Top 10+ Best Headphones for FPS in 2021 [Reviews]

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Imagine going to play some hardcore FPS games like call of duty or even Fortnite and discovering that you can’t properly hear where the enemies are coming from? That will certainly result in a very bad game since you will get eliminated soon. One solution is to get some good speakers but the wide sound range will not help you locate the exact location the gunfire is coming from. To help you with that you need headphones.

Headphones will help you get and enjoy better surround sound in a game. With the help of this, you will even be able to pinpoint where the enemy gunfire is coming from. But this isn’t possible in all kinds of headphones. To get such audio quality and clarity you need to invest in gaming headphones that will help you play FPS games. 

Gaming headphones feel and look different from normal headphones as well. These headphones are thicker, better padded, and a little heavier too. But you will get the best possible features in it and as a result, your gaming experience will get largely improved thanks to this. 

There is a large gaming market and all kinds of manufacturers want to cash in on it. As a result, multiple manufacturers are making headphones specifically to help you play FPS games. But how will you know which ones are the very best? To help you out, here’s a list of the very best headphones for FPS games. 

Top 10+ Best Headphones for FPS in 2021 [Reviews]

Headphones made specifically for FPS gaming will help you enjoy amazing audio quality along with dependable surround sound. This will help you pinpoint where the enemies are coming from. With the help of these headphones, you will even be able to hear footsteps. As such no one will be able to sneak up on you. But to get such clarity and detail, you need to choose the right headphones for FPS gaming. So without much more delay, here are the very best headphones for FPS gaming: 

1. AKG Pro Audio K702 Over-Ear Reference Studio Headphones

  • Item Weight: 8.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.45 x 7.83 x 8.35 inches
  • Speaker drivers: n/a

These over the ear, reference, and open headphones will help you in precision listening. As a result, you will be able to hear clearly. Now you don’t need to worry about getting jumped from behind. Note that this will help you with mastering and mixing purposes as well. 

These kinds of audio details are achieved because the headphone makes use of flat-wired voice-calls along with a two-layer varimotion diaphragm. With the help of these features, you will get feedback-free and accurate sound. With the help of the former flat-wired voice-calls, you will get a pulse free-response too. 

The headphone comes with 3D shaped and foam padded ear pads. This will ensure that your ears can rest better and you can game longer without feeling any kind of burning sensation in your ears. The product also comes with a mini XLR professional connector that will help you replace the cable quickly. 

Note that with the help of this headphone you will get to enjoy the airy and spacious sound without making any kind of compromise. You will get the best because you will buy the best. Once you put it on you will get immersed in your gaming world and be able to enjoy better audio sensitivity, treble response, as well as better impulse.


  • Flat-wired voice-calls
  • Two-layer varimotion diaphragm
  • Foam padded earphones
  • Better audio sensitivity
  • High treble
  • Feedback free and pulse improved sound


  • None

2. Audio-Technica ATH-A550Z Art Monitor Closed-Back Dynamic Headphones

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 9 inches
  • Item Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • Speaker drivers: 53mm

This headphone is perfect for enjoying FPS games. You will find that the dynamic closed-back headphones come with 53mm large-aperture drivers all along with bobbin wood CCAW voice calls so that you get fantastic and clear audio clarity. These features will help you enjoy surround better and more clearly. As a result of this, you will be able to locate your enemies in games better. 

That’s not all, the drivers come packed with top-mounted PCB that ensures that you get smoother airflow so that there’s precise diaphragm movement. Due to this you will get audio details and be able to listen for even the slight and sneakiest footfalls in your FPS game. 

This headphone comes with enhanced 3D-wing support as well, so that you get comfortable and excellent aid. Such features are aided by soft, high-quality ear pads. As a result of this, you will be able to rest your ears for a long on these ear pads experiencing any kind of pain. What’s more, is that the tangle-free 3.0m cable is very carefully cloth wrapped to ensure maximum durability. 

This headphone also comes equipped with the DADS or double-air damping-system to give your deeper and better bass reproduction. Once you will put on your headset, it will feel like you are being transported into another world. As such this feature along with all the ones above will give you a better and immersive gaming experience. Note that this is a wired headphone so you will have to connect it for the device to work.


