Acer vs. HP: Which Laptop Brand is Better in 2023? [Detailed Comparison Guide]

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There could be hundreds of reasons to buy a laptop, whether for personal use or office work. But one thing that stressed us most when choosing the best laptop in our budget is the brand selection. There are plenty of laptop brands available in the market, ranging from low price to high price. But we want to make sure that we select the best laptop brand to get the right deal on our hard-earned money. 

HP is one of the oldest and leading Laptop brands you will come across online or offline while searching for the best laptops in 2023. But it is not the only option available in the market, especially if you have budget constraints. You can also go for low-budget brands like Acer, Asus, etc., available in the market. 

People always tend to remain confused between Acer vs. HP to understand which one is the better laptop brand in terms of features, performance, and of course, budget. So we have curated a detailed comparison guide on Acer laptops vs. HP laptops to help you select the right one for your work. Let’s begin.

Acer vs. HP Laptop Detailed Comparison Guide – Features, Specifications & More

Both Acer and HP are famous laptop brands known for high-end and low-end products with excellent performance. But here, we are comparing Acer laptops vs. HP laptops on specific criteria to help you decide which one is better for you according to your requirements.

#1. Components

First, compare both Acer and HP laptops based on their components to make things clear for you. 

In terms of components, there is no massive difference between both brands, but there are few things that can vary depending on the model you want.

Display: There is not much difference in the display screen of both laptop brands. One thing to note is that Acer laptops come with LED screens and not LCD screens. 

Depending upon the model, the display size can vary in both brands. Similarly, HP laptops also come with LED displays as it creates better pictures. Based on the model type, HP laptops either come with IPS or AHVA technology.

Battery Life: As Acer laptops are budget-friendly and most of the models are low-budget, they are equipped with 2-cell batteries that offer average battery life (1.5 hours – 3 hours a day).

On the other hand, HP laptops come with an amazing battery system and life. Even its low-price models come with excellent battery life (around 7-8 hours).

Processor: When it comes to processors, HP laptops come with powerful i3 processors even in low-budget models, which you might not find in Acer laptops.

#2. Design

The look and design of all Acer laptops are quite the same, but depending upon your requirements, you can choose the lightweight or a bulky one. Acer Swift 7 is one of the thinnest models you can opt for office or personal work. You can easily carry it anywhere due to its lightweight and thin design.

You can also try Acer Predator models if you are a gaming enthusiast, as they are specifically designed to provide you the ultimate gaming experience with no interruptions or lag. Due to their fast performance (4GB on-board memory storage with 128GB SSD storage). These models are known as the best gaming laptops available in the market.

Those who want to try some unique and sleek design for office work or study purposes can also go for Acer Aspire 5. This model is known for its powerful productivity and advanced features like Biometric Finger-Print Reader and Purified Voice technology, etc.

Similarly, HP offers you excellent build quality and has laptops for each range, from high to low, depending upon your requirements. The best thing about HP laptops is the high component quality. Whether you choose a professional or a basic model, the company makes sure that it offers you a stylish range with robust performance in every category.

One of the best and stylish models offered by HP is the HP Spectre x360, only if budget is not an issue for you.

But if you want a low-budget laptop with excellent build quality and performance, then you can consider HP Chromebook 14.

HP also offers a mid-range laptop model named HP Envy 13 with a Fingerprint sensor for those who want an ultra-thin design with lightweight to carry easily anywhere.

#3. Product Variety

When it comes to product Variety, Acer offers you a wide range from low-budget to gaming laptops and convertible ones. Whatever is your need, Acer is one such brand that gives you colossal product variety with decent specifications and performance, even on low-budget.

Similarly, HP offers you a unique product range for all budget types ranging from high budget to low budget. Even if you are searching for gaming laptops under the HP brand, you can check its HP Omen Laptops or HP Pavilion range for that, depending upon your requirements and budget.

#4. Price Range

If budget is a constraint, then Acer is the best option for you to choose from as most of its models are designed for those who don’t want to spend much.

But if you are ready to spend a bit more and need high-quality performance and brand trust, then HP is a better option to consider for mid or high-price range.

#5. Innovation & Technology

Both brands are in neck-to-neck competition in terms of Innovation & technology. Especially, Acer is known for its innovative products such as Swift 7 – the World’s Thinnest laptop or Predator 21X – the innovative gaming laptop that comes with a massive 21-inch curved screen and amazing Tobii eye-tracking for professional gamers & designers.

Similarly, HP is also trying to keep its technology and designs updated according to the generations and requirements. Although it is an old brand, in terms of innovation & technology, it is no less than any other new brand available in the market. Some of its most innovative models that you can compare online with Acer laptops are HP Spectre x360, ZBook 17, Envy 13t, etc.

#6. Support Service

In terms of Support Service, customers rely more on HP than Acer as the customer support provided by the latter is not satisfactory. This is one area where Acer needs to work to compete against the brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.

On the other hand, according to the customers, the Web support of HP is satisfactory. The customer service executives resolve your every query conveniently and patiently most of the time.

#7. Unique Quality

Now comes the most exciting part of this comparison guide which will help you to make your final call. Both brands have few areas in which they stand out and depending upon your priorities and needs, you can decide which factor you need the most in your laptop.

Talking about Acer, the two factors in which it stands amongst other laptop brands available online are Affordability and Reliability. All the budget laptops designed by Acer come with good-quality components to ensure that you can make the most out of them and never have to compromise with the applications you need in a performance laptop.

Not only this, but the brand also offers you a stylish and innovative range for each purpose, whether it for gaming or designing or for professional office work, in a wide variety of colors and designs. So, if you want a decent laptop in less budget, there are multiple options provided by Acer to choose from for your need.

On the other hand, the two areas in which HP stands out amongst other laptop brands (both old and new) are High Build Quality and Customer Support.

Undoubtedly, HP uses the best and high-quality machines in all laptops, even in the low-price range ones, to ensure that they last longer and give you the best value on your money. The build quality offered by HP laptops is unbeatable with any other brands available in the market. On top of that, they have a vast product range which might confuse you to choose the right one for yourself, but otherwise, you won’t find any performance or durability issues with HP laptops.

The other best thing about HP laptops is their Web Customer Support. It is easy to access 24*7 with dedicated support executives to help you with any technical queries, which you might not find in Acer or other laptop brands.

Final Words!

So, based on all these factors, now you can decide which laptop brand is better between HP and Acer in 2023. We hope that our HP vs. Acer laptop’s detailed comparison guide will help you to make the proper laptop selection according to your budget and other requirements. Don’t forget to check the reviews or ratings of the model you consider buying online to get the best value on your money. If you have any other queries related to laptops, feel free to share them with us in the comments. Buy Smartly!