Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Wi-Fi Router in 2023 [Detailed Reviews]

Netgear Nighthawk AC3000 Review

In the modern age, when there is so much to learn and explore, everyone requires a good quality internet connection. The internet connects an individual to the world of opportunities and discoveries. For advanced speed quality, you need a router in place. A router allows multiple computers to share a common internet connection and provides …

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Netgear N300 Wireless Router in 2023 [Review]

Netgear N300 Review

Pandemic and work from home policy generated a massive demand in equipping yourself with an optimal internet connection. Internet connection doesn’t only need an ISP, as different peripherals play a crucial role in making the connection worthwhile. Routers are among those essential peripherals that provide mediating internet connection to the devices. Without this device, it …

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eATX vs ATX- Which Motherboard Should You Buy?

eATX vs ATX- Which Motherboard Should You Buy

Are you planning to build a PC all by yourself? In that case, you should think about one of the most important components and that is the motherboard. A motherboard happens to be the backbone of a PC and it is available in different sizes. This includes eATX, ATX, Mini ATX, and Micro ATX. But …

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What Is The Difference Between Modem And Router?

Modem Vs. Router

What Is The Difference Between Modem And Router? Routers and modems are two of the most common computer peripherals out there. They are so common that you will find them in every household. Speaking of modems and routers, many of you use the terms interchangeably. But that is wrong as both routers and modems are …

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