  • Bobbin wood CCAW voice calls 
  • Double-air damping-system 
  • 3D wing support
  • Top-mounted PCB
  • tangle free cloth wrapped cable 
  • Long 3.0m cable


  • None

3. Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50 Gaming Headset 

  • Product Dimensions: 8.74 x 3.94 x 9.53 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 Ounces
  • Speaker drivers: 40mm

Get ready to enjoy some real gaming with these Turtle Beach headphones. Not only is this headphone lightweight but it comes with a very comfortable design as well that will enable you to use the product in your long gaming sessions. To give you maximum comfort, this headphone comes with ear cushions that are wrapped up in high-quality synthetic leather. Also, this headphone folds flat so that you get greater flexibility of use as well as save space when you are not gaming. 

This 40mm over the ear earphone will let you hear the lows and the highs easily so that you can immersive yourself in the game and feel like you are a part of that world. To help you fight on the battlefield, you will be able to enjoy very convenient in-line powerful responses. With the help of this, you will be able to master the mic mute and master volume and toggle between them according to what the situation demands. 

The high sensitivity premium adjustable boom-mic will ensure that you can take in all the surrounding sounds to enjoy while gaming. Once you are done with your gaming session and want to enjoy watching some movies, you can just remove it easily. This will ensure that your ears stay safe. 

This headphone comes with the added advantage of versatile compatibility. Note that the headphone works great with Mac, PC, as well as with PS4 and PS4 Pro. Don’t worry, it does work with the Xbox One took. Since it comes with a 3.5mm jack so you will be able to plug this headphone on any tablet or mobile device that allows a 3.5mm slot.


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Adjustable boom-mic
  • Convenient in-line features
  • Flat folding for flexibility


  • None

4. ABKONCORE CH60 Gaming Headset

  • Package Dimensions: 11.18 x 9.37 x 4.49 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.3 ounces
  • Speaker drivers: 140mm

This gaming headset is for the hardcore gamers who want the very best headphones so that they can climb the leader boards easily. It comes with 8 independent-drivers so that you get realistic sound and be able to enjoy the gameplay. Its 7.1 dynamic-sound system ensures that you will be able to hear even the slightest footfall easily and be able to locate that enemy. The headset comes with an inbuilt digital-signal processing sound card that will allow you to use it with a device like a PS4 console that doesn’t come with one. 

This device comes with RGB LED so that you enjoy a great visual performance as well as a great gaming performance. The headphone comes in a sleek piano-black finish which makes it look amazing and compliments this RGB lighting too. 

Of course, like any world-class gaming headphone, you will be able to enjoy intuitive and quick inline controls. This will allow you to adjust the speaker volume on the center, rear, subwoofers, front, and more. As a result, you will be able to set the controls to what you want it to be. If you feel like the LEDs are too distracting then you will be able to switch them off. Along with these controls, you will even be able to control the volume and mic. When not needed you will be able to turn the mic off. This will be useful when you aren’t interested in what your teammates are taking about or need a break. 

This headphone comes with a noise-canceling feature so that you get crystal clear audio quality with less ambient noise. It will help enhance your gaming experience as well as ensure that you don’t get distracted due to outside noises. Note that you will need to install software to use this headset. For this, there will be a CD drive that will come with the product itself. 


  • 7.1 dynamic-sound system
  • Noise-canceling 
  • RGB LED lights
  • Inbuilt sound card
  • Online controls


  • None

5. Monolith M1070 Over-Ear Open Back Planar Headphones

  • Product Dimensions: 12.3 x 12.1 x 5.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.1 pounds
  • Speaker size: 106mm

This headphone makes use of a planar magnetic 106mm driver to get accurate sound with low distortion. Note that it makes use of a dual and linear symmetrical magnetic array so that you get to enjoy the amazing and great sound quality. It comes with an amazing high-end extension coupled with clean and tight bass that will help you get immersed in the gaming battlefield. 

This headphone comes with a padded and plush headband so that you can comfortably wear it for long hours without feeling pain in your head. Know that the ear pads can be removed easily as well so that you can change it with the earpad you want. 

