How to Charge a Laptop Battery Externally [Ultimate Guide]

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A laptop is widely used for all purposes. To begin with, a laptop can be used for official purposes and entertainment purposes. The wide range of uses that this technological device can have makes it more popular and vastly preferred. A laptop has been able to revolutionize working styles for its sheer ease of access and portability. This means that customers, in general, have always preferred a laptop to a desktop because they can be carried from one place to another and can be used for around 4 hours on average without connecting to a power source. However, the units need to be charged for a considerable period. Now, if you are suffering from battery issues and need to charge the laptop battery externally, then you can follow the given methods.

1. Charging laptop battery with USB

The laptop can be charged with the help of power banks or a mobile charger in some cases. Each laptop comes with connection ports of category A and category B. Type-A port can only connect devices that draw power from the laptop like when you charge electronic devices like mobile phones and power banks. Moreover, these ports are also used to connect with external devices like speakers and mouse. 

Charging laptop battery with USB

The type B ports are used for providing power to the device. This type B port comes in handy when the laptop has to be charged without a laptop charger. It must be noted here that not all laptops come with a B port. You might go through the device manual to find out whether the laptop model has a port B or not. Sometimes the port B can also be referred to as port C. 

2. Charging laptop battery with Universal Power Adapter

This is one of the most common ways to charge the laptop battery externally. The Universal Power Adapter can breathe life into dead batteries. Moreover, this technique is used to charge the first time after they are manufactured. However, you must check the compatibility of the laptop batteries with the Universal Adapter. This is because if you end up using an adapter that is not compatible with the laptop batteries, then it might damage the unit. It is recommended to ask for seller help or technician help before buying a universal adapter. 

3. Charging laptop battery with External Battery Charger

You can also make use of an external battery charger for charging the laptop batteries. These third-party adapters are very useful and can charge the battery unit well. There is a list of permitted third-party battery chargers for charging laptops. You can always get relevant information about this list from the laptop manufacturer’s website. However, it is crucial to check the compatibility of the unit with the external battery charger to prevent damaging the laptop battery. Moreover, a wrong external battery charger can hamper the performance of the laptop. 

Charging laptop battery with External Battery Charger

4. Charging laptop battery with AC Adapters

It is a common observation that a majority of the laptop models come with AC ports that make them compatible with the adapters. Hence, the complete process of charging with an AC adapter becomes simple. However, in case the laptop does not come with an AC port, then it is recommended that you contact the laptop manufacturer or seller to get one. Moreover, if the laptop battery comes with enabled high-end features, then you can establish a direct connection between the laptop and the AC power and start working seamlessly. 

5. Charging laptop battery with Super Batteries

Super batteries can be used for charging the laptop and are a great source for the same. This is because the super batteries can retain the charge for around 8 to 10 hours. Therefore, the laptop can work without a power source for a longer time. Moreover, the super batteries can be charged without an original laptop charger. Therefore, the use of these batteries is recommended, if you are planning to travel with the laptop and might find no time to charge it. Replace the laptop battery with the super battery and you can run the laptop for longer periods. 

6. Charging laptop battery with Solar Energy

This is one of the most environment-friendly and productive options to charge the laptop battery externally. The modern world is moving towards sustainable sources of power and solar energy is one of the popular and widely used renewable sources of energy. Solar energy can run almost anything including pumps and windmills. A single solar cell works by converting the cosmic rays into electricity. This power can be transmitted to electronic devices via batteries. Solar energy can be used to transmit power to both DC and AC devices. Therefore, if you have access to solar power, then it is recommended to use the same for charging your laptop batteries, as it is clean and green. 

Charging laptop battery with Solar Energy

7. Charging laptop battery with Portable Laptop Charger

This is one of the best devices to use in place of a laptop charger. A portable laptop charger is mainly used by people who travel everywhere to remote areas, where finding a power source might be difficult. Using a portable laptop charger will let you work seamlessly without having to worry about running out of power. However, it is crucial to check the compatibility of the unit with the external battery charger to prevent damaging the laptop battery.

8. Charging laptop battery with Power Bank

A power bank can be used to charge the unit in times of emergency. If your laptop comes with a type B or type C port, then you can find a compatible power bank for the laptop model and charge it without any issue. 


What is the best way to charge the laptop battery externally?

The best way to charge the laptop battery externally is by using the type C port and a power bank for emergency purposes.

Which is the best power source for externally charging the battery?

The best power source for externally charging the battery is solar power, which is clean, green, and good for battery health. 


These are the methods, which you can use to charge the laptop battery externally. However, it is always recommended to contact the manufacturer or the seller for getting an adapter or external charger as these units have to be compatible with the laptop model that you are using. Getting the correct charging unit is crucial as this will prevent the laptop from getting damaged.