What Headphones Does JackSepticEye Use? 2023 Edition!

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If you are into gaming and follow gaming YouTube channels, then it’s safe to assume that you already know about JackSepticEye.

For those who are not familiar with JackSepticEye, he is an Irish let’s play YouTuber with over 16 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

This Irish boy belongs to a small town called Athlone. Just like every other YouTuber, he started small, but with his passion, he managed to make himself worldwide. 

He started his YouTube channel back in 2007 and now he is a successful YouTuber. His real name is Seán William McLoughlin. He is a self-made millionaire. He achieved all of this through his YouTube channel.

As a let’s play YouTuber, you can imagine the tech he owns. Out of all his gadgets, he is the founder of his headphones. If you are looking for high-quality headphones, then getting the same pair as he can be a great idea. In this post, we will discuss, the headphones he is currently using.

JackSepticEye’s Current Headphones 2023 Edition

Image Product Features Price
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Battery life up to 30 hours
  • Comfortable to use
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Philips X2/27 Fidelio Over-Ear Headphone Philips X2/27 Fidelio Over-Ear Headphone
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cable management clip
  • Great noise cancellation
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Beyerdynamic Headphones Beyerdynamic Headphones
  • Highly comfortable
  • Instrument separation
  • Great for gamers 
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As an established YouTuber, he has to invest to get the best techs for himself. For a professional YouTuber, having the best pair of headphones is a must. That being said, let’s check out the headphones that are currently used by JackSepticEye.

1. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

When it comes to headphones, Sony is one of the leading brands in the market. They have taken the noise-cancellation feature to the next level. This pair of Sony headphones reflect the quality and features you can expect from Sony. It is one of the finest headphones made by the company.

The first thing you will like about this headphone is the digital noise cancelling feature. It is designed to give you a virtually soundproof experience. It cuts out all outside noises so that you can enjoy a clear sound. It comes with a built-in mic which allows you to take hand-free calls. If you are busy, you don’t even have to use your hands to receive phone calls.

To make things more convenient, it is made compatible with Alexa, so that you can voice access to music, information, and more. These headphones are loaded with innovative features. The quick attention mode allows you to pay immediate attention to a conversation. All you have to do is cover your right ear cup to turn down the music.

You can also adjust the ambient sound to enjoy the best noise cancellation. This is one of the headphones that come with long battery life. With just a single charge, it can last up to 30 hours of playtime. This means you can use it for uninterrupted entertainment.

Headphones are best enjoyed when they are comfortable to wear. The good thing is that these headphones feature an ergonomic design with foldable earphones for listening comfort and easy travelling. The headphones come with a charging cable, carry case, and audio cable to establish a wired connection.


  • Great noise cancellation
  • Battery life up to 30 hours
  • Comfortable to use
  • Foldable design
  • Good for travelling


  • Very expensive

2. Philips X2/27 Fidelio Over-Ear Headphone

Philips is yet another established brand that is known to manufacture high-performance headphones. The Fidelio X2 headphones are designed to give you authentic listening experience. With this headphone, you can enjoy exquisite sound in great comfort. It allows you to immerse in pristine sound details. It is not just great in terms of performance but also features a stylish look. Whether you are using it at home or while travelling, it will give you the best sound experience that you seek.

Unlike other headphones, it comes with a custom-fit design, so that you can feel comfortable even after wearing it for longer hours. There is no doubt that these headphones are designed for total enjoyment.

It has powerful 50mm neodymium drivers for a wide range. Although it provides wired connectivity, it can be easily managed with a dedicated cable management clip. It allows you to keep the cord tangle-free. It gives you pristine sound fidelity with acoustic open-back architecture.

The headphones also come with double-layered ear shells for sound precision. For extra comfort, it has ear pads made of deluxe memory foam. It also has breathable velour cushions that help dispel heat and pressure. It also allows you to adjust the airy hammock with 3D mesh to get a perfect fit. The headphones come with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor as well.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cable management clip
  • Great noise cancellation
  • Perfect fit


  • Wired connectivity

3. Beyerdynamic Headphones

Jack’s Beyerdynamic headphones are a stylish pair of headphones. The good looks of the headphones are what makes it more appealing to the users. However, it is not just about great looks, it also has all the features that you will love.

These headphones are quite comfortable to wear. This could be the perfect choice for people who want to use their headphones for longer hours. It is designed with padded velour cushions for extra comfort.

The headphones also provide you a custom fit. The headband makes sure that it fits both small and big heads. Other than good looks and perfect fit, it also gives you a great sound experience. This is one of the best performing headphones in the sound department.

The headphones give you an open-air sound with controlled bass imaging. Despite all these features, the headphones are not overpriced. Also, they are used by many professional YouTubers.


  • Velour cushion pads 
  • Bass Imaging
  • 250 OHM drivers
  • Highly comfortable
  • Instrument separation
  • Great for gamers 
  • Long-lasting


  • None as such 


Our Pick

Now that you know the headphones used by JackSepticEye, here are our reviews on his old headphones.

The Fidelio headphones used by Jack are quite old. But they are still one of the best headphones you will find. If you are looking for high-performance headphones, then this could be your option.

The best thing about the Philips Fidelio X2 headphones is that they are quite affordable. In comparison to other high-quality headphones, they have a lower price tag. This means that anybody with a knack for good headphones can buy it.

