Top 10+ Best Ethernet Surge Protector in 2021 [Reviews, Buying Guide & FAQs]

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Best Ethernet Surge Protector in 2021: Do you hurry to switch off and pull the plugs of all your electronic devices that are connected to your network the moment you hear a thunderstorm coming? That must be inconvenient especially since you might be in the middle of something important like attending a video call or completing your work. In some cases like surveillance systems, unplugging can create security risks that can put lives at risk. Also, for people who own online businesses and such, it’s impossible to unplug because otherwise, they will suffer losses. So what’s the solution here? It’s to use an Ethernet surge protector. 

An Ethernet surge protector will ground your devices so that high voltages caused due to lightning or electricity overloads can’t destroy them. This will ensure that you can carry on with your work even during intense thunderstorms and lightning without any issues. Your devices will remain safe and won’t get fried due to the high voltage surge. 

Ethernet surge protectors are easy to install and use. All you have to do is plug one end of the Ethernet plugin and then rest easy. No matter what kind of electricity surge, your devices will remain protected. These are sturdy devices and the protectors which are made out of the very best quality materials can withstand the voltage fluctuations easily. 

But many manufacturers are making Ethernet surge protectors. How will you know which one is the very best? After all, we all want the protector which will keep the expensive devices safe. So to help you out here are some of the very best Ethernet surge protectors available in the market. 

Top 10+ Best Ethernet Surge Protector in 2021 [Reviews]

Ethernet surge protectors can vary in terms of price and design. But with this, you will get the freedom to choose the design which is perfect for you and your work. Do know that no matter what kind of design you choose all protectors accomplish the same function and that is to protect your devices from voltage fluctuations- either natural or artificial. So keeping that in mind here are the very best Ethernet surge protectors available in the market:

1. WatchfulEyE WTH-SG/RJ45-S x2pcs Direct in Line Plug-in Ethernet Surge Protector

  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.5 x 9 x 6.5 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 1

This protective device will help you secure your data-communication systems. When it is connected to your routers, computers, and more; it will protect you against the damages caused by the over-voltage surges.

This Ethernet surge protector comes with a durable and strong casing that won’t break easily. It is also very easy to mount and take up much of your time. Once it’s set up you can get working right away within minutes. This device is ideal for home use. 

It is connected in a full series in the CAT6 network operating cables. Know that it is compatible with the 10/100/1000M Base-T using Ethernet systems. It complies with the IEC 61000-4-5 standards which help keep you and your devices safe from sudden voltage changes like a lightning strike.

This device has a data rate of 100/1000Mbps so you can rest assured that your device will indeed continue to function normally even after you are using the surge protector. You won’t experience any lag at all so you don’t have to worry about falling behind on your work or service in any way. 


  • 10/100/1000M Base-T using Ethernet systems compatible
  • 100/1000Mbps data rate
  • Durable


  • Ideal for just home use

2. APC Surge Protector with Phone, Network Ethernet and Coaxial Protection

  • Weight: 2.12 pounds
  • Dimensions: 13.6 x 2.4 x 7.6 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 11

Lighting strikes and other kinds of power disturbances are really common and these can happen suddenly. But they leave costly aftermaths in their wake. You will be left with thousands in damages after it. This Ethernet surge protector helps prevent you from facing those consequences. The device complies under the local safety requirements and undergoes strict IEEE testing. 

An advantage of this protector is that it comes with data-line protection as well. Use the RJ-11 connector to connect your analog phone lines. It can be for fax, modem, phone, DSL, and such. Know that this device comes with a lifetime warranty so that you can use it without any kind of issues. Along with this, you will get a huge $100,000 worth of equipment protection that will surely ease your mind and let you work in peace.

To connect the network line use the RJ-45 connector. This protector works with 10/100 Base-T Ethernet so keeps that in mind. You can use the coaxial-cable for the SATV, CATV, audio-video, and modem. After all, you will get a long 8 feet cord as well as a right-angle plug that comes with a full 180-degree rotation. You will get a lot of reach with this. 

This Ethernet power surge protector comes with a whopping 11 outlets, all of whom have safety shutters. It is ideal for your home use and also if you have a small business. To make things better there are 6 outlets which are block-spaced as well. This will make it easier for you to use larger adapters. 


  • 11 outlets
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dial-line protection


  • The no. of outlets might be too many

3. Ethernet Surge Protector PoE+ Gigabit – Gas Discharge Tube for Full Protection

  • Weight: 2.4 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.4 x 2.3 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 1

The protector works by preventing any kind of damages to the networking equipment. You will find that even in cases of high voltage fluctuations this Ethernet surge protector will keep the devices working. To make it work you will have to insert it inline on an RJ-45 supported CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6 cable. Know that along with the primary-protection cover, there is a thunder arrestor as well which gives you secondary protection. This secondary protection will prevent EMF-induced surges. So your network devices will remain protected from all directions. Also, there is a line-to-line surge protection feature that helps protect the device against any kind of short-circuits between the various nodes present in the network system. 