These earpads are loaded with memory foam and have lambskin covering to ensure that you can listen comfortably. As such the ear pads are sufficiently covered and padded so that you can enjoy long gaming sessions without feeling you will have to take off your headphones because your ears are burning. 

This headset comes with a good open-back design which will allow you to get a spacious and airy sound stage. Each of the ear cups comes with a grille that will ensure that air passes swiftly to the planar-driver. As a result of this, you will be able to enjoy a larger sound stage, great performance, as well as enhances imaging coupled with a better and more engaging soundscape. Note that this is a wired headset so you will have to plug it in the needed device.


  • Planar magnetic driver
  • Padded ear pads
  • Padded headbands
  • Open-back design
  • The dual and linear symmetrical magnetic array


  • None

6. EKSA 7.1 USB Gaming Headset

  • Product Dimensions: 9.84 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.21 pounds
  • Speaker drivers: 50mm

This headset will give enthusiastic gamers what they have always wanted- great sound details coupled with versatile compatibility. The device comes with ear pads that are made using soft-memory protein, so that you can use it for long sessions without worrying about your ears getting tired or worse burning. The headband on the device was made to ensure a balanced and proper weight distribution. As a result of this, the clamping force will get reduced that will give you better and maximum comfort as well during your long gaming sessions. 

Note that this gaming headset is compatible with PS4, Mac, laptops, PCs (Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10), and any other device which comes with a USB audio slot. Do note with the help of this you will be able to get great audio versatility. Also as you might have figured out, its headset is wired so you will have to plug it in to use it. An advantage of this is that there’s no need to spend time figuring out how to install drivers to get the device to work. 

Know that this headset comes with an inbuilt USB sound chip that will give you 7.1 amazing surround sound. This combined with the 50mm neodymium gaming driver will give you a more immersive and better gaming experience. The surround sound will ensure that you can hear everything. You will be able to locate sneaking footsteps and sudden gunfire direction easily. 

The headset comes with highly sensitive microphones coupled with noise reduction technology. This technology works in an omnidirectional way and will help in reducing distracting outside noises so that you can focus completely on the game and nothing takes you out from the immersive experience. Note that these noise-canceling features will work for online chats too. 

The headset comes with easy to make volume adjustments. This coupled with the one-key mute switch ensures that you can engage in better game operations. That’s not all, this headphone comes with RGB light as well so that you get to experience a great gaming atmosphere.


  • Balanced headband 
  • One-key mute switch
  • Noise reduction technology
  • Inbuilt USB bound chip
  • Wide compatibility
  • Easy to use


  • None

7. HyperX Cloud Alpha S – PC Gaming Headset

  • Item Weight:13.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.84 x 5.31 x 3.63 inches
  • Speaker drivers: n/a

This headphone comes with great enhancements and good features that will allow you to enjoy gaming in peace. Note that this headset comes with 7.1 amazing surround sound that will allow you to hear all the little noises in the FPS game. This means you will be able to head, which direction the firing is coming from and if anyone is sneaking up on you. As such you will be able to avoid surprise attacks. 

The device comes with a USB audio-control feature that will give you audio quality and detail. With the help of such a clear sound, you will be able to keep track of your teammates easily and know where you are placed. The headset comes with ear pads made of memory foam as well as breathable leather. This will allow you to use the headset for long gaming sessions easily without experiencing any kind of pain. 

This headset comes with bass adjustment features that are added to your ear cups. With the help of this, you will be able to fine-tune your bass audio’s bass level. Due to this, you will be able to enjoy powerful audio. The device comes with a Cloud-Alpha S feature that ensures that you get a revolutionary dual-chamber-driver system that helps lessen the distortion as well as give you a clearer sound.

You will be able to get a lot of control over the features. Note that you will be able to adjust the mic volume, audio volume, mute it, and also activate the surround sound when needed. This means that when needed for gaming you will be able to adjust the features and when not needed you can set it at a normal level to enjoy other activities like watching movies or listening to music. 

The product comes with a noise cancellation microphone that will reduce background noises. Know that this is detachable which will allow you to use it when needed while gaming. Also, it comes with a braided cable that prolongs its longevity.


