What Are The Types Of Routers? Top 5 Routers & Benefits

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Before moving ahead, you must get introduced to what a router is. A router is a device that’s used for transferring data amongst different networks. Data collected from internet sources is transferred via packets and routers carry on the part of moderating traffic to various networks in the system. Minimum two networks should be there to connect the router. They can be either WAN or LAN. The majority of the routers are positioned at those gateways at which different networks get connected. There are different kinds of routers like core, wired, virtual, edge, and wireless available in the market. The main function of a router is to choose a better route for directing all packets so that they reach quicker. The mail carrier can be a good example here. 

How can routers ensure the seamless running of a business organization?

Routers can help your business get connected to the outer world while safeguarding all important information related to business and preventing security risks. They can also improve the level of productivity, reduce costs and enhance customer service. 

How are routers used by businesses?

Routers are used for managing different types of communication that take place in a business organization. This can include video, voice, and data along with access to WiFi. 

There are different ways mentioned below in which using the best modern router combo for wow can help your business develop: 

  • Distribution of business applications 

Routers can be very helpful for you in sharing business applications with your employees including those in varied locations. This can make sure that everybody can access the important tools equally and increase their productivity. Routers can also allow you to use beneficial business functions like videoconferencing and IP voice. 

  • Enhancing information access

Employees need very quick access to all information for making reliable decisions. Routers can help in proving easy access to the employees can view the businesses data. 

  • Improving customer assistance 

Customers nowadays expect to receive quick responses to all their queries. For fulfilling these requirements, a business must have a more responsive network that can be assured by the best DOCSIS 3.1 modem router combo

  • Decreasing operational charges 

The technology used by riders can create many positive impacts on the bottom line of your business organization. Routers make sure that your business is connected to a reliable network and this can help in growing your small business venture without repetitive technological modifications. 

What are the top 5 router types?

The top 5 different types of Router are as follows: 

1. Wireless 

These routers can commonly be found in homes or offices. It can create wireless signals which make the transfer of data packets easier. You can secure these routers by setting a specific username and password. This way, no one else can connect to it without knowing the credentials. Due to its strict security, no information about the user gets leaked. One can avail these routers everywhere and they are used by numerous users. 

2. Wired Router

We hope you have been able to get the meaning of the item from its name. A wire is used to connect to the network. When you visit any office or college or bank, you often might observe that a laptop or computer has an internet connection through an Ethernet cable, and that works as the wired router. The wired router has a separate Wi-Fi access point. If you want your phone to be connected to the internet, you can use VOIP (voice-over IP technology). There’s also an ADSL available nowadays which a modem is, consisting of two jacks, one to connect mobile phones and another for the ethernet cable. 

3. Edge Router

This kind of router is fitted at the end of the network system and can connect to the core routers. Edge routers can both be wireless and wired and have the ability to distribute internet between one or multiple networks. However, an edge router isn’t capable of distributing internet data within networks. 

4. Core Router

These types of routers are designed to operate in the core networks or internet backbone. These routers are capable of providing high-speed internet to multiple telecommunication interfaces that utilise high-speed internet data. A core router can also forward IP packets at full speed on all telecommunication interfaces. Also, it is compatible with the routing protocol that’s implemented in the core. Unlike the edge router, a core router is capable of distributing internet data packets within networks but also between multiple networks. 

5. Virtual Router

If you have a computer sharing network, you must know that this is the default setting. The virtual router functions according to the mechanism of the virtual router redundancy protocol. The virtual router becomes active if the primary router is disabled or stops working. This system includes multiple routers together so that they can share a common IP address. Now, the main virtual router of every group handles the IP packets. If the main router stops while functioning, the other routers would become active.

What are the benefits of using a router? 

As a user, you can enjoy the following benefits from a router: 

  • You can enjoy less network traffic because of the collision feature and broadcasting domains. 
  • It provides you the best route across a network because a router has an IP address and a Mac address. 
  • A router makes it easier to connect to wireless or wired networks. 
  • A router is highly secured with a password. It isn’t easily hackable. 
  • There’s no loss of information. 
  • A router can help you connect to a variety of network systems such as WiFi, Ethernet cables, WLAN, etc. 
  • You don’t have to worry about a bunch of wires, because you can access the internet from your laptop or computer by using a wireless router! 


That’s all we had to talk about a router. It’s an important hardware networking idea that’s used for analysing, moving, or receiving internet data packets within a network or between multiple networks. We have also mentioned the different kinds of routers and how do they function. A router offers more network functionalities than any switch or hub. You can look for some of the best modem router combo for wow available. They come with advanced security options which protect your device from being hacked easily. The security software however has to be updated by the user from time to time. 


What is the maximum range of WiFi routers?

Using the general thumb rule that’s often used says that WiFi routers function on a 2.4 GHz band and are capable to reach up to 150 feet indoors and 300 feet outdoors. 

Is it worth buying a router?

Yes, buying a router is useful and worth the long in. Though the initial costs would be higher, in the long run, your monthly internet bill will reduce. Nowadays, even combination devices are also available that do the work of both a router and a modem. 

Do I need both a modem and a router?

Modems and routers are two different electronic gadgets. However, with the advancement of technology, these devices have been combined into one gadget now. No longer do you have to buy a modem and a router separately.