The Ethernet surge protector also comes with Gas Discharge Tubes or GDTs. These help in overcoming persistent problems in diode-based protectors. This includes energy-handling capability. GDTs work well for all kinds of charges. So whether the fluctuation is low or high, it can indeed be intercepted by it so that there’s a spark-discharge control-performance. This protector makes use of a GDT on all the 4 pairs (or 8 wires). Here the tubes get rid of the voltage-transient using a plasma-gas which makes use of the excess voltage present in the power. It then releases that power safely. This ensures that components like router, switch, bridge, modem, repeater, as well as other parts of the network remain safe. 

The device comes with a dual-mounting flange that is present on both sides. This ensures that even if you want to mount it to something like a wall, it can be easily done. Using this convenient mounting flange you will even be able to mount it to panels, cabinets, and even rack by just using screws. Do note that the screws are not included so you will have to buy them separately.

This also has a high data rate. It supports an ultra-fast data rate that goes into 1Gbps. This won’t affect the speed at which the LAN is working as well. It allows only one RJ-45 cable which is then used to give both electric power and a data connection to a variety of devices like a security camera, computer, VoIP phone, and others. Know that the protector has to be properly grounded for it to work. 


  • Thunder arrestor
  • High data transfer rate
  • Dual-mounting flange


  • Only one outlet

4. uxcell Ethernet Surge Protector for 10/100M Base-T Gigabit

  • Weight: 0.32 ounces
  • Dimensions: 1.97 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 1

This surge protector allows for a 1000 Mbps of LAN Ethernet-network. As a result of this, you will get a great data transfer rate, which will let you get your work done at a fast pace. You don’t have to deal with lags that can bring your work down or make it slower. 

This surge protector also comes with the gas discharge tubes of GDTs which ensure that there’s a higher energy handling capability. GDTs are effective because these can handle all kinds of fluctuations. These can be both high and low. The charge fluctuations can be intercepted since there’s indeed a spark-discharge control-performance there. The tubes make use of plasma-gas to get rid of the excess voltage which is present in the power. As a result of this, your device will remain safe. 

The surge protector also comes with a thunder arrestor that protects types of equipment like camera, modem, switch, router, and such. This thunder arrestor will give you additional protection by ensuring that EMF-induced charges can’t harm your devices. So your devices will get double protection.

Do note that the surge protector has to be grounded near the device being protected for it to work effectively. Mounting the cable attached to the protector is easy. All you need to do is use a screw. Know that both the ends of the protector have RJ-45 interface which means that you can put your cable whichever way you want. 


  • High transfer rate
  • Gas discharge tubes
  • Thunder arrestor


  • Mounting the protector itself might be troublesome

5. RiteAV – Outdoor Ethernet POE+ / RJ-45 Surge Protector

  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.4 x 3.8 x 0.5 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 1

This Ethernet surge protector will help protect the devices connected to it from high voltage fluctuations. So you will be able to rest easy and carry out your work even during thunderstorms. The protector is made using sturdy materials which makes it more durable. 

This surge protector supports the 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet. Due to this the data transfer rate of the protector is also very high. With this, you will be able to work with ease without coming across any lags that will cause delays in the work you do or the service you provide.

You must ground the protector before you plug anything in. Ensure that the surge protector is properly grounded otherwise it won’t work well at all. It is this grounding which will absorb all the excess electrical charge going through the protector. So make sure to do that correctly. Then just plug in the device and continue working. 

Do note that there’s no way to properly mount the device with screws to the ground. But even then that’s not a major cause of worry. Also, you don’t have to worry about entry or exit outlets, both the outlets here are pass-through which means that you will be able to use it as both in and out for a cable. It’s up to you totally how you are gonna use it. This a protector that will benefit you if you are making use of an outdoor-rated cable. 


  • Supports 10/100/1000 BaseT 
  • Easy to ground
  • Durable


  • There is no proper mounting system 

6. Tupavco TP303 Ethernet Surge Protector Outdoor for PoE

  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2 x 3.3 x 4.3 inches
  • Power surge outlet: 2

This Ethernet surge protector will help prevent any kind of damage caused as a result of voltage fluctuations. Due to this your devices which are connected to the network will remain safe. Know that it has to be inserted inline right on an RJ-45 supported CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 cable. This protector supports a 10/100/1000 (GbE) data rate and a transfer rate of 1 Gbps. Due to this, you will be able to carry on your work without lags. 

