehicles, garden tools, medical equipment, solar tools, motorcycles, emergency lighting, and many more. 

A very useful feature of this battery is that it can be easily mounted in whatever position. You like. This will give you freedom of operation since you will be able to fix it according to your needs and not the other way around. This will give you flexibility when you will be on troubled waters in the kayak using the fish finder. You will be able to adjust the battery according to your needs. 


  • Absorbent Glass-Mat technology
  • Shock resistant
  • Flexible mounting


  • It might be too heavy for some 

7. Power-Sonic PS-1290 Battery

  • Weight: 5.98 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.86 inches

This compact and lightweight battery will fit right in your kayak. You will be able to carry and use your fish finder and other equipment with ease without worrying about the battery taking up too much space. 

This 12-volt and 9 amp-hour battery come with a durable external covering which ensures that it remains always sturdy. Such a strong covering will prevent it from getting bruised or broken. Due to this, there will be no spillages as well. The battery features F2 terminals and it is rechargeable as well. So if it goes out of power, all you have to do is simply recharge it. 

The battery is sealed to prevent corrosion as well. Also due to this seal, you won’t have to worry about maintenance. After all, the seal will prevent any debris or water from entering the battery. So you can take it with you on your fishing trips without worrying about water damaging the battery or corroding it. This will make it last longer. 

The battery uses Absorbent Glass-Mat technology which keeps the battery acid from spilling. This is so strong that no matter the circumstances, there will zero spillage. Moreover, to ensure better safety, the battery is valve regulated as well. The battery can be used in various other applications other than just fish finders. You will be able to use the battery on access control, fire alarm, and burglar alarm. 


  • AGM technology
  • No spillages
  • No corrosion


  • amp-hour could be better

8. Mighty Max Battery Sealed Lead Acid Battery

  • Weight: 5.10 Lbs
  • Batteries: 1 12V 
  • Dimensions: 5.94 x 2.56 x 3.94 inches

This 12-volt 9-amp-hour battery is made up of the very best calcium-alloy grid. It is heavy duty and ensures that you always get superior performance. Due to this, you will be able to use the battery on both cyclic and float applications. Do keep in mind that the battery doesn’t come with any other extra accessories. So if you need a harness or mounting equipment then you will have to buy them. 

The battery makes use of Absorbent Glass-Mat technology to ensures that there’s leaking of battery acid. This technology is so strong and secure that you won’t have to worry about maintenance at all. Due to this, you will be able to use the battery in both indoor and enclosed environments. To add an extra layer of safety, the battery makes use of a valve-regulated feature as well. This will give you more control over it. 

You will be able to mount the battery anyway you like. This flexibility will make things easier for you in the long run. When you will be in a kayak paddling or fishing, the ability the mount the battery however you like will come in handy. To make things more secure the battery also comes with a full one year warranty. 

Apart from using this battery in fish finders, you will be able to use it in a variety of other applications. This includes engine starters, electric vehicles, golf carts, garden tools, medical tools, portable tools, access control, lighting, consumer electronics, motorcycles, and more. This battery will let you go kayak fishing anytime you want since it will be able to operate in widely varying temperatures. Due to this, you can use it for different applications within one day. 


  • No spills or leaks
  • Wide temperature operation
  • Flexible mounting


  • Amp-hour could be better

9. ML9-12 – 12 V 9 Ah Rechargeable SLA Battery

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 6 x 2.5 x 4 inches

This lightweight and compact 12-volt 9 AH battery makes use of a high-quality calcium-alloy grid to give you superior quality performance. Using this you will be able to get exceptional service in both cyclic and float applications. 

The battery from Absorbent Glass-Mat technology which will ensure that you don’t have to worry about leaks anymore. This valve-regulated design will prevent any kind of spills from even taking place. Due to such a tight protective feature, you won’t even have to engage in maintenance work. This technology will ensure that you can use the battery in indoor and enclosed environments. 

The battery is very durable and it is vibration resistant as well. Apart from using in fish finders, you will be able to use the battery in electric vehicles, consumer electronics, garden tools, motorcycles, solar toys, lighting, medical equipment, security systems, and even more. 

You will be able to mount the battery in any position you like. This flexibility will allow you better accessibility and ease of operation. Know that this rechargeable battery doesn’t come with any mounting accessories or wire harness. So if you need those you will have to buy them separately. 


  • No spills
  • Flexible mounting
  • Vibration resistant


  • The amp-hour could be better

10. ExpertPower EXP12200 12 Volt 20 Ah Rechargeable Battery

  • Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Batteries: 1 12V
  • Dimensions: 7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57 inches

This 12 volt and 20 amp-hour SLA battery are made using the best quality materials. It comes with a battery case that is impact-resistant. It is made from ABS plastic which makes it resistant to strong chemicals, vibration, heat, and shock. As such you will be able to take it on your kayak and power the fish finder without worrying about the battery getting damaged. 

