How to Connect Speakers to Projector and Laptop

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You might be wondering how to get the perfect home theatre experience with the new video projector that you have bought for enjoying your favorite shows and movies. While the modern long-throw projector manufacturers are coming up with in-built speakers, you might want to connect your high-end speakers with the projector and the laptop for getting a picture-perfect screen with the best audio experience. To connect the speaker to the projector and laptop you must first understand the basic way in which a projector connects to the speakers directly or indirectly. Go through this article to know more about the different ways in which you can connect the speakers to a projector and laptop. 

Common ways of connecting a projector to speakers

Typically, a projector comes with built-in speakers that can be connected directly with the projector. However, your home theatre system might make use of an A/V receiver that operates the video input and transmits the audio signal to the speakers. Here is the list of the most common ways to connect projectors with speakers. 

Common ways of connecting a projector to speakers

  • RCA connectors – In case the projector has an RCA connector then it can be used to connect to the audio speakers. Each speaker will require an individual cable. The projector that you use might also have RCA video inputs.
  • Audio Jack – This is the most common connecting mechanism that has been used for decades and is popularly used on phones for setting up a connection with the headphones. 
  • Optical/ TOSLINK – If the projector has an optical or TOSLINK output, you might use it to establish a connection with the speakers. Such a connection results in high-quality audio output than an audio jack or RCA connection. 
  • Bluetooth – If the Bluetooth speakers come with Bluetooth-enabled connection settings and your projector supports the same, then the problem can be solved easily as the projector can connect with the audio speakers with the help of Bluetooth and the speakers might be connected to the laptop directly. 

Connection to Stereo Speakers

Connecting the projector with the stereo speakers is a simple task. However, you have to figure out the type of connection mechanism that they use. If both the external speakers are connected with a single 3.5 mm cable then it can be connected to the projector easily. However, if the units have separate left and right RCA connections, then you will have to buy an audio splitter with a similar configuration. Let us look into the steps of how you can connect the projector to the stereo speakers.

Connection to Stereo Speakers

  • Place the speakers in their designated place.
  • Plug the unit into power or insert the batteries inside.
  • Connect the audio output option of the projector with the audio cable.
  • Connect the different ends of the cable to the speakers. 
  • Adjust the volume on the projector. 
  • If you cannot hear anything, then make sure that the speakers are turned on with a good dose of volume.

How to connect a Projector to a Soundbar

If you have a soundbar that is two speakers merged into a single unit, then you might want to connect it with your projector and laptop. The Soundbar can be connected by making use of an audio jack or an RCA connection. However, some Soundbars come with an option of establishing an optical connection known as TOSLINK. In case the projector and the Soundbar permit an optical connection, then you must establish the connection using this mechanism. Let us look into the steps of how you can connect the projector to the Soundbar system.

  • Place the Soundbar in its designated place.
  • Connect the audio cable to any of the projector output options. 
  • Connect the different ends of the cable to the Soundbar. 
  • Switch the Sound bar on.
  • Adjust the Soundbar volume according to your convenience.
  • If the projector comes with built-in speakers then mute the speakers after connecting to the Soundbar for better audio experiences. 

How to connect the Projector to the A/V receiver

This type of connection involves a mechanism in which all the audio and video inputs to the receiver are connected. The speakers shall be connected to the A/V receiver and then the video output shall be connected to the projector using HDMI. In this kind of setting, the speakers connect with the A/V receiver and the projector connects to the receiver. Therefore, the speaker and the projector are not directly connected. Let us look into the steps of how you can connect the projector to the A/V receiver system.

  • Connect all the speaker units with an appropriate speaker or coaxial wires.
  • Connect the audio and the video inputs to the receiver.
  • Whatever streaming device that you are using like laptop, Blu-ray player, DVD player, gaming units, or any other video units. 
  • Locate the video output of the receiver.
  • Connect one of the video outputs of the receiver with an HDMI cable. 
  • Take the different ends of the cable and connect it to the video input of the projector. 
  • Connect the A/V receiver end to the desired input.
  • Connect the video output to the projector. 

How to connect the Projector to Bluetooth Speaker

This is the easiest way to connect a speaker set to the projector. If both the speaker and the projector come with Bluetooth-enabled settings, then you just have to make the wireless connection for the speakers to work. However, you cannot expect the same quality as a wired setting. 

  • Turn the Bluetooth speaker on and enable the mode for pairing.
  • Enable the Bluetooth on the projector and search for the speaker device.
  • Connect with the device with a pairing code, if required.
  • The devices would be automatically connected for future use.


Do all projectors come with in-built speakers?

No, all projectors do not come with in-built speakers. Moreover, if you have external stereo speakers then connect them to the device for a better sound experience.

What is the best method for connecting speakers to the projector?

In case, the projector has a TOSLINK output, then it is recommended to link the device using this method as it can result in an enhanced audio experience. 


A speaker can be connected with the projector and the laptop in these potential methods. It is essential to remember that while buying the speakers or the projector ensure that both of them use a similar kind of audio connection for an enhanced audio experience for your home theatre.