A huge advantage of this protector is that it can be mounted both insides as well as outside. This will give you more flexibility to work with. This surge protector comes in a box that you can easily secure using a lock. Such a security feature will help keep it safe. But do know that the lock isn’t included in it. The product comes with mounting holes which makes it very easy to mount it on panels, walls, rack, or cabinets. 

There is also a thunder arrestor here, which ensures that you get secondary protection from EMF-induced surges. These surges can be caused by nearby lightning Ethernet. As such, with this you will get protection from a direct line of the strike as well as from secondary ones. 

The protector also comes with Gas discharge tubes or GDTs. These will help your devices remain safe from a variety of surges, whether of low or high frequency. The surges can be easily intercepted using a gas-discharge-tube-surge arrestor. This ensures that there’s a spark-discharge control-performance. All it does is keep your devices safe. The product also uses this GDT on all the 4 pairs. The tubes dissipate all that voltage-transient, which is contained using a plasma-gas. This harnesses the excess voltage present in the entering power surge and then makes sure to release it all safely. 


  • Thunder arrestor
  • GDTs
  • Easy to mount


  • Box cramped for external-solid Ethernet cable

7. Qooltek ST-NET Ethernet Surge Protector for 10/100/1000 Base-T PoE

  • Weight: 2.39 ounces
  • Dimensions: 0.98 x 0.98 x 2.76 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 1

This product offers protection for those devices which are connected to your network against power spikes and surges whether natural or man-made. It is made from cast aluminium, which ensures a greater degree of durability. The high insulation also ensures that there’s a greater resistance against the electrical surges. 

The product has two ends and both are RJ-45 compatible. This means that there are no specific Outs or Ins when it comes to inserting the cable in it. Both sides can be used without any issue. Your cable can come on any side and exit from the other. 

Know that you will have to ground the product properly to make it work. It is the grounding that ensures that the excess electrical energy will get transferred to the ground. So if that’s not well-done, then the device connected will be at risk of getting damaged. 

The product itself might be difficult to mount to the ground since there’s no space to use a screw to hold it down. This might make it seem lightweight and unstable. But otherwise, it should work well when the time comes. 


  • Both RJ-45 outlets
  • High insulation
  • Made from cast aluminum 


  • Mounting issues

8. Ubiquiti ETH-SP-G2 Surge Suppressor/Protector

  • Weight: 2.82 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.58 x 2.4 x 1.28 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 2

This product helps protect all the outdoor devices which are connected to the network from sudden electrical changes like lightning strikes. You will find that this surge protector provides surge protection as well as ESD protection. The product is very durable, so you can use it without treating it as something fragile. This kind of durability ensures the longevity of the protector. 

You can use the product with access points, surveillance cameras, as well as other kinds of devices that are Ethernet equipped. It has been designed for two kinds of surge-protected ports and they both support the gigabit connection at high speeds. What’s more, is that there is an external housing which guards the two ports as well as the whole surge protector itself from various outdoor elements. 

Do know that all the devices come equipped with ESD protection. But if you want to protect the outdoor devices, then you will have to meet some local code needs. This means that you will have to install the ETH-SP-G2 for sure. 

Make sure to ground the product correctly or all your connected devices will be left vulnerable. After all, it is this grounding that keeps the devices safe since the excess charge is transferred from the protector to the ground. Once the grounding is done, it’s very easy to just plug and then play. 


  • ESD as well as surge protection
  • Gigabit transfer speeds
  • Easy to use


  • Only one port

9. UBNT Systems Ethernet Surge Protector Gen 2 ETH-SP-G2 for Outdoor High-Speed Networks

  • Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.74 x 2.48 x 1.38 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 1

This Ethernet surge protector will help keep your devices safe from sudden power fluctuations. These fluctuations can be the result of lightning strikes or power overloads. To prevent your costly devices from getting destroyed this surge protector will take on the excess power and then pass it on the grounding. 

Do keep in mind that you need to get the grounding right. Without correct grounding, you will be leaving all the connected devices vulnerable. The product itself is durable but also lightweight. 

To use the product you will have to open it up first. Do note that when you will open it up you will find that there’s a place to mount the protector. This will keep the products as well as the devices connected to it stable. 

This product gives you high data transfer speeds so that you don’t face any problems while working. There will be no lapse in speeds and you will be able to give the service you give. 