This rechargeable battery is very easy to install. Apart from powering a fish finder, you will be able to use the battery to power several other applications as well. This includes consumer electronics, lighting, and such. 

These batteries are built to last and to help it last longer it comes with Absorbent Glass-Mat Technology that prevents spills. No matter where the battery is put, it will keep on performing without any leaks. Moreover, this technology ensures that you don’t have to invest in maintenance as well. 

The battery can operate in any kind of weather since it has a very large temperature range. So you will be able to use it for powering the fish finder in cool weather and then use it to power another device in sweltering heat later on. 


  • Large temperature range
  • Absorbent Glass-Mat technology
  • Impact-resistant


  • Might be heavy for some 

11. SLA Replacement Battery

If you are a water adventure enthusiast, you’d know how frustrating it is to run out of battery in the middle of kayaking or when you are out fishing. However, the SLA Replacement Battery can be your savior for the day.

The replaceable battery is a 12V 7amp hour sealed lead acid battery that can last you for a few years without any complications. This is an extremely versatile and high-quality battery and will accommodate and fit in a variety of applications, as the demand requires.

From alarm systems to scooters and your kayak fish finder, this is a multipurpose replaceable battery that you can use for multiple purposes. Also, the acid inside the battery is formulated with Absorbed Glass mat technology that ensures low-maintenance and spill-proof results. 

The sides of the battery come with a high-quality patented sealed post that prevents the risks of corrosion and ensures that the device comes with extended battery life without complications. The Chrome batteries come fully charged as well, so you can set it up once it’s delivered.


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Durable construction and easy to set up
  • Filled with lead-acid for superior functions
  • Come with patented sealed post 
  • Spill-proof results


  • Gradually loses the quality and efficiency

Buying Guide To Choose the right Battery For Kayak Fish Finder

You will be able to secure a battery for a kayak fish finder easily. It also isn’t crazy expensive so you don’t have to worry about it burning a hole in your pocket. But you should get the right features in exchange for the price.

Many manufacturers make batteries that seem to be very powerful and have versatile uses. But the real question when buying is- which one is real and which one is a scam to get your money. To help you out here are the very basic features that you must check when you are buying a battery that will fit your fishfinder. 

1. Battery Type

Not all batteries are made from the same material. As such different batteries have different limitations and benefits. You will have to identify which one works for you the best. Know that most batteries are made keeping in mind various other applications so there isn’t any such battery that has been made specifically for fish finders.

But batteries which are made from Automated Glass-Mat technology are more durable and prevent any leaks or spills. As such they will be useful during kayak fishing trips since there’s no guarantee what kind of weather or water condition you might have to face. 

2. Mounting

Kayak fishing using a fish finder isn’t easy. There are a lot of variables that have to be considered and most of these change pretty frequently, like the weather. So you will need a battery which comes with a flexible mounting system. This will allow you to change it according to your needs and the situation you are in.

3. Charging

If you love to go kayak fishing with your fish finder for hours pretty regularly then make sure to get a battery that can hold a lot of power for a long duration. Know that the higher the amp-hour the more hours you will get. For casual kayak fishermen, a battery with 9 amp-hours and such will be fine. 

4. Charging Time

Keep in mind that the higher the amp-hour the longer the charging time. So if you cannot wait for hours to charge your battery then you will have to compromise and get a battery with lower amp-hour. A major deciding factor in the charging time is the charger. For example, if you use a 2amp-hour charger for a 10amp-hour battery then be ready to wait a couple of days to fully charge it. So get a charger with a higher amp-hour to get fast charging done. 

5. Sealed

When kayak fishing, the battery will be exposed to water and other debris. As such you should get a battery that is tightly sealed to prevent corrosion. This seal will even ensure that acid doesn’t leak outside of the battery. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Battery For Kayak Fish Finder

1. Where to mount the battery for kayak fish finder?

First, you should get a waterproof battery pack to put your battery in. Then make sure to install it in a place where it will be away from the water and yet accessible to you. Know that Saltwater will rust it quickly and you will be left with an unstable battery. 

2. Will it damage the battery if you overcharge it?

There is a possibility that your battery will get damaged faster and won’t last long if you keep on over changing the battery. But doing it a couple of times by mistake is fine and your battery performance shouldn’t be affected. 

3. Can you use a half-charged battery for powering the fish finder?

Yes, you can, but the number of hours you will get to operate your fish finder will significantly decrease as well. If you are planning a short kayak fishing trip and don’t have time to fully charge the battery then you can take the battery half charged.

4. Should you drain the battery fully before charging?

You shouldn’t fully drain the battery before charging it unless and until it is specifically stated on the battery. This is because the voltage levels within the battery can be disrupted due to frequently fully draining the battery. As a result of this, your battery can get damaged or won’t perform at its optimum level. 


Battery-powered kayak fish finders are powerful and will give you long hours of battery life. With this, you will be able to enjoy fishing for hours. The batteries are spill-proof and very durable as well. You will find that these will last you for a very long time. So, make your choice!