  • 7.1 amazing surround sound
  • Noise cancellation feature
  • Control over features
  • Bass adjustment
  • Comfort ear pads
  • Dual-chamber driver


  • None

8. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X Audiophile Open-Air Headphones

  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 88 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.25 pounds
  • Speaker drivers: 53mm

This headphone comes with 53mm drivers that will be able to reproduce clear midrange and treble. Note that this feature will allow you to enjoy clear audio clarity and details. With the help of this, you will be able to get immersed in your game and be able to listen to the sneakiest footsteps with ease. 

The device comes with CCAW Bobbin-wood voice coils that ensure that you get powerful power handling features. This product is open-air which means that you won’t get any sensation of the pressure of any kind on the ears. As a result of this, you will be able to game longer and in a natural environment. Know that you will get flexible and raised ear pads that are made of fabric. This will give you the durability as well as comfort you need. 

This headset comes with an aluminum honeycomb design casing that makes it lightweight as well as gives it amazing acoustic properties for better sound clarity. That’s not all, this product comes with 3D self-adjusting wing support as well that ensures you can enjoy a comfortable gaming experience. 

The headset comes with OFC highly conducive single-sided cord that has TPE sheath on it. This helps in preventing tangled as well as ensuring that it lasts longer and is more durable. The product comes with 3.5mm of the gold plated connector as well as 6.3mm of the adapter. Know that these gold plated connectors ensure better connectivity.


  • Immersive experience
  • highly conducive TPE sheath cord
  • Gold plated connector
  • Aluminum honeycomb design
  • CCAW Bobbin-wood voice coils
  • Open-air ear pads


  • None

9. CORSAIR HS70 SE Wireless – 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

  • Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 3.94 x 8.07 inches
  • Item Weight: 11.7 ounces
  • Speaker drivers: 50mm

This headset will give you the ability to have long gaming sessions with absolute comfort. You will be able to experience comfortable gaming since it comes equipped with memory foam earpads as well as adjustable ear cups. Due to this you won’t experience ear pain or feel like the headset isn’t sitting on your head correctly. 

The product has been built to ensure that it lasts for a long time. It comes with precision-tuned neodymium 50mm speaker drivers that will give you superior audio quality to enjoy. As a result, your gaming sessions will certainly be amazing with this. 

This headset is low latency and comes with 2.4ghz of a detachable wireless unidirectional microphone. With the help of this, you will get crystal clear sound communication. Since the headset is wireless so there’s no need to fuss with wires getting in your way or disturbing you while you are gaming. 

As for battery life, you will get 16hrs full battery life that will allow you to enjoy gaming for long hours easily. So you won’t have to stop during missions to wait for it to get charged. What’s more, is that the product comes with 7.1 amazing surround sound so that you can pinpoint the direction enemy fire or enemy soldiers are coming from. Thanks to this surround sound feature you will be able to immerse yourself in the game and feel like you have been transported in the game itself.


  • Memory foam ear pads
  • Neodymium 50mm drivers
  • Detachable wireless mic
  • 16hrs battery life
  • 7.1 amazing surround sound


  • None

10. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO – 250 OHM Professional Studio Headphones 

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 4.3 x 6.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.35 pounds
  • Speaker drivern/a

Thanks to this headphone you will be able to enjoy detailed audio resolution as well as transparent sound. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a great gaming experience thanks to this. Since this is a closed headphone so you will be able to get impressive volume and feel like you are on the battlefield with your weapon chasing down enemies. 

This headset can be used not by just gamers, but also by sound technicians, music producers, and such too. Such love is due to the audio definition and the ultra-low bass, which gives your gaming experience the crispness it deserves.

The headphone comes with a steel spring headband that ensures a very secure and comfortable fit. Know that the ear cups are adjustable and soft so you will be able to wear it for a long time. Note that there is also the detachable, single-sided cable. As a result, you will be able to take it off and put it on when needed. So you don’t have to worry about cables disturbing you. 

The stereo-jack plug is gold plated and is 3.5mm. This gold plating ensures that you get better connectivity. As for frequency response here you will get 5 to 35.000 Hz. The nominal sound-pressure is 96dB.