  • Durable
  • Mounting facility
  • High data speeds


  • No information on installation

10. Sancable RJ45 Ethernet Surge Protector Gigabit – LAN Network Thunder Lighting Surge Protection

  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 2.5 x 1.7 inches
  • Power surge outlets: 1

This protector is easy to use and it is durable as well. So you can rest assured that you will be able to use it for a long time. It will help protect your devices from sudden electrical surges, whether man-made or natural. Do note that the product can only work between the working temperatures of -60°C – 85°C. So keep in mind where you stay while you are buying it. 

Know that the product must be connected to the ground for it to work. Make sure to carry out the grounding properly because all the excess electrical power will ultimately go from the protector to the ground. So a bad grounding job can put your devices in a vulnerable position. 

This product gives you a 10/100/1000 Mbe data rate. The data transfer rate is one gigabyte per second. Due to this, you don’t have to worry about lags and will be able to continue with your work without any worries. 

It comes with a thunder arrestor as well. A thunder arrestor is like the second line of defense. This feature will help prevent damages from EMF-induced surges. So you will get protection from direct lightning strikes as well as secondary ones too. 


  • Thunder arrestor
  • High-speed data transfer
  • Durable


  • Mounting difficulties

Buying Guide to choose the Right Ethernet Surge Protector in 2021

An Ethernet surge protector will keep your devices safe from sudden electrical surges. It can be a lightning strike or a power overload. This little device is very often the only thing that can save your costly network equipment from getting badly damaged. 

But there are a lot of Ethernet surge protector models in the market. How will you know which one is genuine and which one is just a scam to get your money? To help you out, here are some basic features which you should keep in mind while you are out buying an Ethernet surge protector

1. Installation

Whenever you are buying a surge protector, make sure that it is easy to install. It shouldn’t be so complicated that you will have to spend hours on it. Also, you shouldn’t get trapped in all the wires of it all. 

2. Cord length

A surge protector that comes with a short cord will pose problems for you. Imagine if it doesn’t even reach the grounded outlet, you will have to get extra wires and make adjustments. If you aren’t knowledgeable about this kind of surge protectors, then take the easy out and get a product that is long and can reach the grounded outlet at least. 

3. Extra protection

Make sure that your surge protector comes with a thunder arrestor so that you can get that extra layer of protection from secondary EMF-induced surges. Secondary surges can damage your devices as well, but a thunder arrestor will prevent that from happening. 

4. Documentation

Many products don’t come with the appropriate documentation. This means that sometimes you will just get only the product in a little box. The lack of a guide especially can make installation hard for many. So make sure that the product comes with the needed guides and documentation. 

5. Warranty

Surge protectors can get damaged very easily. Also, there are some which come with factory defects whereas others might be a false scam to get money. This is why you should always go for those products which come with a warranty. A warranty will give you peace of mind and it also shows that the manufacturing company has faith in its product. 

6. Budget

Always consider your budget while you are getting a surge protector. While these products don’t cost much, but some are indeed costly. The costlier ones arguably do perform better and come with more benefits as well. But these surge protectors come with different price tags as well, so you will be able to choose the one which fits better within your budget. Yet it is advisable that if possible get the one which comes with a lot of features and documentation. Do check for warranty before buying. It’s ultimately advisable that you shell a little more for a protector now so that you don’t have to lose costly devices later on. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ethernet Surge Protector in 2021

1. What is the data transfer speed for an Ethernet surge protector?

Ideally, an Ethernet surge protector must come with one Gbps of data transfer speed. This will give you enough speed to carry on your work without any lags or delays. Such high speeds will be beneficial if you are operating a small business of some sort.  

2. Where should you mount the surge protector?

You can mount your product anywhere you like. It can be on the wall, desk, cabinets, racks, and more. But do note that you should get a product which can be easily and securely mounted. Make sure to buy one which comes with a double mounting feature to ensure the stability of the product. Also, try to mount it near the grounded outlet. Try to do this, especially if you have a surge protector with a small cable. 

3. Is it beneficial to have multiple outlets?

If your surge protector has multiple outlets then you will be able to plug multiple devices in and ensure that all of them are protected from sudden power surges. This will be beneficial for those who have multiple devices that are being simultaneously used. If that is your situation, then buying a surge protector with multiple outlets will be better. 

4. Is having a Gas Discharge Tube beneficial in a surge protector?

People only think of protection from high power surges when buying a protector. But it’s rarely considered that low power levels can damage a device as well. This is where a GDT comes in. A gas discharge tube or GDT will ensure that your devices remain protected from both low and high power surges. So your devices will be safe in case of a power overload as well as when the power will be low. This will help keep your devices safe in not one, but two situations. As such, if you do get a surge protector with this feature then do buy it. 



An Ethernet surge protector will ensure that your devices remain safe in case of high power surges like during a lightning strike. With this low-cost product, you will be able to save costly network equipment consistently from sudden lightning strikes and power overloads.