Touch Screen vs Non-Touch Screen Laptops – Which is better?

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A laptop is something which has become a necessity in our day-to-day life. Whether someone is in school or college or work they will surely need a laptop at some point in their day. Since the sales of laptops have skyrocketed, more and more manufacturers have started to manufacture laptops. More money is spent every year on research and development by all laptop manufacturing so that they can stay ahead in the market. One of the latest technologies introduced by laptop manufacturers is a touch screen laptop. Here we will be talking about touch screen laptops and non-touchscreen laptops and which one is better among the two. We will also be talking about which laptop will suit you the best and help you yield the most productivity.

What is a Touch Screen Laptop?

Touch screen laptops are those laptops that have a touchable screen along with a fully working keyboard. This means users will be able to use the laptop by touching the screen as well as from the keyboard and trackpad. Almost all laptop manufacturers have touch screen laptops in their collection. 

Touch screen laptops have two types of screens which are resistive and capacitive. Capacitive touch screens are generally single-layered whereas capacitive touch screens are made of two layers. Resistive touch screens are quite an old technology and users have to touch with the force for it to work. Whereas capacitive touch screens are quite new technology and they work on slight touch. Capacitive touch screen laptops are generally more expensive and fun to use. It is always recommended to go for a capacitive touch screen laptop if users are opting for a touch screen laptop. Using a resistive touch screen today will be going back in time.

Advantages of Touch Screen Laptop

  • When it comes to touch screen laptops one thing that excels in is productivity. It is much easier to navigate on a touchscreen laptop. Since people are so used to using touch screen tablets and phones, using a touch screen laptop becomes so much easier and more fun.
  • Touch screen displays are generally made with high-quality panels and therefore the screens of the touch screen laptops are quite bright and accurate. The color resolution of the screen is also great. The screens are generally very glossy because of their touch response which makes them look so much better than any other screen.

Disadvantages of Touch Screen Laptop

  • The main disadvantage of a touch screen laptop is its price. The panels of touch screen laptops are quite expensive which makes the laptop expensive. The higher resolution screens end up making the laptop so expensive.
  • Since all the screens are glossy because of touch features it is extremely hard to use these laptops under direct sunlight. The glossy screen reflects almost everything and visibility becomes absolutely nil.
  • Touch screen laptops have a very bright panel which ends up drawing the battery quite faster as compared to a normal laptop. The panel also makes the laptop so heavy and harder to carry everywhere.

What is a Non-Touch Screen Laptop?

Non-touch screen laptops are those which are old-school laptops with a trackpad and keyboard. Non-touch screen laptops do not come with a very expensive panel or a very bright panel making the price of the laptop much cheaper. This is how most laptops are and they hold the biggest market share in the laptop industry. Non-touch screen laptops are generally very lightweight and can be carried anywhere without any problem. Most non-touchscreen laptops come with a matt finish panel which makes it so much easier to use even under direct sunlight.

Advantages of Non-Touch Screen Laptops

  • The main advantage of a non-touchscreen laptop is that it comes at a competing price and it does not feel expensive.
  • These laptops are generally very sturdy and can work in any condition without any issues. The build of these laptops is quite good making it a very popular choice for a lot of users.
  • The panel in the non-touchscreen laptops is quite lightweight which keeps the laptop’s weight light and easy to carry.

Disadvantages of Non-Touch Screen Laptop

  • These laptops are not very flexible and it is quite hard to draw and take notes in non-touchscreen laptops.
  •    Navigation in the non-touchscreen laptops could be a task at times because of the small track pad.
  • The panels used in the non-touchscreen laptops are quite cheap and therefore the color accuracy in the laptops is quite bad. 
  • All the hardware used in non-touchscreen laptops is quite cheap which makes the longevity of the laptop less.

What are 2-1 laptops?

Laptops which are called 2-1 are generally those touch screen laptops that have the option of the detachable keyboard. These laptops have become more and more common in recent times because users prefer to use screens that are detachable and handy to use now. In 2-1 laptops the keyboard is hinged to the screen making it so versatile. 

The only disadvantage with this kind of laptop is that they are not always very sturdy and there are high chances of damage on overuse. For daily use, a 2-1 laptop is not something which is recommended for anyone. 2-1 laptops often struggle with USB and charging port options which is a major issue. These laptops are not very common but surely more and more users are switching to these over time. If you are thinking of getting a 2-1 laptop make sure you look at multiple brands because most of the technologies used in these laptops are still under development.

Which laptop is better?

The answer to this question is something that will not be the same for everyone. People who are into work or use their laptop for hours on productivity and type a lot of emails and documents are recommended to go for the non-touchscreen laptop because they will not find any use of the fancy touch screen feature even after paying so much money for the expensive panel. For people who are into photo editing or taking notes or drawing illustrations, a touch screen laptop will do wonders. Touch screen laptops will help them speed up their work and they will also find it easy to navigate with help of the touch screen. Microsoft Windows operating system has also been updated in such a manner that people can use it with laptops that have touch screens in them. 

Both touch screen laptops and non-touchscreen laptops have their features. It is totally up to the user on what kind of laptop they will need. Touch screen laptops are highly priced in the market because of the expensive hardware it has. More people are switching to touch screen laptops because users are finding it more convenient to control their laptops with their fingers. Before buying a touch screen laptop some of the things that everyone should keep in mind if touch screen laptops are quite expensive. They produce a lot of heat and it is extremely tough to clean.


Is it smart to buy a 2-1 laptop?

Yes, buying 2 in 1 laptop is absolutely a smart decision.

Which is the cheaper between touchscreen and non-touch screen laptops?

Non-touchscreen laptops are generally cheaper because of their inexpensive panel.