How To Choose A Wireless Router [8 Things To Consider] – An Ultimate Guide

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Picking a router from the market is one of the toughest jobs right now. So many brands and options to choose from that most of the buyers end up getting confused. Today we will be strictly talking about routers and how you need to choose a router so that you end up buying the one that suits all your needs. With the growing need for the internet everywhere more and more people are switching from wired internet cables to WiFi. This is the main reason why sales of routers have skyrocketed.

Finding a router that suits all your needs could be tricky at times. There are multiple routers available in the market so for a person who has very little idea about routers it is a very hard thing for them to choose one. To top it up, all the brands who sell routers describe the features using acronyms that make it hard for people to understand. Read this article carefully to get a full understanding of how you need to choose a router.

1. Dual Band Router

If you live in the past then a single band router would make sense. If you are looking for a router then make sure you get one that says the dual-band. The main function of a dual-band router is that the wireless signal has two bands or frequencies. One frequency is for old wireless network standards whereas the other one is for all the latest frequencies like WiFi 6 or WiFi 4. Your WiFi router must have a 2.4 GHz band because that is the only frequency old networking devices use. If you have some extra money to spend on routers then you can surely go for triple and routers. 

2. Multi-core Processor

When you are buying a router the most important thing that you need to look at is its hardware. The hardware is the only thing that will help your router work and should not be old. Make sure to look at the processor of the router along with the RAM. Wi-Fi is used for things like surfing the internet, video watching, file downloading, and gaming. The better processor used in the Wi-Fi router the better output you will receive from it. Make sure to buy the best possible processor in your budget. 

If budget is not an issue for you then it is recommended that you go for a multi-core processor. Buying a multi-core processor makes it future proof so you will not have to change it soon. Even if your budget is low make sure you don’t end up buying a router with a single-core because they are of no use now. When it comes to RAM make sure you don’t buy one which has less than 128 MB of RAM. Buying a router with 1 GB RAM will surely make a lot of difference.

3. Cost of the Router

This is something which is where you will need to put a lot of thought into it. The first thing users need to do is simply decide on the amount of money they need to spend on a router. Once the amount is finalized the next thing that users need to focus on is what kind of router they need. The next step is making sure the router comes within that budget. There are multiple brands available in the market from which you can compare and choose the best modem for gigabit internet. The router market has grown dramatically and now there are a lot of manufacturers making routers all across the globe. Since the competition is high, routers have become much cheaper and users can always find what they are looking for at a good price.

4. Router compatibility

This is something that nobody will tell you about but plays an important role. Before buying a router users should always make sure that the router is compatible with their internet service provider also known as ISP. Most of the modern routers are compatible with all the service providers but some routers might not. Make sure to ask your internet provider before making the purchase that will help you save a lot of time, money, and hassle. It is recommended to get a wow compatible router when buying your first router.


5. Match the speed of the internet with the speed of the router

This is something that will surely help you understand routers a bit better. The internet you are purchasing from an internet service provider comes with a definite speed. It is recommended that you buy a router that matches the internet speed of your provider or else you will not be able to use your internet to its full potential. If you have high-speed internet and a slow router then the WiFi will be slow. 

6. Area to cover

All routers have a range that they can cover. If you go out of the range then the internet will end up getting disconnected. Make sure you check the router range and buy according to your needs. If you are facing the problem of range after installing the router then you don’t have to worry at all because you will easily be able to buy a WiFi extender and your problem will be solved. Make sure to buy a router with a bigger range if it allows your pocket because extenders might end up slowing down the internet at times.

7. Smartphone Application

This is a feature you should only look out for if your budget is a bit high. If you are looking for pocket-friendly routers then you could simply skip this feature. Routers come with smartphone applications where users can check speed and monitor the activities just through their phones. If you have kids at home and you want to monitor the internet usage then getting a router with a phone app will surely come in handy.

8. After-sales service

This is something that a lot of people don’t look at but it surely is recommended. If you buy a router from a brand that has a good after-sales service then if you face any kind of issues with it they will surely fix it. Some manufacturers give buyers doorstep service for any issue they face with their routers. Make sure to buy a router with good after-sales service because it will surely be helpful in the long run.


If you are looking for a router to buy for the first time then one thing that you need to do is read this article carefully before buying one. All the points mentioned will surely help you find the router you are looking for. Make sure to read the features carefully before purchasing one router. All the router brands available in the market are good so make sure to choose the one that suits all your needs.


Is buying a dual-band router necessary?

Yes, buying a dual-band router is necessary.

How much should anyone spend on a router?

The router budget should depend on the features and the amount of money someone is willing to spend on it.

What brand of router has the best after-sales service?

D Link has the best after sales service.