How Much Does a Laptop Battery Cost?

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If you have bought a new laptop and the battery isn’t charging, chances that the battery is faulty. However, if the laptop is old and the battery has stopped working, it’s time to replace the old battery. No matter the battery is damaged or old, they lose their power with time and as they continue to lose their efficiency, they can become fully charged to dead in minutes. 

How Much Does a Laptop Battery Cost?

If you notice that your battery is draining faster or not functioning properly, you must replace it with a new one, because the battery’s health is one of the important factors that affect the functioning of the laptop. 

Wherever you notice that the laptop isn’t functioning properly, check its battery. To inspect the battery, remove it from the laptop carefully. Don’t remove it soon after using the laptop. The battery will remain hot. Do you see any swollen touch or cracked feature on the battery? If you see a gummy residue or any leaking or broken plastic, you must order a new battery immediately. 

How often do you need to replace a laptop battery?

It’s expected that the laptop battery would deteriorate in quality gradually and would lose its power to retain a charge. You would understand that your battery needs to be replaced by looking for a few signs. If you notice any of these, it means, the laptop’s battery needs replacement. Some of the signs are: 

  • Little Use Time

When you notice that the battery power is getting drained at a rapid rate, understand that your battery quality is fast deteriorating. If the battery dies soon after you are recharging the device, you need to inspect your battery’s condition. No matter what laptop it is, a fully charged battery is expected to run for 4 hours continuously. If the battery runs out in 1 hour or less, replace it immediately. 

  • Unexpected Power Issues

See if the laptop shuts down irregularly. If yes, check the battery’s condition. If the laptop is shutting down unnecessarily, even after it’s being charged completely, you can assume that it’s because of a faulty battery. 

  • Slow Charge

If the battery is alright, it would take only one and hours maximum to get fully charged. But, if the battery is malfunctioning, it will take time to be fully charged. If this happens, you need to replace the old battery with a new one. 

  • Overheating

Different laptops come with different types of cooling mechanisms. But, while working, if the laptop becomes too hot to be touched, it means something is wrong. It might mean that the battery is overworking and cannot provide enough cooling to the system. A hot laptop also becomes noisy because the internal fans work too hard to cool the device. 

If you see the laptop is becoming extremely hot, you better unplug it and switch it off. This will prevent any further damage. 

  • Age of the laptop 

No device’s designed to last forever. Every machine deteriorates at a slow rate and a laptop is no exception. With age, the battery will automatically deteriorate in quality. So, if you notice that the laptop is taking time to charge or running out of charge, or shutting down irregularly, it might be because of its age. Usually, a laptop battery provides optimum services for 3 years. After that, it gradually starts to deteriorate. 

Age of the laptop 

Nowadays, various companies provide additional software to their users that assess the overall condition of the laptop, including the working of its components. MAC users receive such software. But, if you are using a laptop of another brand, you have to generate the battery report from the internet or store to check the battery’s condition. 

We have listed the signals that indicate a malfunctioning battery. Depending on the signal you receive, you must determine if it’s time to replace the battery or not. Now you must be wondering how much does a laptop battery costs. We have discussed that below. 

How Much Does a Laptop Battery Cost?

Laptop batteries have to be handled carefully. If they get damaged once, you cannot repair them. They have to be replaced. Now the price of the new battery depends on several factors. Firstly it depends on whether the battery is generics or original. The latter would cost more than the former. 

Original batteries usually have a double value than generic ones. However, the cost of original batteries largely varies from brand to brand. It entirely depends on the company and the model you are buying. Usually, they range from 3,500 to 10,000 or even more. 

Without a proper battery, any laptop would be useless. Since it’s one of the most important components of the laptop, the battery is of great importance. No two batteries are the same. They have different models, performance features, sizes, and prices. The higher is the battery’s price, the better would be its performance rate. If you buy a high-end laptop, make sure to buy a high-end battery too, once the old one becomes useless. 

So, how much does a laptop battery cost? Well, it’s entirely dependent on the type of the battery, model, laptop’s model, and everything else. However, keep in mind that every time you go to replace the old one, you don’t have to buy it from the laptop’s manufacturer. They would charge more. Buy original or generic batteries as per your choice from any reputed store. But, before buying make sure the battery caters to your system’s specifications and requirements. 

Laptop Battery Cost

Since we are discussing the laptop’s battery in detail, we must also mention that there are three basic types of batteries: Li-ion, NiMH, and Nicad. The most common type of battery is lithium. But, a branded lithium battery would cost as high as Rs. 8000 to 10,000. 

What is the average life of a laptop battery?

People expect a laptop’s battery to run properly for years because they spend a huge amount of money replacing it. Unfortunately, the batteries function the best for the first three years of their usage. Usually, they work fine for the first four hundred charges. After that, the batteries start to lose their capacity. If the battery provided 4 hours of runtime in the beginning, it would slowly reduce to 2 hours by five years. 

Needless to say, the lifespan of laptop batteries varies accordingly. Nowadays, people are buying lithium batteries as they are known for their longevity and low prices. Let’s know more about lithium batteries from below. 

What is a Lithium Rechargeable battery?

A lithium rechargeable battery is a long-lasting durable battery that has the same lifetime as any original battery. The initial cost might be higher, but once you buy them, you don’t have to replace them after every 3 years. That saves you money in the long run. Usually, an average of 6 to 9 cell laptop batteries cost US$120. 

Seeing the high price of these batteries, isn’t it better to buy a new laptop instead? Many people aren’t considering this fact and ending up being scammed. Some manufacturers deliver top-quality batteries at high charges. Therefore it’s advisable to think and then decide if buying lithium batteries is worth it. A lot of manufacturers are even selling fake products, in the name of lithium batteries. Therefore, inspect the product thoroughly and make the right decision. 

If you are willing to know how to keep the battery in good condition and extend its longevity, we have brought to you 3 useful tips. Follow them and you are sure to get evident results. 

2 secrets to an extended-lasting laptop battery

If you want to extend the longevity of these batteries, you must keep in mind the tips we have mentioned below. Let’s go through them without any further delay. 

  1. The battery life is affected by other factors like the brightness of the screen, how the laptop is being used, a network of the area, etc. If you need to work on the laptop for a long time, make sure there’s a little charge consumption as possible. 
  2. Look for alternative third parties. In that case, you don’t have to pay such high prices to buy a battery from the laptop manufacturer. To get third-party solutions, you must search for the model and the type of battery on Google. These replacement batteries that you would get at a low price wouldn’t deliver long-term services. Remember that. You need to replace them within a year.


In this guide, we have covered all the important details of a laptop’s battery. By now you must know how much does an average original battery costs. Always go for the original ones, even if they are high priced. Lastly, take care of the batteries. Don’t overcharge them. If the battery is full of charge and the light turns off or white, unplug it. Similarly, don’t work on the laptop when its battery percentage is below 10%. Following these tips will help you to extend the longevity of your laptop’s batteries.