These headphones not only look great, but they are also highly comfortable to wear. They are designed with soft cushioning that rests on your ears. You can use these headphones to enjoy all types of music. To enjoy bass, you may have to adjust the bass settings a bit. That’s because these headphones are designed for mid-range sound. 

These headphones are flat-folding. They have their outside shell made of aluminum. This makes them highly durable. You can easily carry them wherever you go without any worries. These headphones are meant for long-lasting use. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding JackSepticEye Headphones

1. What are the things to look for when buying headphones?

When it comes to buying headphones, there are a few important things you need to consider. This include:

  • Noise cancellation
  • Fit and comfort
  • Sound quality

2. How does noise cancellation work in headphones?

The noise cancellation technology works with the help of microphones. They catch low-frequency noise and then neutralise it. The headphones produce a sound that is -inverted by 180 degrees to noise. This helps in cancelling the sounds so that you can enjoy a great sound experience.

3. What are the advantages of using Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headphones are wireless headphones. They are any day more advanced than wired headphones. The main advantage of using such a headphone is that you don’t have to deal with tangled wires. Also, you can pair your headphones with any other Bluetooth device including a music system, computer, laptop, and smartphones.

4. What is the average battery life offered by Bluetooth headphones?

Most headphones these days come with all-day battery life. However, the runtime may differ based on the price tag of the headset. The more expensive ones will give you more battery life and vice versa. Some headphones give you up to 30 hours or more hours of battery runtime.

5. What are some of the best headphone brands?

If you are looking for the best headphone brands, then you should try Sony, Philips, Bose, and JBL. These are some of the top-rated companies. They have the best headphones under their wing. They may be expensive, but they are worth every penny.

6. What should you look for when buying headphones?

To buy the best headphones for yourself, you should consider the following factors:

  • Sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • Comfort
  • Durability

7. What makes quality headphones?

Headphones that come with good sound sensitivity are considered to be better. By the term “sensitivity” we mean the ability of the headphones to detect sound. 

8. Can headphones lose audio quality?

High-quality headphones should last you for years. They don’t lose audio quality, they just stop working.

9. Are wireless headphones worth it?

Yes, wireless headphones are worth it, especially if you want to travel with your headphones. They offer better connectivity and range of motion. Also, they are more convenient to use.

10. Which one is better for gaming – Headphones or Headsets?

Both headphones and headsets offer you noise-cancellation features while gaming, so you don’t get distracted. The major difference between a headphone and a headset is that the latter is the headphone set with a mic attached. Both can be used for gaming purposes, but a few things make a significant difference between them for gaming purposes.

Headsets are more convenient and appropriate for frequent multiplayer. They are also handy during travel because you don’t have to carry headphones and a microphone separately. But, if you are an occasional multiplayer and travel freak, you can go for a budget headphone.

Gaming headphones offer better sound quality and noise isolation than a gaming headset. Somewhere, the sound quality of gaming headsets gets compromised by the sound input from the built-in mic. Generally, gaming headphones come with a 5.1 – 7.1 surround sound and multiple audio channels to enhance the gaming experience. On the other hand, gaming headsets have excessive bass to offer loud explosion sounds and effects.

So, it is better to go for headphones and a separate microphone for gaming purposes if budget is not a constraint. Otherwise, a decent headset is a good choice for budget-friendly gamers.

11. Is Bluetooth 5.0 better for gaming purposes?

Indeed, Bluetooth 5.0 is better for gaming purposes as it is the latest and faster technology than Bluetooth 4.2. It takes less time to decompress and compress audio, making it better for gaming and streaming purposes. Also, Bluetooth 5.0 offers a high bitrate speed (maximum 2MBPS) to play files without any degradation or interference due to distance. 

It also supports dual audio, which means you can connect two wireless headphones simultaneously with it while gaming or streaming. It is an extremely useful feature for multi-players and streamers. In terms of range and stability, Bluetooth 5.0 is better than its predecessors, making it a suitable choice for gaming and streaming.

12. Do Headphones are harmful to use for a long gaming session?

Yes, headphones can be harmful if you use them at a loud sound level. When you use them for extended gaming sessions, they affect your ears. The ideal sound level should be a maximum of 60% to use headphones for gaming, streaming or other purposes. Also, while choosing a headphone, ensure it has:

  • Comfortable, Soft and Pressure-relieving earpads to use for hours.
  • Build Quality should be excellent. Go for the metal or wireframe, not the cheap plastic ones, to get the maximum range of head movements.
  • Excellent Noise-Cancellation properties. Poor Isolation features affect the sound quality and force you to operate the headphone at higher sound levels, which is not suitable for your ears.

Currently, Sony is leading the market with its budget-friendly, powerful and comfortable gaming headphones. These headphones come with excellent noise-canceling features and automatically adopts the range of acoustic environments for a safe and better gaming experience. These headphones set a bar really high in terms of convenience, battery life, and performance.


Well, now you know what headphone JackSepticEye uses. Sony and Philips are his current favourite brands. But as a YouTuber, he keeps on upgrading his techs. Both the headphones used by him are great in performance and are built to give you a great sound experience. If you are ready to spend a few extra dollars, then you can go for the Sony headset, or else you have the Philips Fidelio X2 headphones.