How to Remove Laptop Stickers without Damaging Them?

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Adding your style to your belongings is a wonderful way to make your belongings look unique, leaving a touch of your personality. This can include a life quote written phone case which reveals your perception of life or it may even be a keychain of your favorite character in your bag. A more contemporary form of expression in recent times adding something to your laptop. In urban and semi-urban areas laptops are widely used. The laptop is their best companion. 

How to Remove Laptop Stickers

So, adorning their laptop with your favorite pictures to reveal themselves is something people like to do. Numerous stickers with numerous messages are available in the market. You can opt for them according to your choice and thoughts. Now, that people attach pictures on laptops let’s see how can it be removed if the picture is too old or any wrong picture has been attached. 

Methods to remove laptop stickers

There are many ways of peeling the laptop stickers and most of them are convenient. Here are few ways of removing the stickers from your laptop. 

  • Try to peel it first

This is the first method you should try before using any product on your laptop surface. If your laptop is new, the sticker can easily be removed just by peeling off the sticker. All you need to do is use your fingertip or nail on one corner and place it under the edge and peel the sticker a little, now gradually drag it along the side, until it gets removed completely. By doing the same you will find your sticker coming off easily without making any damage to your laptop surface. 

However, this procedure will work only if your laptop and the sticker are new. If the sticker is much older it will get more stubborn and wouldn’t get removed easily. There are many more methods given below, which will help you to remove stubborn and old stickers from your laptop surface. 

  • Use oil-based products

If you are a nature lover and do not want to use chemicals on your laptop this procedure might be helpful for you. Take some liquid, be it any liquid, lotion, vegetable oil or even petroleum jelly would also do the job. Now after getting the liquid, grab any cloth or rag that would absorb the liquid. 

Very gently moisturize the specific picture you want to be removed, don’t be harsh while moisturizing. While doing the same focus on the liquid and make sure that the liquid doesn’t spread and reach towards the other parts of your laptop leaving it to damage the parts. Let the stickers get soaked in the liquid for some time, say about 15 minutes. 

After it’s completely soaked, try to peel the stickers with your fingertips by holding from behind and pulling them gently. Now while pulling the stickers out from your laptop surface, if you think you are meeting any kind of resistance or you feel that some residue of the sticker can be left on the laptop surface, immediately leave the sticker, apply the liquid or oil and wait once more for 15-20 minutes. Try to pull it again. 

  • Using a Hair Dryer
Using a Hair Dryer

Sometimes, older pictures refuse to get peeled off easily. If you experience the same, don’t panic, as there are ways to peel it off. Try to use a hairdryer in an effective way to take out the sticker. Don’t forget to switch off your laptop before starting the procedure.

 Now, set the dryer on its lowest level and blow the warm air on your sticker for at least 15 seconds from a height of 5 centimeters above the stickers. By doing this, you will melt the glue under the sticker and make it easy to remove. 

This procedure wouldn’t harm your laptop and won’t leave any residue. While doing the procedure, make sure your blower air isn’t too hot or your laptop might get damaged. 

  • Solvents and other solutions

Solvents can easily take out the sticker from your laptop. Now, the question is what are the solvents that can be used? From white vinegar to mineral spirits and even rubbing alcohol are used to remove the sticker in most cases. 

Solvents will not only peel the sticker but also destroy if any residue of the sticker remains on your laptop surface. Make sure that the solvents you use shouldn’t touch any other part of the laptop. Apply it only to the targeted area. If rubbing alcohol and mineral spirit is not available, simply apply vinegar.

 Start the procedure by taking a cloth, and dip it on the vinegar or other solvent and wipe the area. The solvent shouldn’t get in the river holes of the laptop. Leave it for 10 minutes and peel off the sticker with a very dull knife. Focus on the knife while peeling so that you won’t peel the surface of your laptop in chance. After the sticker is peeled off wipe the solvent with a dry clean fabric.

  • Using damp cloth

Shut down your laptop and disconnect it from electricity to take extra precaution measures. Now grab cotton or soft cloth and put some water on the cloth. Squeeze the water and making it damp and not dripping wet. 

Gently move the cloth on the sticker and the surface area around the sticker for one minute (depending on the glue of the sticker). To avoid damaging your laptop don’t press the rub it too hard. After a minute, with the help of your fingernail pull it from the corner against the laptop surface and remove it.

  • Abrasive mineral-based products

It may be surprising for you to know that your toothpaste not only cleans your teeth but it can also clean your laptop. The reason behind it is, toothpaste is an abrasive material (albeit mild) and with its power of friction, it can remove even the most stubborn and oldest stickers. 

Baking soda, sandpaper is also abrasive materials and can help you to remove the stubborn sticker from your laptop. 

For this, you need to mix hot water with some baking soda and dip a sponge on the solution to absorb the water. Apply it on the area targeted and then finally clean the surface with a cotton cloth. Although these materials are highly effective, they are rather precarious if you use them with excessive external force. 

So, being extra cautious while using these products is highly recommended as they can damage your laptop. Before opting for this method, it is good for you to know that, unlike oil-based products these abrasive materials used, will leave the sticker crumbled or unfit to use.

Is it safe to use stickers on a laptop?

Self-expression has become a trend in the present decade and they are no longer bounded just in clothes or shoes. However, some people need some sort of symbol to express themselves to the entire world as they cannot express themselves in their words. Inking your body, wearing specific bracelets are types of expression. 

Is it safe to use stickers on a laptop

Putting desired stickers on your phone or laptop are also kinds of expressing yourself which is in high trend these days. Sticking pictures on your laptops has become a trendy way to customize your multipurpose tool. Putting stickers does look cool but is it safe to put on stickers on your laptop surface? Let’s discuss. 

What is the laptop made of?

The slim LED or LCD screen is flexible and the shell body is typically made of lightweight yet durable metals like steel or aluminium. Many laptops, especially the older models are made of plastic. However, now the shells of the laptops are mostly made of metals.

What are the stickers made of?

Stickers are usually made of paper, vinyl, or plastics on one side and glue on the other side which generally comes with wax protection paper liner till it is taken out to be attached to any surface with little pressure. Modern stickers have evolved these days which are acrylic, 3D, epoxy, glittery materials, etc. 

Where to put the stickers?

The laptop stickers should be stuck either on the lid of your laptop or below the laptop on either side of the touchpad. You can put any sticker that describes you or your taste. It looks super cute and attractive giving your laptop a new look. 

Therefore, attaching stickers on your laptop surface cannot go wrong and it is not that harmful to your laptop as it sits on the surface and not on the important part of your laptop.

The pictures you select to attach to your laptop reveals a lot about you. Along with your bag pack, laptops can also become a canvas for art and with the stickers, in their laptops; people can easily show their interests and thoughts in public. For instance, if you love dogs and would attach a picture of a dog people will get to know about your love for the dogs as soon as they see your laptop. This was a brief guide about adorning your laptop with a picture. Hope the guide has helped you if you find a way out.