How to Find Out What Kind of Laptop Do I Have?

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There are various reasons that one must need to check his laptop model and specifications. He can compare his new laptop with the previous laptop or he might be comparing his latest laptop specification for any video games to check if they can work properly. So whatever, the reason maybe it is very simple to find all the relatable specifications on your laptop. So in this post let us discuss some tips then it will be easier for the person to check the model number and specifications of your laptop. To know more about finding out what kind of laptop you have, read this post till the end as it will tell you everything you should know about the same. 

How to Find Out What Kind of Laptop Do I Have

The laptop is a very essential thing and in the present times, it is owned by almost everyone. Earlier desktops were more popular than laptops but with advancements in technology and other factors, laptops have become very popular in the market. There are a lot of benefits of using a laptop and the uses are unlimited too. Be it gaming, storing your files, or any other thing, you can always have a laptop handy for all your uses. If you want to find out what kind of laptop you, you can do that very easily. A laptop offers various benefits like convenience, portability, etc. 

How can you know about your laptop better? 

There are 4 different ways by which you can know more about your laptop. These 4 ways include: 

  • Using information related to Windows System 
  • Inspecting all other device parts 
  • Searching for the model number downwards 
  • Exploring the control panel

The first thing that people notice about your laptop is whether it has a good appearance or not. The first impression is always created by the outer appearance of your laptop. The outer look might give you a brief idea about your laptop but if you want to know other relevant details, you must know its model number to find out the real specs. Hence, for all laptop users, it is very important to know the model number to figure out what kind of laptop they have. 

 Thus the model number can help you to check your laptop specifications and it may be easier to find the necessary information. But in various cases, people can easily, check the model number. Thus try to flip the laptop then you can see that at the bottom, there is the logo and a text but sometimes the models and the information both are listed all together but other laptops may have this information separately.

How can you know about your laptop better

But all laptops are not having all this information at the bottom. The person needs to eliminate the bottom panel to verify the model number of your laptop. Thus it is easier to find the model number in the control panel. The instructions are as follows:-

  • First, the person needs to type the control panel in the search option at the lowermost of the screen. Then click the control panel option which occurs in the search option.
  • Then you will system and security in the first choice select the option.
  • After that select the “system” option.
  • Thus, it will occur with all the information whichever you want about your laptop.

If the user wanted to know the information about GPU, CPU, or how much RAM your laptop is having then there are different paths to verify check the information. To check the CPU’s instructions, the person needs to follow these easy steps, they are as follows:-

  • First, he needs to right-click the Windows option in the lowermost corner side. Then various options will come on the screen.
  • Then click the System option located in the middle column.
  • Now you will see an about page, just a little down you will see the device specifications option. Then the CPU of your laptop will be verified next to the processor option.
  • The person can also check about RAM section in the device specification column.

Now the person must rarely check what kind of motherboard you are having on your laptop. So he needs to follow some easy steps. They are as follows:-

  • First type on the system information which will occupy the search bar at the lower part of your screen.
  • Then the application will occupy called system information which appears in your search option, immediately click on that.
  • Here you will see a huge list of information and instructions but at the bottom, you will see the baseboard manufacturer click on that. This will be your brand for your motherboard. Now below that, you will find the baseboard model or baseboard product which will be your motherboard’s model number.
  • The person can also use the system information option to check what kind of CPU and GPU you are having on your laptop. It can also check about the usage of memory or how memory you have downloaded.

How to find the model number of your laptop?

Your laptop’s model number can provide you with details about the specs of your laptop and also information related to troubleshooting. Mostly, the model number can be located easily. You can just flip your laptop downwards to find the model number and other related details. The model number is an important thing that can help in collecting other details about the model of your laptop. 

How to find the model number of your laptop

If you play games on your laptop then GPU is necessary. You can also check that your laptop is fulfilling all the requirements of the game or you can compare it with another type of model. Thus for all these the person needs to find out what kind of GPU, he is having. To check the GPU specifications, one needs to follow the steps:-

  • First, you need to right-click on the window logo at the bottom of the left corner. There you will see a menu with various options.
  • Then select the device manager option. 
  • Now you will find various drop-down menus where it will provide all the names of every device of your laptop and it can also, connect through USB and Bluetooth. 
  • At the top, you will find display adapters, click on that option. 
  • Now your GPU will be listed under this option. But you should carefully check the standalone GPU and integrated graphics occur on the CPU. But the important option is standalone GPU.

The person must also check the RAM section and how much you have used and how much it is left. Thus let us discuss the instructions for additional methods for verifying the RAM’s system.

  • First, right-click on the start option of your window at the lowermost of the screen.
  • Now click on the System option which will appear on the screen.
  • After this you will see an about page kindly slow down a little bit, you will find device specifications. Here you will check the quantity of RAM you are having and it is named installed RAM.


Now, when you will check for information about your laptop, it helps you to find out about the configuration of your laptop. For example when you and your friend both purchase HP elite book 840 G6 then one can have the i5 processor with 4GB of RAM and the other one can have an i7 processor with 8 GB of RAM if you know all these it will help you with other issues. But if you want to upgrade your RAM then you should be aware of how much you are having and so you need to know how much you required.

One must check the laptop’s basic specifications by open the search menu and check the laptop’s features. Then on the device specification page, one must see the processor and the installations of the RAM. The people can also check the capacity of the hard drive where Windows Explorer can check the laptop. 

If you are having your previous laptops where you can’t start your favourite game and it will require additional memory and will require an SSD card. If that is necessary then you need to update your laptop.

There can be many reasons why you might have to check the kind of laptop that you have and the first thing to check is its model and specifications. You can compare the specs of your laptop to the requirements of the game you want to play to ensure whether the game can run on your laptop. Regardless of what the reason is, it is comparatively easy for you to find the specs and model number on your laptop.

This was all about knowing your laptop model and other information. You can easily find out the model number of your laptop by flipping it downwards though in some cases, it can be found along the side of your laptop too. Finding out what kind of laptop you have can be very helpful for you if you want to know your device better.