Linksys Vs. Asus Router In 2023 – What Are The Best

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In today’s digital world having the fastest internet connection is no longer a luxury, but it is a necessity. From office work to education to searching for information, we need the internet in almost every aspect of our lives. We have reached such a position were imagining a life without the internet is just impossible.

To get fast internet speeds you must have a quality router. This is where all the confusion starts. Two of the top router brands are Asus and Linksys. If you are confused between the two, we can help clear your confusion. After all, you are not the only one who is experiencing this dilemma.

Both Asus and Linksys are known for manufacturing high-performance routers. Their routers are capable of providing excellent network connection facilities. It is because of this reason that users find it so hard to decide between the two. 

Before we move onto the comparison part, remember you need to choose a router that is compatible with your internet service provider. For instance, if you are a subscriber of Verizon Fios, then you need routers compatible with Fios and so on.

Linksys Vs Asus Routers

Choosing between Linksys and Asus routers is difficult because both the brand stands for high performance. But certain factors can help you make the right choice. In this section, we will discuss the notable differences between both brands. By the end of this post, you should be able to decide what you want.

Linksys Router Brand

Linksys is a widely recognised manufacturing company that specialises in networking hardware. It was established in 1988 in California, United States and since then the company has grown to become popular worldwide. The company is mainly known for producing wireless routers, Ethernet switches, wireless internet video cameras, and network storage systems.

Why Linksys router?

Opting for Linksys routers can bring you many benefits. One of the best things about Linksys routers is that you can connect them to a Wi-Fi network with the help of an app. What we mean is that you can control the networking from anywhere you want. 

The parental system enables the whole facility to have an internet connection without any interruption. Most Linksys routers are equipped with a dual-core CPU to provide you the best internet connection.

Linksys AC1900 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band+ Router 

The Linksys AC1900 Wi-Fi Wireless Dual-Band+ Router is one of the best routers available on the market. This is a high-performance dual-band router with USB 3.0 ports.

You can achieve up to AC1300 Mbps and N600 Mbps speeds with the help of this Wi-Fi router. This is an app-enabled router that allows you to control networking from anywhere you want. All you need to do is link the router with the Wi-Fi app.

Another great thing about this router is that it has three external antennas to provide a maximum range. All three antennas can be adjusted to catch the strongest signals. But above all, this router is supported by almost all types of Wi-Fi devices. 

This is a powerful router that is designed to give you high internet speeds. With the Wi-Fi app, you can have full control over the network. It is also loaded with WPA/WPA2 encryption and parental control system. This helps you to keep the device safe and secure.

The beam-forming technology provides excellent connections without any disturbances. It comes with a dual-core 800 Mhz CPU for super-fast processing. It also has four-gigabit ports that allow you to connect wired devices.

The power adapter and the Ethernet cable allow you to engage the router in nonstop internet service. This router has the potential to even reduce buffering. Overall, this router is considered the best within this budget. It is a smart router with an affordable price tag.

Asus Router Brand

Asus is a top-class brand that specialises in electronics and network hardware. The company was established in 1989 in Taiwan. Since the time of its inception, Asus has been offering the best quality hardware to people. The company is also popular for manufacturing various phone accessories.

Why Asus router?

Asus is known to manufacture high-performance routers that are compatible with most internet service providers. Let’s say, you are a WOW subscriber, you can get the best router for WOW internet from Asus.

The best thing about Asus routers is probably the mesh Wi-Fi system. These routers also come with a powerful dual-core CPU that enables the routers to provide the highest performance. Not just that, but Asus routers also allow you to connect all types of external storage drives using USB ports. 

Asus AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

Coming from a reputable brand like Asus, we simply expect it to be a high-performance router. Well, you won’t be disappointed because it is indeed a great router. For fast internet speeds, you can rely on this router with closed eyes.

When it comes to routers, Asus is undeniably the best. This dual-band Wi-Fi router is designed to give you high speeds up to 1900 Mbps without any interruption. Not just that, but it is also equipped with a dual-core CPU that enables it to deliver high performance every time.

This Asus router is great for smart multitasking. It is provided with dual-band connectivity for compatibility and great performance. It features the ASUSWRT web-based interface, which gives you an easy setup facility. 

This is possibly the best gigabit Wi-Fi router with MU-Mimo, Aimesh. With the help of the ASUS router app, you can control, manage, and monitor your network directly from your smartphone. 

The router is also equipped with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports, which allow you to hook all sorts of external storage devices. It comes with multi-stage protection that helps keep your sensitive data safe and protected. It is packed with the Aiprotection protection system that is designed to keep all your digital activities safe.

This router is not just great in terms of performance, but it is also quite durable. You can go on for years without having to replace it soon. However, it is a bit more expensive than the Linksys router. But given the features of the unit, it is worth paying for.

Final Word

From the above comparison, we can conclude that the Asus router is good for super-fast performance. Also, has multi-stage protection that helps keep your devices and data safe. Moreover, it is also suitable for multitasking. On the other hand, the Linksys router is not user-friendly. But in terms of affordability, it is cheaper than the Asus router. Now that you know the major differences between both brands, it should be easier for you to make your pick.


Why choose Asus routers?

Asus routers are designed to provide incredibly fast internet speeds to Wi-Fi devices with support for the new standard. Another great thing about Asus routers is that they are equipped with super-fast USB 3.0 ports. Also, Asus routers are a great choice for large apartments as they provide better network coverage.

How long do Linksys routers last?

Linksys is known to manufacture durable and long-lasting routers. Once you get a Linksys router, you can expect it to last 8 to 10 years. However, it also depends on how you use it.