What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming?

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Gaming has become quite an integral part of people’s day-to-day life in recent times. A lot of people have been getting involved with the gaming community because of their growing interest. The popularity of online gaming is growing rapidly. 

More people are getting into online gaming because it is a perfect way to have some fun and play online with friends. One thing that is very important while playing games online is good internet speed or else it will end up taking away all the fun. Today we will be talking about internet speed and what speed is perfect for playing games online.

Good Internet Speed For Gaming
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What is the difference between download speed vs ping?

The first important thing that users know about is the difference between the download speed and ping. Download speed is basically how fast data is pulled from the servers and fetched to the device whereas upload speed is how fast users can send data to others. Normally if we compare both the speeds download speed is much faster. Ping is something gamers use to refer to how fast they are getting a response from their internet connection after they send out a request. 

Latency is also referred to as ping by the gamers which are the delay between the action in the game and its display on the screen. This puts a direct effect on the performance of the gamer. Every gamer tries to make sure they have a low latency while playing to get the best outcome.

Latency generally plays a bigger impact when it comes to game performance or response time. Upload speed does not affect the gamers in any way when they are playing online. If players have a high ping then it will be almost impossible for them to play any multiplayer game. If players are playing fast-paced games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat then they need to make sure that the ping is as low as possible. If you have a highly utilized network then you need to upgrade your internet plan to be able to decrease your game latency.

Ethernet vs Wi-Fi

This is one of the most talked-about topics between gamers because both are known for supplying the internet in different ways. If we talk about Ethernet it provides better connectivity with a stable internet connection but cannot be shared with multiple devices. Wi-Fi might not be the most stable internet connection but it can easily be shared between multiple devices. The speed of Wi-Fi might not be as consistent as Ethernet but Wifi is mobile whereas with Ethernet everything is quite fixed when it comes to movement.

What are fast, slow and good internet speed standards?

A lot of people have a question about what is a good internet speed but the answer is quite subjective as different amounts of speed are required to complete different actions. A good internet speed is anything that clocks in at over 25 Mbps. If you are looking for high-end fast internet you should look for something over 100 Mbps. 

A speed of 200 Mbps is capable of doing anything you want online which includes streaming 4K videos and playing demanding video games. The higher the internet speed the more will be its monthly rental.

good internet speed standards
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How much internet speed do you need?

Different auctions over the internet use different amounts of internet. Here we have listed down a few of the actions and how much internet they need. If we talk about checking emails then you will not require a lot of speed. A speed of 15 to 25 Mbps should be enough in this case. If you are streaming 4K content from the internet then you will need a speed above 200 Mbps for uninterrupted streaming. 

If you are playing online games then a speed of 500 Mbps or above is recommended because it will help in decreasing the latency giving a better gaming experience. If money is not an issue makes sure to at least get the speed of 200 Mbps then you will not face any issues with the speed anymore.

Factors that determine internet speed

There are a few important aspects that determine the speed of the internet. Here we have listed down a few of them which are worth mentioning.

  • No devices connected

If you are using Wi-Fi and connecting multiple devices to the network the internet speed is also divided amongst the multiple devices. More the number of devices, the less the internet speed. Make sure that a minimum number of devices are connected so that you can play online games without any interruption. The range of the internet is also affected if a maximum number of devices are connected to the network.

  • Data transfer technology

If the network is fixed the main factor that affects the speed of the broadband is the technology used to transfer data. If you are using a fiber optic cable then you will be able to get a better internet connection as there is less internet loss during transfer. The traditional xDSL connections are quite slow and have limited maximum transfer speed.

  • Network technology and terminal devices

If you are using a mobile network such as a Wi-Fi the connection speed depends on the network technologies which are available in the area and the features of the terminal devices. If the device is 4G enabled then the seed is much stable compared to a 3G network. 

  • Location

This is a reason why a lot of people have problems with their internet connection if they are using a Wi-Fi device. A Wi-Fi device should be set up close to the main computer so that the computer can receive the connection properly. If the location of the computer is away from the Wi-Fi the internet gets disconnected quite often. The coverage area plays a very important role in this case. Make sure to check your operator’s coverage map and how far you are away from the base station.

  • Router

Most users all across the globe prefer using a Wi-Fi network compared to an Ethernet network because Wi-Fi is much more flexible. If you are using a Wi-Fi network one of the main aspects is what router you are using. Even when you have a good internet connection, if your router is not up to the mark then you will not be able to enjoy high-speed internet. There are multiple router brands available in the market so make sure to get the router that comes with the most coverage and high internet speed support. Make sure to at least get a router that supports the speed of 300 Mbps.

Good Internet Speed For Gaming
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If you are into online competitive gaming then it is recommended that you choose an Ethernet so that you can enjoy stable uninterrupted gaming. If you are playing online games for fun then Wi-Fi is a good choice because it gives you more flexibility. If you are planning to switch to a higher internet speed then a speed of 200-250 Mbps is more than enough for your day-to-day work and gaming. To check your internet speed you can always go to the internet browser and look for internet speed checking websites.