  • Detailed audio resolution
  • 96dB sound pressure
  • comfortable to wear
  • Ultra-low bass
  • Gold plated connector


  • Surround sound could be better

Buying Guide

A headphone plays a very vital role in FPS gaming. A good headset will give you the surround sound you need to pinpoint where the attacks are coming from so that you don’t lose your life bar and die easily. Along with this, you will get audio clarity which will allow you to immerse yourself in the game. 

As a result of this, there’s quite a demand for good headphones by enthusiastic gamers. But the specs of such headphones do differ a lot. So how will you figure out which headphone to buy? For that you need to know about the best features you need to keep in mind while buying headphones for FPS gaming: 

1. Comfort

Gaming and especially FPS gaming goes on for hours at a time. As a result, the headset you buy must be comfortable for long use. While buying make sure that the headband is padded so that there less pressure on the top of your head. As for ear pads make sure that those are made of memory foam. When choosing ear cups make sure that they are adjustable so that you turn it according to your needs. This will allow you to game for hours without feeling pain in your ears. 

2. Lightweight

While buying an FPS gaming headset make sure that it is lightweight so that there’s not much pressure on the top of your head or your ears. Since you will be gaming for long hours so heavy headsets can put pressure on your head and after daily gaming for hours, it can give you headaches. To prevent such issues get a lightweight headset which is around 13 ounces. 

3. Surround sound

Surround sound is very important in FPS gaming as it will allow you to determine where the attack is coming. Due to this, you will be able to pinpoint the location and be able to attach your opponent before much damage is done. When it comes to this feature always opt for 7.1 surround sound. It will be beneficial to you if you can get an inbuilt sound card with the device. This will allow you to get the surround sound and you will be able to use it with devices like the PS4 console which don’t come with this. 

4. Sound quality

Sound quality is extremely important when it comes to choosing headsets for FPS gaming. Know that the best headphones will give you the bass needed to feel like the shooting is real and you are in the midst of the battlefield. Make sure you buy headsets that come with 50-55mm speaker drivers at least. This will give you the immersive experience that you are in search of. 

5. Wired/wireless

Whether you want wired headsets or wireless ones is a completely personal choice. If you go for wireless ones, then you don’t have to deal with cable wire hassle. But note that these headphones will have to be charged. So you must keep in mind to give it the proper charge needed or it can run out of steam while you are in the middle of a game. Such issues don’t plague wired headsets as you will only have to plug it and then get gaming. As for wireless ones, you will have to first install the software in the headset from a CD (that will come with the product) before you can use it. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Headphones for FPS in 2021

1. What is the ideal battery life of a wireless headset?

When you are getting a wireless headset, then make sure you get one that comes with the required charge to fulfill your daily gaming needs. For this make an average of how many hours you game in a day. In general, getting a headset that will give you 15+ hours of battery life will be advisable. 

2. Why are gold-plated connectors better?

Gold-plated connectors are much sought after since they offer better connectivity. Thanks to this plating you will be able to game without worrying about signal losses or weakness. So if you get the option then, but headsets which come with gold plated connectors. 

3. Can you use gaming headsets for watching movies/listening to music?

Yes, you can use gaming headsets for watching movies. But it’s always advised that you get those headsets that come with in-line controls so that you can adjust the volume and mic according to your needs. After all, you will not need the kind of volume or specifications while watching a movie that you will need while gaming. 

4. What is better on a budget- wired or wireless headsets?

If you are on a budget, then you should buy wired headsets. These will be much cheaper than wireless ones and much easier to use. There will no need to fuss over battery charge or install software to run it. Just plug it in and enjoy gaming. 

5. Why are cable cords braided in some headsets?

Braided cable cords last longer and don’t get tangled up easily. This braid acts as a sheath that shields the cord from interference as well outside elements. As a result, you will be able to use your headset for a long time. Also, note that thanks to this shielding you don’t have to worry about your headset cable repeatedly rubbing on table corners and getting faded. 



Overall, headsets for FPS gaming are great and you will be able to enjoy your game way better with these headphones. After all, you will get to immerse yourself in the game fully thanks to the audio clarity as well as detail. But the best reason for getting such headphones is that the surround sound feature will allow you to pinpoint enemy attacks and either respond in kind or attempt to escape. Not to mention that you will be able to control the volume, mic, and more thanks to the inline controls. As such these headphones will make your everyday FPS gaming much more vivid and lively.